2010 Tour Dates Refresh

I noticed earlier this week that more tour dates have snuck out there for 2010 that I didn’t notice. I updated Geezer Butler’s site the other day, figured I needed them here too, eh? ;) Anyway, take a look below – here’s the current list of 2010 Tour Dates. This is of course all conditional on how Ronnie does with his cancer recovery.
I’ve inquired about what’s going to happen should he not be able to sing, and was told this. They don’t really know, because their plan is for Ronnie to be able to sing. The band is not managed by morons, I doubt they would have put these things in place without a reasonable assurance they will come off. Now, cancer recovery isn’t exactly something you can 100% nail down, so if there’s complications or Ronnie takes a turn for the worse, then I don’t think anyone knows what will happen, although H&H will probably just bow out – but that’s a personal guess, I don’t have any facts on that.
Here’s to Ronnie’s recovery… Some 2010 Tour Dates!
* Jun 13 – Burgenland, Austria (Nova Rock Festival)
* Jun 18 – Zurich, Switzerland (Sonisphere)
* Jun 19 – Prague, Czech Republic (Sonisphere)
* Jun 22 – Sofia, Bulgaria (Sonisphere)
* Jun 25 – Bucharest, Romania (Sonisphere)
* Jun 27 – Istanbul, Turkey (Sonisphere)
* Jul 8 – Lisbon, Portugal (Optimus Alive Festival)
* Jul 10 – Barcelona, Spain (Sonisphere)
* Jul 24 – London, England (High Voltage Festival – Victoria Park)
* Aug 07 – Stockholm, Sweden (Sonisphere)
* Aug 08 – Pori, Finland (Sonisphere)
* Aug 15 – England (Bloodstock Metal Festival)