New Album Called “13”, due in June

Well, got some news tonight, including one piece I’m glad I don’t have to keep a secret anymore (the drummer).   I’ll just get to it, since you don’t want to hear my blathering…

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND (January 13, 2013)–Today, the 13th of January 2013, rock legends BLACK SABBATH have announced the title of their new album, 13, which will be released this June (exact date TBA).  The original BLACK SABBATH–OZZY OSBOURNE (vocals), TONY IOMMI (guitar) and GEEZER BUTLER (bass)–have recorded the album primarily in Los Angeles and were joined at the sessions by drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine).  Produced by Rick Rubin (seven-time Grammy winner, two of those as Producer of the Year), the album will be released on Vertigo (worldwide) and Vertigo/Republic in the U.S.  13 marks the Grammy-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ return to Vertigo, the band’s original label; it’s the group’s first studio album together since 1978’s Never Say Die! They have sold over 70 million albums together.

In advance of the album’s release, BLACK SABBATH will head to New Zealand, Australia and Japan for live performances (see below for tour dates).  Additional tour plans will be revealed in the coming months.

BLACK SABBATH’s initial tour dates are as follows:

DATE         CITY                                    VENUE

Sat 4/20      Auckland, New Zealand        Vector Arena
Mon 4/22    Auckland, New Zealand       Vector Arena
Thu 4/25     Brisbane, Australia                Entertainment Centre
Sat 4/27      Sydney, Australia                  All Phones Arena
Mon 4/29    Melbourne, Australia            Rod Laver Arena
Wed 5/1      Melbourne, Australia            Rod Laver Arena
Sat 5/4        Perth, Australia                     Perth Arena
Sun 5/12     Tokyo, Japan                        Ozzfest – Makuhari Messe


  1. I agree strongly with those who say that even if it’s not possible for whatever reason to do this album and tour with Bill Ward, the band should have explained to the fans WHY -especially after the big announcements of a complete reunion etc.

    However, I see no point in claiming that this cannot be a “Black Sabbath” album, but just, as somebody has suggested, a Tony Iommi solo album. Given that “Heaven and Hell”; “Mob Rules”; “Born Again”, “Seventh Star”, “Eternal Idol”, “Headless Cross”; “Tyr”, “Dehumanizer”, “Cross Purposes” and “Forbidden” (and here I have counted only the full-length studio albums, no live albums, no compilations!) ALL of these have been released unter the name “Black Sabbath”, why then shouldn’t a band that features Tony, Geezer and Ozzy not be call itself “Black Sabbath”? Most of the albums I listed above have included less members of the original line-up than “13”. Of course you can, if you like, claim that ALL of those albums, including “13”, are not really Black Sabbath albums – I can understand that. But given that all studio albums feat. Tony Iommi from 1980 to 1995 been released as Black Sabbath albums, it’s IMHO absolutely useless to claim that just “13” shouldn’t.

    In contrast to some of their fans, Black Sabbath themselves have NEVER followed such an “only the original line-up is the real thing” politics since 1978. When Tony Iommi was with Tony Martin, he said in public why Tony Martin is a better singer than Ozzy; when he was with Ozzy, he said that this is the real Black Sabbath; when he was with Ronnie Dio (R.I.P.) again in 2007 to 2009 (when the band called itself “Heaven and Hell”, he said that it’s a great pleasure not to be forced to play “Iron Man” or “Paranoid” for the millionth time; and when he was with Ozzy again, he played those songs again and claimed he enjoyed it. I understand very well if you don’t like this (actually I don’t) – but every Sab fan knows that that’s how it is, so either you get used to it (like me), or you decide not to be a Sab fan anymore, but in both cases all the moaning and crying about this line-up is a waste of time.

    • I’m sorry but what do you mean not be a Sab fan anymore? People are allowed to express their opinions whether it’s you’re with the band or not. I want to see all 4 members together again. This may be a last hurrah so to speak for them to do so but in no way would I stop being a fan as I have been one for 40 years. It’s the principle of the matter and people have a right to disagree.

      • I am definitely not in the position to suppress your right to disagree, and I am sorry if I sounded like I would like to do that. My point is just that, given that many people here (incl. yourself, as you say) have been Sabbath fans for decades, I do not understand why so many of them now act like they are completely surprised and shocked that Sabbath do a tour and album without Bill. More specifically I referred to the claim made by somebody here that they shouldn’t even call themselves ‘Black Sabbath’ if they do not include Bill. Given that Iommi has released not just one or two, but TEN (if I counted correctly) complete studio albums with line-ups different from the original one (most of them actually including less original members than “13”) under the name “Black Sabbath”, I simply do not see any point in such a demand.
        Again, I am probably as unhappy as you that Bill is not included in “13”, and I agree Sabbath shouldn’t have announced a complete reunion before the contracts were signed; furthermore, I always have disliked the fact that at least Tony seems to keep changing his opinions about Sabbath dependent on the wheather or so (or, more likely, dependent on opportunities and money). I gave some examples in my comment above; another example refers to his relationship to Tony Martin and the Forbidden album. When They did Forbidden, Tony Iommi always said how nice it is to work with Tony Martin, how good he sings, and how interesting the work on the album was; later, in contrast, he said many negative things about Tony Martin (including that he wasn’t professional etc.) and others involved, and that he hated the album and was just forced to do it by the contracts. I just mention this to show that I have a lot of critique and opinions myself. My irritation with some of the statements of others here (I explained above which statements I refer to) is NOT because they express their opinions, but rather because some of them sound like they do not know the band very well. IMHO, nobody who really knows Sabbath can be surprised or shocked that Bill Ward is not included in a Black Sabbath album, or that the band does not do what the band has told they would do, or that they call themselves “Black Sabbath” although one of the original members is missing. Of course you can dislike it (I do!), but how can you be surprised or shocked? If you really are, you must have been surprised or shocked most of the time at least since 1978, because Sabbath have done such things all the time.

        • The point is, it has been 35 years since they put out a full album as the original band. Die hard fans want this just like any Zep fan for example, would want an album by their original 4 if Bonzo was still alive. It’s a piece of music history that could be made while the band still have all of its original members. I mean Bill, Tony, and Ozzy have or have had some intense health issues and if this means they want to get back as a reunited band, then at this stage of their career it should and has to be all four original members. I was 15 when Never Say Die came out. I’m 50 now….it’s time to give it one last go. Just to set the record straight, I have no issues with the lineups over the years. In fact, Heaven and Hell is an amazing post Ozzy era album. One of the top 3 under the Sabbath moniker but this is the time they need to set things straight and do it at least for the fans.

      • Paul Clarke says

        Hey, if the orignal band members never get back
        Together again I can say that I was at their last
        concert, Ozzfest 2005 in West Palm Beach, FL!

