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Given the events of earlier today, this old set of lyrics seems suddenly appporiate.  They come from the track “Swinging the Chain” from the Never Say Die! album.  Which, ironically, was sung by Bill Ward.

Yes we’re sad and sorry
Really sorry that it happened that way
Yes we’re sad and sorry
We cannot go on in those days



  1. Paul Richardson says

    Or even more fitting would be the beginning to Solitude, My name it means nothing, my fortune is less.

  2. Jeff Downing says

    Nice choice. A truly fantastic track. God bless Bill Ward.

  3. Eric Dunn says

    Bill Ward is no less, and no more important than any other original Black Sabbath band member!! Period!! The four of them are divine together as one. I still love all incarnations of Black Sabbath, and I will accept this, but I am extremely disapointed. I cannot comment on the details, because I do not know. I do trust Bill when he says they asked him to play for free. What the fuck!! how disrespectfull!! I love Black Sabbath, and I love Bill Ward. I will have no part of this if they still try and claim it as a reunion.

  4. I feel sad and betrayed by the band, I’m going download festival just to see them and now they have completely let the fans down. A complete joke. Just another sad old rock band that lost their way. At least we have there music but just wanted to see them one last time…

  5. Bill, when i listen to you singing I feel always: yes, to me IT’S ALL RIGHT !
    I “love” You

  6. GREED!!!!!!! this what all this is about ,forget about having an honest reunion like brothers …it’s all about the MONEY like they are going to take it to their graves ….as for me i know it does not matter i’m only one person but if bill is not the drummer on the album ‘i’ll just have to burn one from someone, at least my money they are not goin to get …this is so sad , no respect !!!!
    i’m so so proud of you bill because of your immence contribution to the black sabbath sound and for not letting GREED take advantage of you !

  7. That is a good song.It is one of my favorites of Sabbath.It does not get enough credit.It shows that Bill can and does sing.Plus,he is an original member.So,why do people not want to give the song a chance?Oh,because it is not Ozzy or Ronnie.

    Well,boo hoo hoo.Nothing against Ozzy or Ronnie.But,Bill sings better than Ozzy.It is safe to say this because Ozzy himself doesn’t think he is a good singer.That is why he needs a band that plays good and writes good lyrics.Actually,everybody that was in Sabbath could sing better than him.Everyone from Ronnie,Ian Gillan,Glenn Hughes,Ray Gillen,Tony Martin,and Rob Halford.

    Ozzy is better at performing and entertaining.He is making things worse by singing into pro-tools magnifying his voice.That can make anyone sound good.That is why I don’t like talk boxes.It reminds me of Peter Frampton(nothing against him,I just personally don’t care for his music).Technology can be bad sometimes.But,I do like Ozzy Osbourne and his band,still(so,chill people).

    I like when Bill did-“It’s Alright”.That was on- “Technical Ecstacy.”It was more of a Bill Ward song,than it was Sabbath.He reminded me of Ringo Star,on that one.The drummer that sings.I hope more people will appreciate his work.Bill is a talented man and die hard Sabbath fans know this.

  8. It really is a shame that Bill Ward will not be part of this. I can’t really call it a reunion, as the band Black Sabbath technically did not change any members since the last time they played live. Heaven And Hell was billed as separate from the Sabbath name, although many of us do indeed give that lineup of Dio-Iommi-Butler-Appice just as much if not more respect and credibility as a part of the Sabbath legacy. I can’t believe they could not work this out with Bill Ward. I hope Iommi’s health has improved and he can carry on. There’s really only one drummer I can imagine replacing Ward in this lineup and that is Vinnie Appice. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out… but I feel without Bill Ward it’s not a true reunion of the original lineup. I could kind of with a lukewarm attitude see the live dates including Vinnie, and I love Vinnie, but a new album? I’m sorry – I’d prefer to see Iommi-Butler-Ward-Osbourne.

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