Get Well Cards

I’ve had a few queries about this, so I inquired into it. People have been asking me where they can send get well cards for Ronnie James Dio. I asked at his wife’s office, and was told that Wendy requests that cards and items like that be sent through the official fan club address, which you can reach here:
Dio Fan Club
12400 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 624
Studio City, CA 91604
So if you have a get well card or something like that to send to Ronnie, that’s where you can send it! :)
Additionally, if you’d like to shoot an email to him, I’m going to collect them at After a short time, I’ll print them out and pass ’em over to Ronnie & Wendy.
Please note – if you’re talking about making some digital card or something in Photoshop, please print that and mail it yourself. I’ll print simple emails, but I’m not a photo printing service. :)
God bless.