    • well said. when i was young i was appalled at the Glenn Hughes fiasco…I never bought another “sabbath” album after “seventh star” and even that was a stretch. The reuniting with RJD for the last recordings of his life were quite special; THAT line up is Black Sabbath…I had nooo problem with Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules or Live Evil. On the latter, it ‘s great to hear RJD on Ozzy’s stuff- RJD gave hit his own mojo… as far as the drummer fiasco with Bill Ward…whaddya gonna say? At this point, before one of ’em dies, lets get that album done! I ve been waitin 30 years for it…i’ll take it!

    • Correct me if I’m wrong,… but when Tony wanted to tour for The Devil You Know album, wasn’t it Ozzy that took legal action to block them from using Black Sabbath. I recall a statement that Black Sabbath was equally shared between the four original members. I guess that was his opinion when he was on the outside looking in. It’s a good thing they LOVE each other so much, or Bill Ward would really get fucked.

      • You’re wrong.

        • Mr. FU sez. …..Set them straight Joe!!!

          Or allow me to try …

          They called themselves H&H to differentiate the Dio version from the then recently inducted HOF Ozzy version.

          The Ozzy lawsuit however is interesting. Wasn’t that supposed to set it back to the 4 original members owning the name?

          Sad about Bill (a friend of mine worked him on one of the solo albums – said hes the nicest man he ever met). But like original poster above – its still a version of Sab. And ill check it out.

          It just isn’t the one I’d like to hear (with Bill).

          Then again – after surviving a brain tumor taught me (which took 1/2 my hearing) life sometimes isn’t fair kids…

      • I stand corrected… Thanks Joe…
        Is Mr. FU accurate in that the lawsuit was in support of the four original members owning the name?

        • From June 2009.

          Ozzy Osbourne issues statement
          At press time, Iommi had no comment on the lawsuit, but Ozzy Osbourne, through his publicist, issued the following statement:

          “Since 1997 when Geezer, Bill (Ward, the group’s original drummer) and myself rejoined the band, Black Sabbath has returned to its former glory as we headlined sold-out arenas and amphitheatres playing to upwards of 50,000 people at each show around the world.

          “We worked collectively to restore credibility and bring dignity back to the name ‘Black Sabbath,’ which lead to the band being inducted into the UK and US Rock & Roll Hall of Fames in 2005 and 2006, respectively…

          “Tony, I am so sorry it’s had to get to this point by me having to take this action against you. I don’t have the right to speak for Geezer and Bill, but I feel that morally and ethically the trademark should be owned by the four of us equally. I hope that by me taking this first step that it will ultimately end up that way.

          “We’ve all worked too hard and long in our careers to allow you to sell merchandise that features all our faces, old Black Sabbath album covers and band logos, and then you tell us that you own the copyright. We’re all in our 60s now. The Black Sabbath legacy should live on long after we have all gone. Please do the right thing.”

    • All True, but..
      Ozzy always felt that every black sabbath album that was not the original lineup
      was not truly Black Sabbath
      now Ozzy is recording under the Black Sabbath Label without the original Lineup

      this is truly blasphemy
      not from a religious point of view but from the actual definition

      isnt it?

  2. chad hallman says

    Just a suggestion on replacement drummers.

    1. Mike Bordin
    2. Lee Kerslake
    3. Carmine Appice
    4. Tommy Lee
    5. Jason Bohnam
    6. Blas Elias

    Of course not in this order. And just a suggestion is all.

  3. paul silva says

    Tommy Aldridge or another oldschool rock drummer

  4. I saw them when carmen appice was the drummer, and he was great; fit right in; so he’d be my choice for the drummer on their upcoming tour. It’s too bad about Bill, he is truly a great drummer and who wouldn’t want to see the original lineup. I mean how many old bands actually have all ot their original members alive? But it is what it is and I will not miss a chance to see Tony play again. He is the absolute best hard rock guitar player I’ve ever heard.

    • Did Carmine ever play in Sabbath for more than one or two songs? Have I missed something, or do you confuse Carmine with Vinnie?

  5. If there is no absolute way they can get Bill Ward baclk in the band he helped found, then how about Vinny Appice.? It would be the “Heaven and Hell” line-up with Ozzy instead of the late, great Ronnie James Dio (RIP Ronnie). Sort of a joint “Heaven and Hell” and “Black Sabbath” combination. Who could be better if Bill Ward isn’t the drummer?

  6. Dehumanizer says

    Sorry but Vinny Appice turned into a very boring drummer. No inspiration, terrible sound and lame fills. He was great in the three Sabbath Albums with Dio but he totally sucked in “The Devil you know”. I’d like any other drummer.

    • Listen to the song “Shadow Of The Wind” – the line “well I’m back and stronger” is underscored by one of Vinny’s most powerful, tasteful fills of his career in Sabbath. He’s solid as a rock! Probably not as inventive as he was on Mob Rules, but his work on TDYK was much more intense than on Dehumanizer. I think that has more to do with Mack ‘s production work than Vinny’s abilities. Mack – the guy who was ELO’s engineer and gave Billy Squier his distinct sound… producing Sabbath??? I remember the day I bought Dehumanizer – I was SO insanely pumped, then I look on the back and saw it was produced by Mack and before I got home to my cd player I was having doubts. No continuity from Mob Rules whatsoever. The 3 new songs on The Dio Years completely made up for that. And although many songs on TDYK sound like they could’ve been lifted from post-Magica Dio albums, it stands as a blaze of glory. Atom And Evil and Bible Black (as well as Shadow Of The Wind and Ear In The Wall) are some of THE VERY best work produced by this line-up of Sabbath. Just my $.02.

    • Robert Stanford Cam says

      Are you a fan of Rage Against the Machine? and Brad? Is he a better drummer than Vinny. NO, he is not better than Eric Singer, Bev Bevan, Terry Chimes and Bobby Rondinelli…



    • The only official news is “June”. Also, June 6th is a Thursday, it’s unlikely to be that date.

  8. Sab fan Aaron says

    In a way Im dissapointed and in some way Im not.I glad to hear thatthere is some form of a Sabbath cd being released.Since B ward isnt the drummer the name of the group should just be called Sabbath.Honestly I dont feel Bill is up for the job as skin man.His health has been ailing for years and theres no way his heart could handle a tour.IDK anything about the drummer from the group Rage against the machine nor am i familair with the band either.I would rather see Vinny Appice fill the shoes but I know hes wore out.I see nothing adding some fresh blood to the band though maybe it will renergise them such as dio did when Ozzy got fired.One other last comment It should have out in the open about the new drummer instead of a big secret as it has been.

