Black Sabbath release “In the Studio” video

On the same day that marks the 43rd anniversary of the release of the original Black Sabbath album, the band has released a new promotional video for the forthcoming “13” album.  It shows Tony, Geezer, & Ozzy in studio with Brad Wilk working on the new album.   Check it out below:

Some thoughts and remarks on the video:

  • I tried to find out when the interview segments were recorded, but the person I asked wasn’t sure – thought it was when they were still writing, but admitted to not being sure exactly.
  • I also was asked on Twitter who it was behind the board in the video.   After asking around, it’s Mike Exeter, who has worked with Tony on several other projects.  That being the Heaven & Hell “The Devil You Know” album, Tony’s own “Fused” and “96 DEP Sessions” albums, so that’s a GOOD thing.
  • It also shows what might be a couple other track names.  That brings the known list of track names to 5 with “God is Dead”, “Dear Father”, “End of the Beginning”, “Loner”, “Age of Reason” being known to at least be working titles, if not formal final track titles.  We’ll see soon enough.  I expect the press in advance of the release to start before too long.  This video is probably the first step in that.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the video.   Hell of a tease there when Brad does the drum intro, and then the video cuts out.  Anyone else go “DAMMIT” at that moment?  :)


  1. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Tony looks in a good shape and that’s a good thing on its own. I hope they will release other videos along the way, letting us hear something of the new tracks.

  2. Awesome… Just sad to see the that Iommi lost his great looking hair.

    I personally think he should put on either a top or bully hat to keep his old English classic mood with him for the gigs. It’s not like he headbangs during his playing anyways.

    I think Brad Wilk will do a fine job, especially after proving his chops with the bands he had played with. I dare say that he is in fact a very HEAVY drummer. He’s the kind of drummer who will keep it simple and lock the grooves in with the bassist and not show off his stick tricks or drum fills. I have faith in him for the next album. If the SABBs OK’d him, he’s GOT to be good enough. Although our great Bill Ward will always be missed on the stage.

    SABBATH forever !!!!

    • I’m sure Brad will do a great job, but it was all those “stick tricks” that Bill did back in the ’70s that helped make Sabbath interesting. He played more like a jazz drummer, with very ‘musical’ drum parts, rather than just plodding beats. I will miss that, assuming that Brad doesn’t do anything like that on “13”.

  3. yes it is sad to see Tony losing his hair, I love the song titles and just watching them recording so far. An I have faith in all 4 of them that this will be a kller Sabbath album not exactly soundlike 70’s albums cause thats impossible. Just a doomy,alum with dark, lyrics and dark sounding with a 70’s edge to it would pleas th hell out of me.

    • Just to let you know, the hair thing is not new. Tony played the three live gigs last year with a wig. I have some experience with the cancer treatments he’s going through. One of my family members went through the same thing so I’m not surprised he lost his hair really quickly.

      • I very familiar with cancer in my family as well my randfather who is deceased now had three cancers and survived all 3 of them he didn’t lose ay hair but he did have chemo and radiation treatments . He also had a pacemaker and a stent from hhis lung to his heart ad he survived thoses as well. isn;t that amazing. I didn’t kno tony was wearing a wig last year but i wondered wy his hair didn’t look the same as usual.

        • Tony’s hair did look a litlte different, a wig explains it.

          He is in his mid-60’s and a cancer survivor, can’t expect to keep that black mane of his forever. I’m 50 and i’ve embraced the baldness and shave my head. Tony with a shaved head, now that would be something! LOL

          I’m just glad The Riffmaster is back where he belongs!

          Can’t wait for the new record to come out!

  4. ‘Epic’ is another song title. It was mentioned in the recent article.

  5. Overwhelmed with emotions after watching this teaser of a video. I am going crazy with anticipation and June, or whenever the heck this thing is going to be released, absolutely cannot get here soon enough!!

  6. Great to see some action & Iommi as well, although it beats me as to why the sound clips from the past were used & nothing from the new material, That would have spiced the trailer up heaps! Not long to go now for us in Oz! Bring it on.

  7. I too, wish there was a snippet of new music. Oh well. Was odd seeing Tony w/ short hair & baseball cap. Personally, I wish he’d go back to a wig. That baseball cap has got to go!!! Also, I DO NOT like the song title, “God Is Dead”. The fact that Tony is ALIVE & DOING WELL proves that God ISN’T dead! I wish they would change that title.

