Fans irritate me sometimes

Generally, I don’t go off on stupid things people say, but sometimes it just irritates the heck out of me.  Take this for example.  About half an hour ago or so, I posted the story about Sabbath playing a lone gig in the US in August.  Given the state of Tony Iommi’s health, one would expect that kind of announcement.  As I’ve said before, if you know anyone who has gone through cancer chemo treatments, then you know what it can do to them.  Mostly tire them out, but depending on the individual, it can be harsh.  Now I don’t know what Tony’s specific conditions are (nor is it any of my bloody business), but one has to assume it’s taking it’s toll on him as the concerts planned for this year have been mostly canceled.  Perfectly understandable, if a bit disappointing.

It’s with that frame of mine that brings me to the reason for this post.  Again, when I posted the story a bit ago, my site cross posted the news to my Twitter feed, which you can read here.   Not too long after that, I got a reply back on Twitter that read this way..

@blacksabbathweb You bastards cancled two concerts in Russia!

That just irritated the crap out of me for some reason.  First for the assumption that I had something to do with the concerts.  Second at the namecalling.  I suppose I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it did.  It’s not like they randomly sat around drinking wine, saying “Oh, let’s screw over the fans in Russia by canceling the concerts”.  It’s because Tony Iommi has FUCKING CANCER.  That’s why.  I mean, come on.   Anyway, I replied with this.

@141deni Uh, I didn’t cancel anything. I’m not the band.

Upon reflection, it irritated me a bit more than I thought, so I added this.

@141deni As for “bastards”, I’m sure Iommi will take comfort in your assessment while he undergoes cancer treatments. #stayclassy

I know, it shouldn’t bother me, but how some people can react that way is beyond me.  It’s JUST MUSIC PEOPLE.  It’s not the end of the world.  Tony Iommi’s health should take precedence over anything else.  New album, concert dates, whether Bill Ward plays, whether someone loses money on a cancelled gig, whatever..

I’m also reminded at times like this of this classic line by George Carlin.





  1. Spot On JOE and George For that matter!.. Would have liked to see them in sweden (malmö) but ive would rather see Iommi get well and get on with a new album /cheers

  2. Joe I know there is certain people just waiting to slam anything you are Sabbath post.Hang in there your site & work are greatly appreciated by me & thousands.Peace

  3. John Kereiff says

    Couldn’t agree more! Black Sabbath’s music is important to me, they are my favorite band, but at a time like this Tony’s health comes first. I’m glad they feel able to to the 2 shows at all, even though I can’t make either one. They are like each one of us- doing the best they can, so calm flippin’ down, everyone!
    Prayers and positive vibes to all of the guys, especially Tony and Bill!

  4. That is very sad when some people can be so much stupid like this comments which are here in this topic Im sure that aren´t real Fans. Ignore them people like this are evry where and here is so much sadly when they didnt respect another human problem. I wish all best to Tommy Iommy from Czech Republik.
    (Im sorry for my language grammar)

  5. I have followed Sabbath since 1970. I have grown up with them and grown old with them. … (I’m 58 yrs).I have lost two sisters to cancer. Tony Iommi is the most influential and under rated guitarist of all time. He has lymphoma. He is seriously ill. He lost Ronnie. How can “fans” possibly begin to slag someone off for being so ill? It seems to me that their world is not the real one. Tony will beat this.. give the band the time for this to happen. I bet Tony is more upset about disappointing the real fans than his own illness….

  6. Called bastard to a gentlemen like Tony, because he has one of the most fucked up diseases, whoa someone is really an asshole.

  7. Daniel Pitterman says

    Amen! If I were you I’d be just as irritated. In fact, I’m not you, and I’m quite irritated. I’m sure Tony Iommi would much rather be playing concerts in Russia than undergoing cancer treatment. People who love the music should be thankful to Tony and (all) the boys for providing us with all this great music and simply wish him well. I would love to see the reunion happen but would rather know Tony is healthy again and enjoying his life…it is his after all..not the fans!