  9. Sab fan Aaron says

    Something else to say about all the different line ups and encarnations of Black Sabbath.To say Ozzy is a better singer than Dio or visa versa is just plain nonsense.They were both great singers during the time with group.During the 70`s era when Ozzy was the front man he was a great singer and influenced the sound of a band we all came to know as black Sabbath.Dio Joined the band and stepped up to the plate doing a great job as singer/front man for the band.He also influenced the sound and the style we all know as the new Sabbath during the early 80s and again with the Dehumanizer then again with the new album The devil You know.The Tony Martin era of what they called Black Sabbath which I also liked should have been called the Iomi project.Was martin a great singer?No doubt about it he was but theres noway in hell this incarnation should have been called Black Sabbath.How about when Black Sabbath recorded the album BORN AGAIN with Ian Gillen.He also was a great singer and influenced how the band sounded when they recorded that album.It was a very different sounding Black Sabbath.My point is that during all the incarnations of the band there were great singers in all of them.

  10. Hello everybody…!!!

    My friends… Tony Iommi has always been the driving force behind Black Sabbath success. Their music was basically created based on his riffs whereas Geezer came up with the name of the band as well as the lyrics( when Dio joined, he was in charge of lyrics and afterwards Mr. Tony martin) .
    All in all, I only have a question… What about Ozzy? What has he ever done in Black Sabbath rather singing horribly ( probably the worst vocalist considering the most famous bands from the early seventies… Who would compare him with Gillan, Plant or even Byron…. even in his own band the other member had composed the songs and whatever. So, why do we have to accept Ozzy being the center of the band. Please!!!!!!! Tony Iommi is Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath is Tony Iommi forever!!!!
    Vinny Appice should the drummer and Geoff Nicolls the keyboardist because they make part of Sabbath History. I hate Rage Against Machine, I don’ t even know what musical style they play and whe it comes to one of the titles of the songs ” God is dead”, the members of the band should have respected the thousands of prayers made for Dio and Iommi… I don’t know, but there is somethig wrong… I know that this comment imight not be posted but I’d like a reply from Joe… God bless us all…!!!

    • Here’s a reply.

    • Sab fan Aaron says

      How can you say Ozzy was the worst singer of the Sabbath eras?I mentioned this in my previous comments about singers of the group.In his day he was a great vocalist.Now after after 40 years in the music business,the drugs and alcohol,the constant touring no hes not it.It was just riffs the Toni played or the bas the geezer played or Bill ward on skins.It was the combination of the 4 influences put together the Sab fans love.

    • “I hate Rage Against Machine, I don’ t even know what musical style they play” – Please read what you wrote yourself – do you notice anything? You don’t even know what musical style RATM play, but nevertheless you HATE them? Because you do not like how they look, or why? What kind of a statement is that?
      “Vinny Appice should the drummer and Geoff Nicolls the keyboardist because they make part of Sabbath History.” – I do understand the statement, but the reason you give does not at all seem to make sense to me. EVERY person who ever played in Sabbath is “part of Sabbath history”. If this is reason enough to get them back into the band now, we will enjoy a new line-up that will consist of at least 20 people…

      • Hello Linda,
        I really love Black Sabbath and I agree that I ought not to have used the verb “hate”. But now I have a question. Who has make- part of Black sabbath history? Adam Wakeman, Mike Bordin, the guy who played the gigs in 2012, whom I don’t remember the name or the fantastic , another guy who i don’t want to remember the name. When it comes to Vinny and Geoff, they do make part of Sabbath history and should be given more respect….

        and remember when I said hate I was not referring to them, as human beings. I just can’t stand their music but i know and hope that they might be excellent human beings….


      • Isn’t history important to you???

        So you Think that the one who makes part of the band is Brad and not Vinny and Geoff. Please, HEAVEN AND HELL AND LIVE EVIL ARE AWESOME ALBUMS. BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO PREFER LISTENING TO SPEAK OF THE DEVIL….

    • Ozzy made in the 70s if not for him.there would not be a black sabbath. Nothing bad to say about dio he was a great singer also but ozzy is now and for.ever the.heart. Of sabbath

      • Hello Buddy,
        The music was based on Iommi’s riffs, the lyrics by Butler and Ozzy…..?
        Are we talking about music or something else…???
        Iommi made the band….. Butler the lyrics and the name of the band. As mentioned before. There are fans who don’t respect the other members of the band…. and this is so sad and above all , based of the lack o knowledge about the band….

      • Well, in all fairness, there would be no Ozzy without Iommi if you think about it.

        • There would be no Sabbath without Tony Iommi….!!!

          • Sab Fan Aaron says

            Realy I dissagree what if there had been another demonic guitar playing E riffs or what ever the notes are.Say it would have been for example,Ozzy,Zac Wyle or Randy roads ,Geezer and Bill ward when the band first hit the air waves and they called themselves Black Sabbath.

  11. The original Black Sabbath is divine. However, unfortunate as it is, at this point through the earthly laws, its just a name. To me, I trust thoose in control will contine to make it divine. Long live Black Sabbath. I wish Bill was involved.

  12. Robert Stanford Cam says

    Hello everybody,
    I forgot to mention that members that played with Sabbath before should be included not only in the album but also in the tour. Remember, this is not only Ozzy’s band but Sabbath and Sabbath will alwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssss be Iommi…………………!!!!


  13. I’d like to thank Joe for being so impartial…. You’re great man…!!!

    I’d also like to recommend all Black Sabbath fans to watch Rick Wakeman interviewing Tony Iommi. It is so easy to realize how important Tony has always been to the band…
    That’s the reason I got so sad and really upset when I listen to people saying Ozzy did this, Ozzy did that…. I’m not saying that Ozzy doesn’t deserve respect, indeed, it’s just the opposite, I think that he should respect Tony, Geezer and Bill…Yes, Mainly Bill Ward. He should remember that Bill didn’t want to take part in the Heaven and Hell project because Dio was the vocalist…. he should remember that Bill said that didn’t even remember having recorded Heaven and Hell just because the vocalist was not Ozzy….
    I have been a hard core fan of Black Sabbath since I was eleven and hence my respect for all the members who have played in the band. I read a bad comment about Glenn hughes and I just can’t accept that such a fantastic vocalist could be disrespected the way he was…. I also loved Ray Gillen, May he rest in peace, He was such an awesome vocalist. Many Sabbath fans forget all of these members and prefer to talk about Ozzy’s career. For me Black Sabbath will always be Tony Iommi and more four other musicians because he was the only one who had courage enough to keep the magic name of Sabbath going on and on….

    God bless all the fans, Joe, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and I hope…. Vinny and Geoff… and remember…. God is not dead….!!!

    • Um…Bill Ward cannot remember remember recording ‘Heaven and Hell’ because of the vocalist? Okay. Nothing to do with combination of alcohol and narcotics undertaken on a daily basis, then?

