The Devil You Know Second Single [UPDATE]

The first single from the new 2009 album was “Bible Black”. The song was pretty darned good, and now word comes out that the second single has been chosen. That track is “Follow the Tears”. After I read that news, I hit up my contacts at Rhino records and asked them a few questions about said single:

  1. Q: Is there going to be a video?
    A: I was told there was no video planned.

  2. Q: Is it going to have a physical release of media to the public?
    A: I was told there is no physical media release, unlike Bible Black. Whether it turns up as a digital single release on iTunes or whatnot, I don’t know. Given you can already buy the song individually on iTunes, I would think not, but we shall see.

  3. Q: Is there a press release for it or something?
    A: I was told there’s no formal press release announcing the single.

So it appears that there’s a “single” release, but you won’t be able to purchase it. Given how much attention this kind of music gets in the US (sarcasm), I wonder if I’ll hear this on the radio at all. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Seriously, if you hear this on your radio station, let me know, I’ll be curious to know if there’s any impact from a non physical media single release like this.
UPDATE: I received one of the promo CD’s from Rhino in the mail since I originally posted this story a couple of weeks ago. It has two tracks on it. Both of them are “Follow the Tears”. Track 1 is a “Radio Edit”, and Track 2 is “Album Version”. The running times vary significantly. The “Radio Edit” is just 3:43, where the standard version is 6:10. The inside of the jewel case paper insert has US tour dates on it, and there’s no artwork to speak of save for what’s below. It’s a pretty bare bones thing, but it was not intended to be sold, so it kind of makes sense. But to be honest, other than my own talking about this, I’ve not seen a word about this anywhere. Has anyone else? Anyway, here’s the cover art for it.