    • They didn’t respect Bill and are not respecting God and all the prayers made by the fans. I love Black Sabbath and I am a Christian… If they think God is dead, they should stop wearing crossess….
      I hated the cover of the Devil you know and afterwards Dio died… I’ll keep on praying for Tony….

      • Sab Fan Aaron says

        Common realy do you think these guys wear crosses cause they worship God?I am a Christain I wont even listen to the last album with dio the devil you know.I lived that life and i dont want to go back to it.I like Sabbath always been one of my favorite bands.Will I listen to the New albums yes I just wont read anything into it if there is demonic lyrics.

      • If you read an article from rolling stone

        ,they did an interview with the boys and Ozzy describes the songs as such “And even a new Sabbath song like the provocatively titled “God Is Dead” takes an unexpected turn. “It starts off, ‘God is dead,'” Osbourne says, before adding a bit wistfully, “but at the end it says, ‘I don’t believe that God is dead.'”

        • Hello Eric,
          If that’s true…. it would be a fantastic song with wonderful lyrics. You Know, always questions about God and things related to Heaven and Hell. Just coming back to the Lyrics of After forever and many other very interesting songs. Another song, whose lyrics were written by Bob Daisley was the Eternal idol. In tthe beginning they ask whether God really exists and even the name of Jesus is mentioned, but in the last verses they ask for God ‘s Help…. this is what Black Sabbath was always about…. and this is the reason which made me look up to them….
          God Bless Black Sabbath and Heal our dear Tony….!!!!

      • Wow, if you are that much of a conservative Christian, then why even listen to rock music at all? You sound just like the preachers complaining about Sabbath back in the 70’s… It’s a picture, and it’s a song title… do you know what the lyrics are? Simply saying “God is Dead” doesn’t tell you what the song is about… rather, you are reading into it from your viewpoint. I’d suggest that if you are a fan, that you at least give the guys the benefit of the doubt until you know what the songs says… and the artwork is simply imagery… I’ve never had the feeling Sabbath was anything other than a band that likes to explore in the area of God, never directly disrespectful!

        • Hello Sean,
          I am not such a conservative Christian. I’m not a fan, I just love Black Sabbath….
          I am not even sure about God’s existence even though I really admire Christ, I don’t go to any Church and hate preachers….. I only meant that they Should respect the feelings and the faith of all the fans who prayed for Ron and have been praying for Tony’s healing…. When it comes to Bill’s not participating in the new album, I have no words to show my grief and anger….!!!
          ….and remember, there are many heavy metal musicians who are Christians, take Alice Cooper as an example….

    • Jeff Downing says

      Tony is undergoing treatment for lymphoma, no doubt thinning or making his hair very problematic at best, is hard at work on a new album, and you say his hat has go to go? That’s about the most petty and ridiculous thing I’ve read in some time. And you haven’t even heard God Is Dead , but you don’t like the title… And we should care because?….

    • The fact that Tony is alive proves nothing.

  8. Robert Stanford Cam says

    I listened to the video many times. Ozzy starts, speaks much more than the others. Hence, it just keeps on being Ozzy’s band. So sad, without Bill, without respect. Another very important point, when Sabbath started playing they talked about the devil but it was not Devil worshiping. So, please…. intelligent lyrics Mr. Butler….

    • I’m sure “God is Dead” will follow in the same vain as “After Forever” whereas the song ponders the thought of God being dead, only to conclude at the end that God is not Dead, and still very much alive.

  9. Dehumanizer says

    I have no doubts that Geezer will come up with some great lyrics. He has always been an intelligent and reflected lyricist. The trailer watered my mouth a lot although it had no new music included. That would’ve been very nice to hear. Sad they used old stuff. Hope they’ll release at least a 30 seconds snippet like they did with “The Devil cried” and “Bible Black”. The journalists that got to hear “End of the Beginning”, “God is dead” and “Epic” have been quite enthusiastic about them. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new material. Why can’t it be realeased tomorrow??

  10. The video gave me chills, I do wish however there would have been at least a sample sound from the new album. Tease us a little bit. I wonder if Bill is kicking himself in the pants now for not being a part of the new album.

