Opening Night Set List [ UPDATED W/ VIDEO ]

Well, the first concert is over. Here’s the set list that was played:

  1. E5150
  2. Mob Rules
  3. Children of the Sea
  4. I
  5. Bible Black
  6. Time Machine
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Fear
  9. Falling off the Edge of the World
  10. Follow the Tears
  11. Die Young
  12. Heaven & Hell
  13. Country Girl / Neon Knights (encore)

Ronnie apparently said towards the end something about being sorry that the people in attendance had to put up with the “bullshit” they had to. Anyone know what that was about?
The inclusion of Country Girl was a MAJOR surprise – but it was like the intro to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath they’d play introducing Paranoid with Ozzy. There was a few lines of County Girl, but it was just an intro to Neon Knights. Breaking down the Songs:
Heaven & Hell: 4
Mob Rules: 3 (although one was a taped intro, and I don’t count Country Girl)
Dehumanizer: 2
The Dio Years: none
The Devil You Know: 3
If you were at the gig and have any pics, send them to me via email. I’ll get ’em online. That goes for any show on the tour. If you have pics, send ’em in. If you have a concert review, go to the gig page for that show, and submit it. Here’s the page for the show that was played tonight.
I’m also seeing rumors that the new album will open at #8 on the Billboard charts, which will be a MAJOR surprise to me. I didn’t think this would crack the top 25 at all, as this kind of music doesn’t sell in the US anymore. If true, that would be a major accomplishment.
UPDATE: Here’s a few youtube videos from the concert. Watch them while you can, as these things have a tendency to be taken down by the record labels.