      • Probably,
        But the main reason was that that video was made to promote Ozzy ( Sony dvd). The Dvd was focused on Ozzy and not the other members.
        just anoter piece of information to clarify things. BIll said that the first album that he could record free of drugs and Buzz was the Born Again, Neverhteless, when they were preparnig to start the tour he started having the same problems because he wanted Ozzy as a vocalist and then he started drinking again and left the band. After, he travelled to Los Angeles where he became a beggar…

    • “he should remember that Bill said that didn’t even remember having recorded Heaven and Hell just because the vocalist was not Ozzy….”

      I had the impression his lack of memory was because he was drunk all the time ;)

      • No , He said that because it was a video to promote Ozzy…!!!
        Remember, remember, remember….!!!!

        Iommi is Sabbath an Sabbath is Iommi…!!!

        • Wtf are you talking about? Bill was a mess back then. The guy was heavy on the drink….with that said, his drumming on the H&H album was great. And sorry…one man is not the entire band as great as Iommi is….Sabbaths best album is their first one and it took all 4 of those guys to make it great.

  14. Ozzy making an album with Tony and Geezer and calling it Black Sabbath I can live with. I would even get excited about it – obviously. Just don’t make references to this being the “original Black Sabbath” or make mention of this being the “group’s first studio album together since 1978’s Never Say Die!” as it said in the news item above. That’s insulting – like rubbing salt in the wound over this B.S. that has happened and that makes me flat out angry under the circumstances. This isn’t the original Black Sabbath and it’s not the group that made Never Say Die! Do I love other lineups from Black Sabbath’s history? Sure. But this situation does suck and it does in fact taint the entire proceedings regardless. I don’t want it to – I really don’t. I want to be excited and hopefully it will be a great album but it’s not going to be pure original Sabbath like it COULD and SHOULD have been. :-(

    • “Insulting”, and, “Makes you angry”? Really?? “Salt in the (s*dding) wound??” Oh for Goodness’ sake…

      It really makes me wonder why they bother sometimes, with ‘fans’ persistently taking them to task over every perceived ‘transgression’ they make. With all of the dross currently (in fact, probably since ’95 or so) being spewed out by the record labels and MTV, music fans should be unconditionally grateful that Black Sabbath are taking the time to record this album for us in the first place. A thankless task, judging by some of these comments.

      “>sob< It's not the original Sabbath without Bill, woe is me, however will I cope with this unforgivable betrayal??"

      Um… wait for the release date, go out, buy the record, sit back with some mates and some cold ones, turn up the volume, enjoy.

      I 'd say the constant criticism of Osbourne, Iommi, and Butler is what currently, "taints the entire proceedings". New album, new tour, new chapter in Black Sabbath's history; all possible because of the above-mentioned musicians. Or would some folks prefer it if they hadn't done the record and sat in different parts of the world, pointing their lawyers at each other?

      **For some reason, when I read all of the moaning about Bill Ward not playing, and how it isn't really Sabbath, blah blah blah, it makes me think of that long-haired comic book guy from 'The Simpsons'…**

      • @ Serenity,

        You definitely are not Serene. You are confrontational, have a lot of anger and do not take part in intellectual discussion or debate. Most of your responses are off topic, non factual and impolite. You make some asinine, inaccurate and insane statements in this forum. Some of your feelings and thoughts that you have expressed depict you to be mean spirited and unstable. I have seen how you have attacked some people in this forum even though your attacks are unwarranted, unjustified and have no merit behind them. In reference to Bill Ward, he is cared about, loved and respected by his family and friends for being a good father, a good husband and a decent and honorable person. The rational, sane, and true fans care about and respect him for being an upfront, honorable person and a great drummer. But for You, the subject of Bill Ward seems to be problematic, as you seem to have distaste for him and do not respect the man, SHAME ON YOU!

        You possibly are dangerously obsessed with Ronnie James Dio RIP and Black Sabbath. Or, maybe, you’re not even a Black Sabbath fan, you could just be a Troll. Because for the most part, you seem not to reason, you seem to only want to falsely criticize, argue and attack people even though you have no merit behind your arguments, attacks and criticisms.

        An Example of the nonsense from Serenity.
        >Serenity States,
        >It really makes me wonder why they bother sometimes, with ‘fans’ persistently taking them to task >over every perceived ‘transgression’ they make. With all of the dross currently (in fact, probably >since ’95 or so) being spewed out by the record labels and MTV, music fans should be >unconditionally grateful that Black Sabbath are taking the time to record this album for us in the first >place. A thankless task, judging by some of these comments.

        Though in the meantime, Black Sabbath will make Tens of Millions of Dollars from making this New Album and by Touring, OFF OF THE FANS!

        Serenity, You a long with most other people do not know the true specific details of the contractual situation, the dilemmas, the issues with the language and content of that contract. But, you seem not to care, consider or respect that. As you wrongfully and disgracefully make slanderous remarks and falsely try to depict Bill Ward as a Whiner and a Gold digger.

        Tony, Ozzy or Geezer would not proceed without a proper contract either!

        The announcement on 11/11/11 was based on the long waited New Album and Tour that involved all four original member’s since 1978s Never Say Die Album. Many fans have been wanting and waiting a long time for this to happen. Most fans on this forum, on other websites, and meeting them in public are appreciative, happy and look forward to the New Album and Tour. But, even with that said, most people are still disappointed that Bill Ward will not be on the New Album or be part of the Tour. Who Ever is at Fault or Not, Bill Ward should not have been the only member of Black Sabbath to address the fans and the Music World as he did. Black Sabbath should have by way of a public announcement as many have suggested, or Ozzy, Tony and Geezer at The Very least should of put out a statement on their websites addressing a small part of the Bill Ward Situation. Mainly addressing and expressing acknowledgement that many fans have waited a long time, and many fans are disappointed, and that they are All Very Sorry about this, but, they will be continuing to work on a New Album and will be touring, but with a new drummer.

        I agree with Joe and other people that this Would be the Right Thing To Do.

        But yet, You Serenity have a problem with this. You start making remarks about their finances, that it’s nobody’s business, Bill Ward backed out, etc. Nothing that you’re saying has anything to do with our statements!

        The statement above does not require Ozzy, Tony or Geezer to reveal how much money they are receiving for the New Album and Tour or any specifics of their contracts or Mr. Wards for that matter.

        Any sensible, sane and honest person that read the statement would agree!

        Another issue, Serenity suggests/claims Bill Ward is an average drummer at best. What a bias against this man, total nonsense and absurdness from this so called Serenity. Factually speaking, Bill Ward just like the other three members of Black Sabbath are all significant and intricate parts of the bands music and unique sound. If he was not a great drummer those albums would not have been as good as they are. Although there are certain heavy metal elements in some of Bill Wards playing at times, basically he is not a heavy metal drummer. He is mainly a rock/hard rock, jazz/blues, big band swing drummer/percussionist.