  11. Chad Hallman says

    The promo video was exellent. Glad to hear everything is going good with all & Tony seems to be in a good recovery. I am waiting for some sound clips or something to surface soon. Anxious to hear them!

  12. What to expect? Well, I guess we will get something like “Who’s fooling Who(m)”, the song on “Iommi” featuring, Ozzy and Bill besides Tony, which was released back in 2000.
    I for myself won’t charge their output by comparing it with the eight original albums. I’ll be absolutely satisfied with a quality which fits to the level set by “Psycho Man”, “Who’s Fooling Who” or , up to a certain degree, “Scary Dreams”.
    I’m also very curious about the lyrics presumably written by Mr. G.B.

  13. Hopefully Geezer gets his 2 cents in and gives it some real heaviness. Brad will do a nice job on the kit. A 28 year old Bill Ward would have been nice. One can dream. Hopefully a good tour through the states this summer-fall.

  14. Brad Wilk, Bill Ward ,,, at least they kept the initials the same! :)

  15. Am I the only one who sees the uncanny similarity between the names BRAD WILK and BILL WARD? By moving the last 3 letters from the first name to the last name, and the last 3 letters from the last name to the first name, we can almost have BILL WARD instead od BRAD WILK…

  16. Happy Birthday Tony. Wishing you a great one and many more !

    • Robert Stanford Cam says

      Hello Mike,
      You congratulated Tony for his birhday. Probably because you know a lot about the band….
      IT’ so sad to feel that most of people think that Sabbath is Ozzy…. I don’t have anything against Ozzy, much on the contrary. However, I’d like people to respect the most important member of the band… Tony Iommi….
      I’d like to congratulate Mike for having congratulated Tony. As far the ones who didn’t, it just show your lack of knowledge about Black Sabbath, its members and history….
      Joe, please I’d really like to have this posted, this is very important to me and to all the real fans of Black Sabbath… Please don’t disappoint me….

      Peace and love….!!!!!

      Sabbath is Iommi and Iommi is Sabbath….!!!!

  17. Didn’t say DAMMIT, but yelled “YOU BASTARDS!” very loudly.

  18. Happy birthday dear Tony Iommi….!!!

    God Bless you and your music forever….!!!


  19. Sabbath Fan Aaron says

    It must be true tha Iommi is Black sabbath case the 7th Star release was called Black Sabbath featuring Toni Iommi.I think alot of you dont get it! It takes more than one person who contributes to be a band.Iommi is and has always been one of the best guitar players ever but not a band.

  20. HUNGERoftheUNDEAD says

    As much as I love, and have always loved the original SABBATH, I always say “With OZZY OSBOURNE, Tony Iommi created heavy metal, but with RONNIE JAMES DIO he perfected it” Can I say that here? LOL
    Im so happy Tony is doing well. As a blood cancer survivor myself, I know the horrible battle all too well CHEERS to him on his recovery! He looks great, long hair or not. He is TRULY a legend!
    Rick “Reign in Blood” Rubin at the helm is a nice addition.
    …Im very interested in hearing this record and seeing the band live again, but I am also torn about continuing to support them due to $haron screwing Bill Ward over….which was not cool at all, but then again she has always been a nasty snake, so I’m not too surprised….just feel bad for Bill…he should be a part of this for sure.
    Curious as to why Mr. VINNIE APPICE is not behind the kit in his place however?
    Long Live BLACK SABBATH !!!!!!

    • Sab Fan Aaron says

      Vinny Appice is in a new band now called Kill Devil Hill and hes also working with the rest of Dios lineup from 1st 3 albums including guituarist Vivian campbell ,Jimmy Bain and Claud Scnell.

      • But if they called him and Geoff to participate in the tour they would accept for sure. However, they prefer to work with musicians who have already played with Ozzy. It’s a shame…!!!

  21. Pleeease not Rick Rubin.


  22. Burntbrains says

    Ive been there with you from the start. I have grown up on Sabbath. I was crushed when it all ended.
    I saw ozzy in San Antonio in June of 1981 blizzard of ozz. Where I got His and Randy Rhoads (RIP) autographs. I was standing un-knowingly next to their bus after the show when someone hit me on my back and ask, “did you like the show?” I turned around to see Ozzy standing just me & him beside the bus. Then the rest came out one by one and got on the bus. Ozz & Randy both signed my ticket.
    That was My number one of all time rock fan experiances.
    Dio (RIP) did some good stuff, but it still just wasnt the same. Please, please guys get bill back too!!!

