Geezer Speaks on Birmingham Gig

Geezer Butler posted a short update on his website about the Birmingham gig tomorrow.  Here’s what he had to say.

Hello readers,

Well, rehearsals are finally finished, and now for the nervous part, playing our home town gig. Since it is a warm up show, there will probably be a few glitches , but remember it’s all in a good cause, since we’ll be donating to the “Help For Heroes” charity, a fantastic charity that helps our troops who have been wounded in recent wars. No matter what your feelings about the wars are, these men and women willingly dedicate their lives for our defence and freedom. I hope the people who are making profits by re-selling the tickets to real fans find it in their hearts to do the right thing and donate at least some of their gains to the charity.

Here is the link.

Thanks for caring.

This is the first public statement that the Birmingham gig is essentially a charity gig that I’ve seen posted.  As I recall, there was some noise made back at the 11-11-11 press conference about military and whatnot, so this doesn’t totally surprise me.

Go check out the organization (Help For Heroes) that Geezer talks about, while I don’t personally know of them, it certainly seems worthwhile.  Here’s some linkage to them:


  1. Frank DeHaven says

    So, who’s the drummer on the record & live shows? What are they hiding, lol???

  2. rangemasterJim says

    Geezer was right when he said there would be no reunion with the original four members way back when. Little did he think it would be Bill.

  3. Luiz Souza says

    Geezer, go tell another idiot what to do. You’re all on I.R.S. discounting with this crap of “charity”. No Bill, No Sabbath.

  4. Shame on Bogus Sabbath!!!!

  5. Frank DeHaven says

    So. Now Bill’s pic is off of the front of the band’s site. What’s next? Is Sharon gonna remove Bill’s drum tracks from the records like she did with Bob Daisley & Lee Kerslake???

    • PROBABLY!!! I wouldn’t put it past her. ;) No, there is no way they would do this. You can mess with the present and future of Sabbath, ( ha ha, what future), but you can’t mess with the past. Ozzy and Sharon had the legal right to do what they did, no matter how stupidly wrong and greedy it was. Tony, Geezer and Ozzy would never agree to do something so demeaning to Bill, present stupidities not included, plus I think Warner Brothers would probably sue them as they were the original label in the U.S. and ,correct me if I’m wrong, still have control over the original catalog.

  6. George Xenikoudakis says

    Make a refference to the cut out of bill from the band’s photos

  7. Great fans you are. Still bent over backwards about that ****storm when Geezer talks about something else.

  8. Funny how the official gig poster for the Birmingham gig made no mention of this noble charity. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Another bad move from Black Sabbath version 38

  9. Andreaus says

    None of us know the whole story. If the band want to stay silent and concentrate on the gigs/album etc. that’s their choice to make. The internet and digital media is great but we sometimes expect to have access to literally everything and instant responses from band/celebrity etc. Why should we? I have to wonder if the reason Bill has not been offered more money etc. is partly due to him not taking part in the writing sessions that began last year. In other words he has brought some of this on himself. Having said that, this should have all been sorted out from the start. They have probably been told to remove Bill from the photos for legal reasons and as they haven’t officially replaced him how can they put a new picture up there yet. What really disappoints me though is the way so many have turned on the band assuming they alone are to blame for this. I think people should be more positive and think more of Tony’s recovery. Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s gig.

    • Jeff Downing says

      You are correct. I’m disappointed that Bill won’t be there too. But why do people fill in all the blanks themselves? So people are gonna talk this way to Geezer, or Ozzy, or Tony for god’s sake? Sabbath fans? I have always admired Sabbath, or Tony and Geezer certainly for trying to keep tabloid style verbal slings to a minimum. Sabbath fans need to check themselves big time. I love Bill too. But at this point even he has not told is the real reasons. His health certainly has been an issue for years. I can’t speculate, just saying if you are a fan DON’T disrespect the Sabs.

  10. As of yesterday (friday) Bill has been removed from all photos on the Official B.S. website. What is going on?

    • Bill isn’t a member of Black Sabbath, it’s a simple as that. He refused a contract with the band, and he’s no longer a member. I don’t undestand why there are so many people pissed about this. if people are pissed his photo’s are gone, why no uproar over any of the other ex-memebers? What about Dio? Is anybody pissed off his pics aren’t there? Bunch of friggin’ cry babies.

  11. All this crap about Sharon this,Sharon that,get a life,she is Ozzy’s manager not Tony or Geezer’s.Every time there is a reunion there is some drama involving Bill.

    • Stuart Tacey says

      Do your research before you comment, its well known that Sharon is involved in the management of Sabbath and the bands name! Why do u think Iommi chose to use the name Heaven and Hell to tour under instead of Sabbath? He knew that Sharon would more than likely sue as Ozzy was’nt involved so they should’nt call it Sabbath, nothing to do with making it clear this was’nt the original Sabbath lineup!

  12. Why do they play the same day the championsleague finals are on? ^^

  13. harrykrawczyk says

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  14. John Michael Colvin says

    I think it’s very well rounded, If you have the bull by the horns, Ride it ozzy! Amazing stuff! Rock on !

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