        Factually speaking, Bill Ward is a Great Drummer/percussionist and is respected as such by not only many fans but many fellow musicians including myself.

    • Agreed..this is just another version of the band with 3/4 of the original lineup.

  15. I don’t know what all the whining is about. A new Black Sabbath record, the first with Osbourne, Iommi, and Butler in decades, yet some people still need a reason to find fault. Why not just enjoy the music?? First there was the ‘It’s not Sabbath with Dio moaning’ , then there was ‘It’s not Sabbath with Tony Martin moaning’ , and now it’s the ‘It’s not Sabbath without Bill Ward moaning’. Ward CHOSE not to participate, then fueled this exercise-in-pointlessness-debate by publishing a self-pitying letter on his website bemoaning the financial recompense he stood to receive for his participation in the reunion – a matter that’s not even any of OUR business anyway – why would it be?? Is Joe obliged to tell us his earnings? No. Because other folk’s earnings are specifically their own business. Not to mention, three of four people finding whatever was proposed to be acceptable. Bill Ward, at best, was an average drummer, and his absence will in no way dilute the end product. All thus anti-new drummer twaddle, and no one has even heard the end product yet!! I’ve been a Sabbath fan for 25 yrs now, and I see no reason to complain. Just enjoy Black Sabbath, and ALL of it’s incarnations for what they are – Black Sabbath

    • Obviously you haven’t been around long enough to understand the “moaning” about Bill not being in the band or on the album. Yeah it’s nice that 3 of the four are doing this but it’s not all 4 and that’s the point. I mean when they are 35 years removed from their last studio together and they are at this stage of their careers, then it’s time they do it together at least for the fans. As for your comment about Bill being an average drummer, it’s an insult. He is a very good drummer and is always a perfect fit in that band.

      • Haven’t been around long enough? Precisely what does that mean? Sabbath fan, all eras, for over two decades. I guess I’m probably not a ‘super-super-fan’ as I can’t recount which particular shade of underwear Geezer wore on the November dates of the Never Say Die tour, though. Any ideas?

        Again with the ‘for the fans’ blarney…Ward clearly decided that ‘doing it for the fans’ was a largely irrelevant concept, given his rationale for declining to participate. Everyone seems to have this rose-tinted view of poor, abused Saint Bill, yet he’s the one sat at home refusing to give ‘the fans’ the tour or album they want. He could have played, was asked to play, decided against it, hence isn’t involved. But nobody seems to mention that. At all. Why state out loud that money-grabbing overcame a desire to play for playing’s sake, when you have Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer to heap scorn upon for deciding to forge ahead and create a new album?

        In view of him being a very good drummer, I’d suggest you listen to Cozy Powell, Ginger Baker, Demetra Plackass, Simon Wright, or John Bonham. Ward was plodding at best, relying on jazz fills to compensate for lack of imagination. This does not a great drummer make.

        • You are bitter…seemingly against Bill. You don’t know what was laid out on the table regarding his contract end of it. We also don’t know if he is fit to do this with the band. And your comment of what color Geezer’s underwear was on the Never Say Die tour was…you have to be kidding me. It appears the only taste you have is in your mouth. Also, you claim to be a fan for over 2 decades so basically you became a fan during the Tony Martin era so how the hell could you know what color underwear the guy was wearing then? Lol…my guess is that you weren’t even born yet. Bill plods through his drumming? Really? Holy cr-p. The man is a very good drummer. These guys grew up listening to bluesy styles of music. Jazz influence as well. You actually have to sit and listen to the songs Bill played on not just the ones Cozy did. All those drummers you mentioned are awesome..I love Bonzo because of his intensity but you can’t compare him to Cozy, Simon, or whoever. Then let’s throw Ian Paice, Carl Palmer, Alan White, Neil Peart and so on. They are all great but difrerent. Bill falls right in there with these guys and yes, he was damn good enough to be a part of the best hard rock band to come out of that generation. Do your research before you dump all over the man. And sorry, we all can’t be like you but there are plenty of people who would like to see all 4 back together making a piece of music history. Nothing against the guy they have drumming in his place but this isn’t true Sabbath it’s just another version of it.

  16. Todd Detherage says

    The ONLY drummer for Sabbath minus Bill Ward is Jan Lindh from Candlemass. The only one to fully understand their music. No one will like Brad Wilk-different genre, no matter what the producer says.
    Rick Rubin-wrong genre. This is Black Sabbath, not Tom Petty. The album will be less than it could have been. But, hey we have the original, non L.A . scenester albums!

    • Hello Todd,
      First, I’d like to congratulate you for your excellent musical taste. Candlemass is such a awesome band, but there are people who prefer Rage against the Machine, Cold Play, Placebo and others…. Tell me man, is Rage Against the Machine a real heavy metal band….???
      There are many people criticizing me for trying to speak my own mind. Yes, saying that members who had played before with the band should be invited to play just in order to make it more Sabbath. However, most of people want to make it more Ozzy or Sh….
      For me, Sabbath will always be the sound of Iommi guitar….
      When it comes to Ozzy, Dio, Gillan and Hugues, I , fortunately had the opportunity of watching all of them alive. And Ozzy is far the worst of all them… but people think that he is the best…. I respect their opinion but I think that there is a limit for insanity….

      Peace and Love…!!!!

  17. Sab Fan Aaron says

    The & Star album with glen hughs as vocalist is no way in any shape or form a Black Sabbath Album period.
    It was a solo Iommi project.Was it a good album yes to me anyways.Tony Iommi is not Sabbath by himself.It takes 4 members that contribute to make a band.If one member is missing Its still Black Sabbath.The new cd with Ozzy,Geezer,Tony and the new drummer to me is Still a Black Sabbath session.I dont see why its such a surprise to many that Bill Ward isnt participating.Im happy that at least 3 of the original members are participating on this project.I also hope we dont have to wait past June to get it.With the Dehumanizer CD I kept reading due dates for the cd then they kept getting pushed back.Finaly Management said get this done and produced.Theres been to long of a wait.

  18. Dehumanizer says

    Ozzy, Tony, Geezer & Brad IS Sabbath. Period. Sure, would’ve loved to see Bill Ward in the band as well, although I didn’t particularly like his drumming in “Psycho man”. Seemed a little old-fashioned and weak as far as sound was concerned. No heavy snare. Anyway, Bill is not part of the thing and we can do nothing but accept it. I don’t think the band has to give any reasons for the problems. It’s their thing. If you compare the whole affair with other lineup changes in the band’s history it’s no big deal. Yes, it is not the original Sabbath but it is at least three quarters of them! So let’s enjoy the album. The only problem could be Rick Rubin. He did Metal albums with Slayer and AC/DC but he totally messed up ZZ Top’s “La Futura” and Metallica’s “Death Magnetic”. Let’s hope he’ll do better with “13” or whather the thing is going to be called. My hope is that Iommi will put his fingers on the final mix. He knows how Sabbath should sound like. Or at least Mike Exeter. Well, let’s see.