    I love you all!


    • The big difference between Dio and Ozzy is that Dio didn’t need other people to compose their songs….
      and write their lyrics and,and, and….
      Give me a break, saying that Dio only did some goog stuff is very offensive. I’m just fed up of listening to people saying Ozzy did that , Ozzy did this and whatever. Everybody knows that Dio was much better than Ozzy….
      For me, Sabbath will always be Iommi regardless of all the others might fhink. After all, Ozzy had problems with drugs and left, Bill had problems with drugs and left. Geezer wanted to leave and left. Nevertheless, Mr. Iommi has cancer and didn’t leave the band…. because…

      Sabbath is iommi and Iommi is Sabbath…

  23. Forgotmyname says

    I understand the “Loudness war” worries and I personally consider Rick Rubin a somewhat overrated producer. I mean, he was great back in the day, but he messed up the sound of “Death Magnetic”, for example. Apart from the overcompressed loudness frenzy, the production sounds thin ( I’m aware of the fact that Rubin goes more for a basic, reduced approach – however, Death Magneitc’s sound is just plain LAME).

    I hope Rick Rubin doesn’t mess up the production of the new Sabbath record. There are so much better producers around like Bob Rock and Michael Wagener, for example. At least they now how to make a record sounding great.

    Apart from that, I’m looking forward to the new Sabbath record. It’s definitely high time they put out new stuff!. Unfortunately there ain’t even the tiniest inchy-winchy little bit of new music to be heard in this vid….

  24. Sab Fan Aaron says

    I found this info about the new album.
    BLACK SABBATH To Begin Mixing New Album In February – Jan. 31, 2013

    Eddie Trunk — co-host of the VH1 Classic television program “That Metal Show” who has a long-running radio show, “Friday Night Rocks”, on New York’s Q104.3 FM — conducted an interview with BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler for Hartke at this year’s NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show, a massive music-products convention that took place January 24-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. You can now watch the chat below. A few excerpts from the chat follow.

    On the new BLACK SABBATH album:

    Geezer: “We’ve finished recording it. Tony’s [Iommi, guitar] back in England putting down a couple of solos. Then we start mixing it in February and it will be out in June.

    “The provisional title is ’13’ — unless we can come up with something more constructive.”

    On Tony Iommi’s health after he was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago:

    Geezer: “He’s doing well; he’s really responding well. He has to go and have his medication every six weeks. But yeah, he’s really coming along well; he’s really doing well.”

    On BLACK SABBATH’s touring plans:

    Geezer: “We start at the end of April in New Zealand, then we go to Australia, then Japan. June, we’ll be promoting the album, then July and August [is] USA. Then October is South America and Europe in November and December.”

    On how it feels to be back working with Ozzy Osbourne again:

    Geezer: “It’s great. We just have a lot of laughs and lot of fun.”

    On whether he has contributed lyrics to the new BLACK SABBATH album, like he has in the past:

    Geezer: “Yeah, I’ve written most of the lyrics. Ozzy comes up with the titles and then gives me an inspiration to write the lyrics. I think we’ve got 16 songs and I’ve written 14 sets of lyrics.”

    On whether Brad Wilk (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE), who plays on the new BLACK SABBATH album, or Tommy Clufetos (OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE), who played shows with the band last year, will sit behind the kit when BLACK SABBATH hits the road:

    Geezer: “We’re not sure yet; we don’t know. ‘Cause I think Brad’s got commitments with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. So it’ll probably be either Tommy or Brad, depending on their commitments.”

    On his plans to release another solo album:

    Geezer: “When I finish this cycle for the SABBATH touring and album and everything else, we’ll start work on the next GZR album. There’s a lot of material written. It’s just getting the time to record it. It’ll probably be sometime next year.”

  25. 13 is the name ol a megadeth album what gives

  26. SthlmCitySbth says

    Really hope all this really happens without delays or f**k-up´s this time.
    Last years “Ozzy & