Tony Iommi Needs Hand Surgery

A few years back, Tony Iommi had to have surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome. When I talked with him backstage after a 2007 concert, I asked him how he was doing with that, and said it was fine, didn’t seem to be an issue. A little while ago, I had heard on the grapevine that Tony needed hand surgery, but since I couldn’t get confirmation, I didn’t want to post it here. There’s enough rumour out there without me inventing more. So this morning, I saw an interview with Tony linked to from Blabbermouth, and it confirms the hand surgery issue. Whether or not it’s a re-occurrence of the carpel tunnel or something else I don’t know. I’ve attempted to find out from Tony’s manager, but as of yet haven’t gotten any details.
There’s also that concert on the current tour where Tony had such severe back pain where he had to be taken out on a stretcher, and Ronnie, Vinny, & Geezer came out and apologized for canceling at the last second.
So hopefully Tony can get the surgery he needs, and that it’s successful. That issue aside, the interview linked to is quite good. Talks about more than Tony’s health problems. What Tony thinks of the new album a few months down the road, what it’s like with different singers, and more details on his hand issue. Make sure to read it.