  8. Joe, you seem to be stuck bang in the middle of all this muddle, but, I think sometimes you’ve got to look at what people post in several ways. People are sympathetic, disappointed, hopeful, angry, confused….

    Sympathy to Tonys health has got to come first…no question!
    Disappointed, in that the European tour has been cancelled.
    Hopefully, a full recovery for Tony, the album comes out and maybe the tour.
    Angry, because the of the Bill Ward fiasco.
    Confused, by the lack of information…who’s playing the Download gig? How do you get refunds for the BLACK SABBATH tickets bought, if you don’t want the Ozzy & friends show? It’s just assumed everybody will accept it!? Which ‘friends’ are playing each show?
    People were sold by the fact that this was going to be ‘the Reunion’. The four original members of Black Sabbath. Yep, I’ve spent money to travel around Europe and at two of them even the Ozzy & friends show isn’t even playing! Still, I will travel (no real choice!) and no doubt have a great time. Nobody could foresee the health of Tony. We’d all hope he’d be well enough to pull through and play some shows. I personally have no problem with that. The mans health comes first!
    The thing that grates is the Bill Ward confusion.
    Why wasn’t the contract settled before the four of them made the press conference?

    If Tony’s illness hadn’t come about, I and many others had still bought tickets for the REUNION. The four original members of Black Sabbath. If I’d turned up at Moscow and found some other drummer sitting in Bill’s place only because the contract hadn’t been drawn up, I would be very angry!
    If Bill couldn’t get through the tour and someone had to come in later, so be it…a different issue.
    People have said lots of different things…Bill is finished, Vinny is better blah, blah. Each to ones own point of view. The point being that we were told an album and tour by the four original members of Black Sabbath was to go ahead.
    As soon as Tonys health issues came known, the tour should have been postponed…full stop. Folk could of got their money back. The Ozzy gigs could of then been announce seperately of the Sabbath tour. Folk could of made their minds up whether to go or not?!
    Disappointed but sympathetic.

    Now we’ve got, albeit, rumours of a gig in the USA???
    What is going on………………………………..?????

    Get well, Tony.

  9. Duncan 'smash' McKee says

    I’m with you Joe,,,I’m a bit irritated at the self centered b-tards there are in the world. But, let’s remember, it’s that kind of diversity is what makes the world go ’round. Not money. That’s what makes people go ’round and act like fools. Anyway,,Tony’s in our prayers. And here’s to Godspeed to Tony for a blazing fast recovery,,,kinda’ like his guitar licks,,,We need the riffmaster to beat this and keep on rocking. BTW,,,,I already know all the Sabs tunes and have been on drums for over 35 years myself. Nothing against my idol Bill,,,but if he can’t make it,,,I’d love to fill in…Just a thouhgt. Thanks for the cool site Joe and again,,,God Bless Tony and please lets all ask for a full recovery for Tony!

  10. How dare Tony Iommi have cancer?! That bastard!!

    • dennis gualtieri says

      how dare you post something so cruel you heartless bastard, iommi’s health is more important than your lose of a few dollar’s.

  11. 1st: The guy is a dork, forget about it. 2nd: He should be thankful because he will be able to get his money back while people on the non cancelled gigs will have to either watch Ozzy and Friends or to take the loss…

  12. Fabio Guadagnuolo says

    I am not at all surprized. Browsing around and reading comments on Sabbath in general, I can clearly see that many people are not at all aware of what Tony is going through and what this means for the band and, last but not least, his family.

  13. very human reaction , Joe . 100% agree . Only RESPECT for Tony ‘s health condition . That ‘s all .
    You looks like Tony Martin on the pic ! ” we could save this World from destruction Day”

  14. mark findlay says

    well said. i could not car less if sabbath ever play another gig again as tony’s health is now the most importatnt thing to me. i would love it if they were able to do a whole world tour but would be equally as happy if they only managed to do download and filned it for posterity and this would give the world at least a chance to see them in action once more. as for tony’s health, my daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma while she was pregnant in september of last year. my grandson was delivered early, by 9 weeks, and is now a robust wee boy who is a constant joy and who enjoys me singing war pigs to him. my daughter underwent chemo and is now on the road to recovery. so my message to all those who complain about concerts being cancelled STOP BEING SO FUCKING SELFISH.


