Ian Gillan writing with Tony Iommi again?

Ran across this link tonight over at the Deep Purple fan site “The Highway Star”. According to the article they mentioned, Ian Gillan is writing with Tony Iommi again. Now the article mentions that it’s possibly for some new charity band they’re talking about. Here’s what is Black Sabbath related from the article.

Q: Shouldn’t you do something more with the guys in Black Sabbath?
A: It was strange that you should metnion it because I was in Armenia with Tony Iommi last week and stopped at his house on the way to Manchester to finish writing a son that we started on. Itis a charity band we are thinking of putting together in the future. Tony and a few other musicians that we do not know what yet. But this takes time and sometimes none of it in the end.
Q: Born Again is a grossly underestimated disc.
A: Thanks, I think so, too. I like it. It was a one time thing, sometimes pop up such as works and I’m glad I did it.

If the grammar seems off, that’s because the page is in Swedish, and I ran it through Google’s auto translator. See for yourself. Anyway, you can get the point of it.
It appears that they’re writing a song for some charity piece. Whether or not it truly means a “band” is up to interpretation. That could be something that is lost in the auto translate. Someone who can actually speak Swedish, can you send me an email on the original source article – let me know if that is the proper meaning of the translation.
This isn’t the last time the two of them got together. A couple of years ago, Ian Gillan put out an album called “Gillan’s Inn” which was put out to celebrate his 40th anniversary in the biz. It was a cover album of his own past work, and Born Again was touched on there. Tony Iommi played guitar on the cover of Trashed that is on the album. Check out this sampler below of Gillan’s Inn. If you’ve never checked out the album before, give it a listen. At least check out the sample of Trashed. :)