  19. Hello,

    I have been a Black Sabbath fan for a long time and they are my favorite band and always will be.

    I do not dislike the band members, I just don’t like and do not agree with the way Ozzy, Tony and Geezer are handling certain matters in reference to this Bill Ward situation.

    In reference to a couple of comments on here regarding the Bill Ward situation,

    A) Being our business or not.

    B) What we can or cannot do in regards to this matter.

    The statement (It being our business or not) is non existent and irrelevant.

    They, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, Bill and producer Rick Rubin made a major, significant, public announcement on 11/11/11. They, out of their own lips, Stated, and Sold the fans, media, music world, and the rest of the public a reunion of the 4 original members of Black Sabbath including a World Tour, and the long awaited new album since the 1978s Never Say Die Album, a new album from the 4 original members of Black Sabbath.

    We are not getting what was Stated, Sold and Promised to us.

    1) A lot of fans have been looking forward to a new Black Sabbath album for a long time from all 4 original members.

    As many people know, last album with all 4 original members was 1978.

    2) So far, we are not getting the World Tour that was Stated, Sold and Promised to us either.

    To reiterate, it’s supposed to be the long awaited new album since 1978s Never Say Die album of new music from all 4 original members and a World Tour including all 4 original members, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill.

    Not Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Brad!

    3) Just like Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, Bill and producer Rick Rubin made that major, significant public announcement on 11/11/11. Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Rick Rubin should be accountable, responsible, honorable and show respect to the fans and others by making another public, significant announcement explaining to an extent within reason the Bill Ward situation. For example, explaining that they are all sorry (not just Bill Ward) for not being able to follow through on what so many people have waited a long time for from Black Sabbath.

    But, no, basically nothing up to this point from Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and producer Rick Rubin.

    Not Right, Fucking Shameful, Disgraceful, Irresponsible, Disrespectful, Bad Business Practices!

    Bill Ward has been the only member of Black Sabbath to handle this matter appropriately.

    Some things to mention that can be done about this matter from the fans listed below,


    1) As a lot of people have done and continue to do, Post Comments!

    2) Don’t buy the new album.

    3) Don’t buy tickets for the concerts.

    4) Besides the petitions that already exist, maybe we the fans should find out if Joe Seigler would forward a petition from the fans to Black Sabbath and or Black Sabbath’s management.

    Hopefully in the near future this whole situation will be properly resolved.

    Well, Got to run.

    Take care,



    • Saw your callout to me in the comments section about a petition. Let me tell you this. WASTE OF TIME. For a couple of reasons.

      1) If they were inclined to work it out with Bill, they would have done it already.

      2) Online petitions NEVER make a bloody bit of difference. PERIOD. Even if the band looked at it (which I can tell you they won’t, even if I did forward it), it’s not like they’re going to go “Oh well, we better do this because a bunch of fans want us to do that”. They’re gonna do what they want to do. It really is as simple as that. The fan’s opinions on this issue do NOT matter to them.

      I hate to rain on the parade like that, but I’m realistic about the situation. It’s not happening. That ship sailed a year ago when they were making all the public statements back and forth. THAT was the time to do something. That moment has passed now, and they’ve moved on. Additionally, Black Sabbath have said (and this is woefully underreported) “there’s two sides to every story”, and Sabbath has chosen not to go public with their side of things – whatever that may be. Unless they choose to disclose that, one has to factor in there’s some “side” that they’re not talking about. Wish I knew what it was, as I hate mysteries, but I have a feeling we don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes. Nor will we fully ever know, probably.

      Don’t misunderstand me. I wanted Bill there. I WORK FOR BILL, so I’m not bloody well “taking sides” like I’ve been accused of. What I am is two things. Realistic, and someone who pays attention. I watched all their comments. I watched everything that was said (because to be honest, I posted a lot of them – not only do I work for Bill, I work for Geezer too).

      Regarding a “World Tour”… Well, Tony Iommi got fucking cancer after that. That’s going to limit what they can do. I understand the disappointment about Bill not being there – but railing on them for a reality brought on due to Tony’s cancer treatment? I can’t agree with you on that one at all.

      All I can say to sum this up is “shit happens”. Didn’t want the shit to happen, but it did. There’s two choices going forward. You either will buy it, or you won’t. And a studio album with Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler on it is something I will buy – NO MATTER WHO ELSE is on the bloody thing.

      Yeah, I wanted what was promised at 11/11/11, but it’s not happening. Time to move on, dude. Plus, after all, it’s just music. There’s far more important things in the world to get yourself all bent out of shape over.

      • Hello Joe,

        If you recall, you and I have e-mailed one another here and there on and off over the years and for the most part have agreed on most issues/topics and even when we have disagreed with one another it has always been respectful on both sides.

        Anyway, in reference to my response to your recent post regarding my post dated February 10, 2013.

        Although, I am disappointment and do not like part of the way you responded, and part of my response to you is a little harsh and part of your response is as well. I will continue the report that we have had with each other, even though there are certain comments that you made I do not agree with.

        Note, if need be, I will e-mail you.

        In reference to the aforementioned statement and I am quoting you “but railing on them for a reality brought on due to Tony’s cancer treatment? I can’t agree with you on that one at all”.

        Your statement is not accurate, and it’s absurd that you make a statement like that and give false reasons for my statement.

        Unless you are presenting that statement for alternative reasons, you otherwise need to go read my statement again when you are thinking clearly.

        Stop Creating a False Reality!

        You talk about reality, then you make a statement like that? What you have stated is not relevant to my statement. Tony’s health issues have nothing whats so ever to do with my point that I was making with the statement that I made in reference to the World Tour.

        Maybe you know that, but in case you truly do not.

        However Much They Tour, World Tour or Not, I was referring to the Touring Band, which as you know, obviously was supposed to be Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, Bill and Adam Wakeman. So Far, That Is Not the Touring Band That We Are Going To See Perform.

        You should of addressed this with me personally through e-mail instead of making wild speculation and suggesting certain things that are not true and absurd in a public forum.

        But, I do understand and know why you did not.

        As I think you are aware of, in my post dated February 10, 2013. I was responding to a couple of comments posted on this forum.

        1) In reference to this being our business or not.

        To anybody who might truly not understand what I meant, I will explain.

        The personal reasons financial or otherwise , legal or otherwise being our business or not is non existent and irrelevant, because I am not referring to those issues, and I will explain.