  16. Bill Bordeleau says

    I, myself have confidence that Tony will recover completely. He is very strong willed, and very stubborn. My blessings go to Tony, and all who are coping with this. Godspeed on your recovery- I look forward to seeing you in the US. Whenever that may be….I’m there.

  17. Just sent an insulting tweet in Russian to this motherf*er 141deni.

  18. ed radulski says

    thanks for your hard work and time joe great website

  19. People like this are a disgrace to my country. Damn… Get well soon, Tony.
    Fan from Russia.

  20. Tony Iommi’s health and well-being is paramount and should come before any new album or any tour. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is ignorant. Here’s wishing Tony a complete and full recovery. We need him to continue rocking the house!

  21. Mr. FU sez . . .

    Keep up the great work. As a fan of the site for YEARS (and only posting for the first time) I have to say I agree with the Carlin quote. Or, use this one next time (if you’re a South Park fan: The 1st :10 to me are the story of my work life so often.

    Anyway, don’t let the idiots get you down. The reality is, especially on the internet, people tend to write stuff without havign any thought process whatsoever. and more importantly, most people are intelligent enough to proof read (or a good enough writer to do stream o’ consciousness).

    As far as Tony & his cancer treatments – I (as I know you are) am hoping for a speedy and more importantly, healthy recovery. I personally had a benign brain tumor 4 years ago and I can tell you that anyy major illness is really scary. As we saw with losing Ronnie, sometimes you may be in a good place and then it takes a shitty turn for the worst. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Iommi – while we want more monster riffs I would take just knowing one of our heroes is still alive and getting better. Health is always important.

    Take care Joe.

    • and of course, I am not intelligent enough either! I meant to say . . .

      Anyway, don’t let the idiots get you down. The reality is, especially on the internet, people tend to write stuff without having any thought process whatsoever. and more importantly, most people are NOT intelligent enough to proof read (or a good enough writer to do stream o’ consciousness).

      Throw me in the dumb pile as well . . .

  22. Dakota Amoratis says

    Tony Iommi is doing the right thing the last thing we need right now is lossing another legened of rock like we lost dio. R.I.P Dio. So what we lose a few conerts it just means that hopefully we will be able to seem the next go around when they tour again and knowing how tony and ozzy are there will be a next time because they care about there fans

    • Really, they, care about their fans, really? Then who in the hell is Black Sabbath, and geeze please just name me one fan, so we know we are on the right one!
      Tony, where can we send the get well cards to, Black Sabbath Records, care of Tony Iomi?
      Don’t you ever get sick again, nothing else matters!

  23. TomOzzy123 says

    As a widower whom lost his 1st wife to cancer, I am very touchy about cancer. I am also the world’s biggest Tony Iommi fan; he was the main influence on my guitar playing. When they announced Tony had cancer, it was like loosing a loved one even though he is still alive. Earlier, some dumba$$ commented on an article that he would sue Sabbath if they didn’t perform the shows this Summer since he prepurchased tickets. The moron said it was “false advertising.” I am sick of a world of self-centered, social Darwinists who think of themselves before others. One of the reasons I fell in love with Sabbath in the 1970’s was of their anti-establishment approach to music. They called out war hawks, greedy bastards, corrupt politicians, and self-centered managers. I love that. So, if you are true Sabbath fan, you are not self centered, and you call out the ills of the world, and you care about the health of each band member before getting a ticket to one of their concerts.

