Ronnie James Dio in hospital

This text comes from the RJD website..
“The European tour has been cancelled after Ronnie was taken ill. “Ronnie has been hospitalized and we are waiting for further news,” explains Ronnie’s wife/manager, Wendy Dio.
No further information is available at this time, but we wish Ronnie a speedy and complete recovery.”
I got an email from Wendy saying they were at the hospital for tests, but they did not elaborate as to WHY he was at the hospital. Ronnie’s no spring chicken anymore, he’s 67 (as far as I know), and if it’s something really bad that required him to cancel a tour to deal with – it can’t be good. Ronnie never cancels anything.
If I get an update (like WHY), I’ll post it, but given Ronnie keeps his personal life close to the vest, I’d be surprised if we get a real WHY. Either way, I say to keep them in your prayers.