Ronnie James Dio Video Interview

The 2009 “The Devil You Know” tour is over now. As you probably have heard by now, Tony Iommi needs some surgery, and from what I can gather, that’s part of the reason the tour is ending now. They didn’t come to where I am, and it’s a pretty regular stop (Dallas, Texas). Anyway, my friend and “Super Moderator” on the forums here Damian is from that area, and did attend. Since Damian does video stuff for a living, we thought it would be cool to have him go up there and film some things. Well, due to the kindness of the Heaven & Hell management, he was allowed access backstage to film a ton of things. Not all the video has been gone through yet, but we wanted to bring you something given the tour has just ended.
First up on our video selection is a short interview with Ronnie where he talks about how he feels about the tour now that it’s ended, and what will happen going forward from this point. Check it out below:

There will be more video bits from backstage at the Atlantic City gig coming up shortly, once all the video has been gone through. :) If you want a preview, and want to see what Damian had to say about his time, check out this post on the forums here.