  24. Of course I wish nothing but STRENGTH and COURAGE for Tony while his health is jeopardized. I have cancer too and had to go straight into surgery. No time for treatments, etc. After removing some lung only to find out it is still alive and basically the same as Tony. That being said, the name calling is sad. I am an original fan and have seen the original line up several times. Back in the day the Chicago Amphitheater existed. I still have an extra ticket that wasn’t used during the TECH EC tour. I am so disappointed in what the announcement of the reunion meant and what it has come down to now. OZZFest 2012. I support Bill fully.
    I am so disappointed with the Osbourne Factor. I am happy for those that plan to attend the OZZfest 2012. At this point why mess with what they have given us. From Black Sabbath to Never Say Die. That is the best reunion possible it seems. Maybe a complete CD/DVD of them at California Jam.
    It has been nothing but disappointment from the get go.
    The only name I have said in support of Bill is calling them “BLACK STABBATH” and that was from one of the Support Bill sites. Even then it is wrong. They are still Bill’s friends and mates.
    Regardless on how you feel never, NEVER call someone names when dealing with Cancer. Tony’s health is more important than some reunion. Males don’t have the support and programs offered to others. The “BEAST” knows no identity.

  25. Ben Gonzales says


    Thanks for touching on the cal jam gig. I got into Sabbath in ’82, I was 16 years old and I was willingly “pulled in”. I was so taken by the music and the whole sab story. When I would mention Sabbath around my older brothers and their friends, they would talk about the legendary cal-jam and the line up that included Purple and Sabbath. I would have loved to be there in ’74 but I was just 8 years old.

    There was no VHS or videos available exept for the one bit on “The Black Sabbath Story” so the legend grew. Only in recent years did I finally get to see Sabbath (and others) at cal-jam on YouTube. My absolute favorite is Killing Yourself to Live, all the Sabs look young and energetic. For me this was Sabbath at their peak, despite all the mismanagement back stories. Again Thanks, I wish you well with your own battle, your comments are the most mature and sensible that I have seen about all this.

    God Bless Tony Iommi and God Bless Ozzy, Geezer and Bill.

    “We love you all”

  26. Joe,

    You just can’t handle metal fans. Apparently this person is a Black Sabbath fan. I see nothing wrong with their comment. I am sure this person knows all about Tony’s lymphoma and meant no disrespect. Probably dying to see Sabbath. Also, I think you should be grateful, not disgusted, when someone out there has enough respect for your website to send you the message. I am sure they were not yelling at you.

    • Umm did you not read their tweet? “You bastards cancelled two concerts in russia!” That’s not exactly a Get Well Tony.

  27. As much as I would love to see this Group of Icons play again in the near future Tony’s Health is more important.

  28. I hope Tony gets cured of lymphoma and that everything works out with the band and Bill and that they can eventually tour the world and make an amazing album with the full original lineup in perfect health, harmony, and happiness.

    BTW, I LOVE The Picard pic. Black Sabbath and Star Trek are my two obsessions and I NEVER associate them together.

    Come to think of it the Kirk v Picard argument is pretty similar to the Ozz v Dio one, really.

  29. William Monnaux says

    I agree, it’s stupid to say something like that. I’m 18 and a huge fan and I was thrilled to see that they were going to perform at Graspop in Belgium, later to be gutted to find out it was cancelled. That might have been one of the only chances I had to see them. I was a little ticked off but I fully understand why. All I can say is get well tony and come visit us!!!

  30. Abdullah Rashad Dawood Main (Dylan) says

    Joe is correct on this one! When will people ever learn?

  31. Randy Haugen says

    Right now all I care about is that Tony gets better.

  32. look, my problem is, i paid a shitload of money for good seats ona black sabbath reunion concert.
    so then they fire bill ward, which makes the whole compelte reunion stuff going down the shitter, then they cancel all dates except for one, hwich means he can still play, but choose to do at the biggest festival which gets them the most money, looking at how they threated bill ward money seems to be the only thing these guys like, i mean if you cancel your dates, cancel them all, and not just play one show showing you can but say fuck you to the thousands of other fans all over europe.
    do it all or leave it.

  33. Carlin is … right !
    I’m a huge fan, but I have to agree with Joe, it’s just music, the best music ever for sure, but still just music.

    I have never seen them live, it would be a dream come true to see the MK I on tour, I hope Tony gets better soon and hopefully Bill gets back ( I don’t think he will… ) either it’s money or egos there’s always some problem with Rock Bands reunions… gee… they all have more money to spend than God… unfortunatly it’s not about the music, or “right timing” but for pa$$ion.

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