        What I am referring to is, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Rick Rubin should be Accountable, Responsible, Honorable and Show Respect to the Fans and Others by making Another Public, Significant Announcement Explaining to an Extent Within Reason the Bill Ward Situation. For Example, Explaining that They are All Very Sorry (not just Bill Ward) for Not Being Able to Follow Through on what So Many People have Waited a Long Time For From Black Sabbath.

        But, No, Basically Nothing Up to this Point from Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and producer Rick Rubin.

        Instead of doing what’s Right, for example, Simply Stated, We Are All Very Sorry about this situation, We Know a lot of people are disappointed, but at this Particular Point We Are Sorry to say that Bill Ward will not be part of the band for the new album and tour do to contractual issues that are personal and we will not be discussing those issues with the public. But we will proceed with the new album and tour but with a different drummer.

        Fair Enough, and this is a very good example of how to handle the situation properly!

        2) In reference to what we can or cannot do.

        To the people who truly might not understand. I was responding to a post on this forum to a person who stated that there is nothing that we can do.

        All my answers are rational and relevant and this is obvious to the coherent, rational and honest.

        To reiterate, it is not true that nothing can be done.

        I had given some examples of what can be done. I did not say that I would or would not respond this way. But, what I obviously meant, is you can do something about this situation. Example, If it bothers you that much, Protest, and there are Many Ways That You Can Protest.

        Some Examples/Suggestions as follows below,

        Don’t buy the New Album

        Don’t go to the Concerts

        Keep Posting Comments and Sharing Information with Fans and other people.

        Join the Face Book Petition, Start Additional Petitions.

        It’s interesting Joe how you do not address most of my statements in a rational and relevant manner.

        Some Statements below titled 1) and 2) by Joe Seigler and my responses.

        >1) If they were inclined to work it out with Bill, they would have done it already.

        Totally irrelevant to any of my Statements!

        >2) Online petitions NEVER make a bloody bit of difference. PERIOD. Even if the band looked at it >(which I can tell you they won’t, even if I did forward it), it’s not like they’re going to go “Oh well, we >better do this because a bunch of fans want us to do that”. They’re gonna do what they want to do. >It really is as simple as that. The fan’s opinions on this issue do NOT matter to them.

        In reference to certain bands and certain other matters, Petitions are proven at times to work.

        What you are stating about Ozzy, Tony and Geezer, that does not sound Polite, sounds Shitty, Senseless, and untrue to an extent in some areas at the least.

        I think you are referring to something else because I am Referring to Facts Not Opinions.

        But in reference to opinions, what seems to make more sense than no opinions matter to them, is there are opinions that matter to them and opinions that do not.

        Joe Seigler States below and my response,

        >Yeah, I wanted what was promised at 11/11/11, but it’s not happening. Time to move on, dude. >Plus, after all, it’s just music. There’s far more important things in the world to get yourself all bent >out of shape over.

        As I stated in my Post dated February 10, 2013. I am a long time Black Sabbath Fan and always will be a Black Sabbath Fan. I do not dislike the band members, I just don’t like and do not agree with the way Ozzy, Tony and Geezer are handling certain matters in reference to this Bill Ward situation including the treatment of the Fans.

        I am the type of person, no matter who it is, including myself, when your right, your right, when your wrong, your wrong, it is what it is, and I tell it the way it is, it’s as simple as that.

        Telling me to move on, it’s just music, there are more important things in the world to get bent out of shape about, is nonsense, unnecessary, absurd and not relevant to the statements that I made and there true meanings. Statements that I made on your website on this forum that you posted and responded to.

        I am bothered about a lot of world events, the human condition, nature, our planet, and other things including the people who truly run the world.

        What worldly events are you bothered about?

        Interestingly, when I had made some comments in a previous post about Zionist, and Goyim, you did not approve the post.

        So, don’t start any bullshit with me about getting bent out of shape over world events.

        Stop twisting around the meanings of my Statements.

        I am obviously not bent out of shape over this Black Sabbath Situation, maybe you are over my post.

        Alternative motives? Vested Interest? That you run Geezers Site as well as Bill Wards Site.

        Why did you post it in the first place?


        Take care.

        • My advice? Put some trousers on, go outside (It’s not a myth. Really. I’ve been there!), walk to a bar, have a drink, meet a nice girl (you know, kinda like another guy, but a different shape – usually with a higher pitched voice and dress of some kind).

          Correction. One has ‘rapport’, not a report with another individual.

          Fact. Bill Ward DECIDED not to play – get over it
          Fact. In your convoluted, overlong, and frankly boring diatribe you fail to address this point.
          Fact. Black Sabbath need not apologize simply because YOU think they should. When you are anything other than a fan i.e. an ACTUAL member of Black Sabbath, maybe then you can decide how Black Sabbath should operate.
          Fact. You wouldn’t expect your local baker to discuss his choice of co-bakers at his store, nor expect him to make public statements should one of them be replaced. (Why do you expect this of Sabbath?)
          Fact. Repeating the phrase ‘those who might not understand’ does not reinforce your point. The implication that all of us fail to understand something which you alone seem to grasp, is indicative of an overly-developed sense of your own importance. Furthermore it makes you appear egocentric, pompous, and ever so slightly silly.
          Fact. If you don’t want to buy the record or attend then don’t – no-one is asking you.

          An entire novel in relation to Joe’s post???

          ‘I think it’s true, it was people like you, that crucified Christ’..ring any bells?

      • Joe,
        Why don’t you look for a lawyer so as to verify whether the fans have any right to sue the band….
        or whoever( you know whom I’m talking about….). After all, they lied to evevybody…. there must be something in the law which could protect our interest…

      • “Plus, after all, it’s just music. There’s far more important things in the world to get yourself all bent out of shape over.”

        I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Masses of people are starving, killed and tortured in this world – if you (the other Joe) want to fight Injustice and evil in this world (which I find quite a good idea), there are surely better issues to start this project with than Black Sabbath’s new album.

    • The statement ‘being our business or not is non-existent’ is erroneous, hence it wouldn’t be being addressed in conversation. Folks earnings ARE none of our business. Mine aren’t, yours aren’t. Sabbath’s aren’t. End of. Neither is it irrelevant as, according to prevalent opinion on this forum, all statements have inherent value in and of themselves, whether you agree with them or not.

      In terms of petitioning, boycotting, etc – you do that. The rest of us will simply enjoy the album and tour. I doubt Sabbath will miss you.

      In terms of ‘the tour and album promised by all four’, that was before Ward decided against playing. It was a true statement at the time, but then Bill took his drumsticks and went home. I must ask; “The way Ozzy, Geezer and Tony are handling things…”? You mean going into the studio, recording an album, and giving fans an opportunity to see the pioneers of metal play live on stage? Shame on them, I say, Shame on them! Such Dastardly behaviour! They’ll be..>shockgasp< signing autographs after the show!! Oh, the shame!!

      As Joe said, if you want a crusade, or something to be offended by, turn on CNN. All of this posturing is unbecoming…

      • @ Joe

        Dude, what you mean with all that “they cheated at the fans” and “It’s not Sabbath” crap? From 1978 on, Black Sabbath (=Tony Iommi) changed their members practically every week. Yes, they announced the reunion of the four founding members in 2011 but they couldn’t get Bill Ward in for whatever reasons – so what. This is business! No romantic friendship thing, it’s about making money. The majority of Sabbath fans seem to realize this. No need to be naive. There’s nothing wrong about that attitude as long as the album will be great. In 1992, the situation was similar: Iommi reunited the Dio-Lineup because of commercial interest and the album that came out is (in my humble opinion) among the five best Sabbath albums ever. So let’s just wait and have a listen. It’s at least three quarters of the original band. I’m happy they found their way to the studio once again. I would never have believed that two or three years ago.

        Ah and the reason for the shortened tour ist Iommis illness. He simply can’t do more gigs. There’s nothing to criticize about that.

        • Robert Stanford Cam says

          I don’t hate Rage Against the Machine. But i don’t think their style fit Sabbath’s whatsoever…
          There are fantastic european bands like Candlemass and others but, strangely enough, they are never invited to play Ozzy fest. Bands such Candlemass, Solitude Aeaturnus, Angel Witch, Mercyful fate, King Diamond, Picture, Grave Digger…. Don’t you think there is something strange…??/

          • Well, if you do NOT hate Rage Against the Machine, maybe you should re-read your own comment above where you wrote exactly that: “I hate Rage Against Machine”.

            Of course Rage Against the Machine’s style is very different from Black Sabbath’s style (even though they surely are influenced, to some extent, either by Sabbath or by bands who were influenced by Sabbath – IMHO). However, even if the bands are different, this does not necessarily imply that Brad Wilk cannot play drums in a Sab-like way. To be sure, I do NOT claim that he can – I am just sceptical about you being so sure that he can’t. Anyway, we will know soon.

            (Regarding the Ozzfest and the other bands issues you mention, I don’t know anything about that, so I cannot help here.)

  20. i cant wait till this album comes out been waiting 4ever for it!!!!! just wish RONNIE JAMES DIO was doing it not ozzy… but should be a “GREAT ALBUM”….Was very disapointed the night of the Grammys, when they did the dead music artists AND THEY DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT “RONNIE” I WAS VERY,VERY UPSET…….TO MUCH BULLSHIT…..I even emailed the grammys, twittied and they just ignoed me…HEAVY METAL STILL NOT EXECPTED…..JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL, UR EATHER WITH THE IN CROUD OR UR NOT….. ITS LIKE WHEN RONNIE DID THE HEAR ‘N’ AID AND LIVE AID DIDNT LIKE THE FACT THAT A BUNCH OF METAL HEADS COULD RAISE MONEY LIKE THEY COULD….One day Metal Head around the world will be execpted…Till then we’ll just shove it up there “ASS” MICHEAL….THE LOVER OF METAL

    • Hello Michael,
      I utterly agree with you. Live Evil is one of the Best live albums ever recorded but there are still people who prefer Ozzy’s terrible speak of the devil. It’s a matter of musical taste but I think that people should be honest enough to accept the fact that Dio has always been a muccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh better musician than Ozzy….


    • @micheal , the reason they didn’t answer you or respond to your email or show Ronnie on the 2013 music people who “passed on” is because the 2013 edition is for people in music business that died in the year 2012. and they did show Ronnie on the 2011 Grammys for musicians who died in the year 2010. next time listen for carefully.

  21. Happy Birthday to the best heavy metal guitar player in this world…!!!!

    God bless You Tony Iommi…!!!

  22. heylel shalem says

    I’m kinda sad to hear that bill ward wont be on the album or in the reunion tour. But im still really happy to see Sabbath back together in the studio. I’ve been waiting twenty years for sabbath to get back together with ozzy and record some new material. so yeah minor setback, but i mean look at led zeppelin they did a reunion tour with a new drummer too lol. I dont get all the whining about bill ward not being onboard. ITS NEW BLACK SABBATH! be grateful they finally settled their differences enough to pull this off :)

    • The big difference is that Bill Ward is still alive and kicking, while John Bonham is dead. Yes, they did perform with another drummer back in 2007, but Robert Plant always said that he is still missing John. I don’t see Zeppelin record another album with a new drummer.

      And with Sabbath… Well, Bill should have been on “13” and the upcoming tour. Perhaps he will be with the band some day, although I won’t see it happen. If Tony, Geezer and Ozz knew that Bill can’t do it anymore, then they should have told him and not saying that it’s all about the contract. Ozzy said in his biography that the money was always splitted 4 fours. How can there be a contract issue then? Ozzy sharply contradict himself with what he said in his biography and how he now thinks of Bill. Like Tony said before: it’s not happening at this point. And yes, a total shame for a band that once consisted of 4 friends.

  23. Robert Stanford Cam says

    I’M so sad about the fact that only me and another guy congratulated Tony for his birthday. It just proves that you respect only Ozzy and Sh…. and this is so sad. You should admire who never left the band….
    YOU SHOULD Have congratulated Tony…. and this is so sad….!!!

  24. ‘Look at ME, everyone! I congratulated Tony on his birthday and YOU didn’t! So there!. Aren’t I special and unique and Tony KNOWS I’m his biggest fan and he will be telling ALL his friends about ME because I’….HIS BIGGEST FAN..and….and…ME ME ME…I I I…’ – sheesh…self-aggrandizing, attention seeking, much?

    You said Happy Birthday.Good for you. We all feel absolutely worthless and inferior now that you have illustrated our shortcomings. I only hope in the next life I can be granted a comparable level of sycophant-ism that allows me to creep and bootlick like a true master….

    **Saying Happy birthday? – earns you credit.
    Stooging off of your well-wishing a mere one post later? Not so much. At all.

    • You know, your posts stick out like a sore thumb. All you do is dump all over the people you respond to. You seem to be the one who needs to go to a bar, meet someone, get hammered and whatever. Say something meaningful and relevant. It’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in for arguments sake but you just have a desire to crap all over everyone. Does that make you superior? A true Sabbath fan? Give it a rest because your user name is not indicative of what or who yo are.

  25. looking forward to new black sabbath album, been proud to say this 1970 to present date marvillous

  26. Joe Siegler says

    Enough. Stop turning my site into blabbermouth’s comments area. Discuss the subject. Stop discussing each other.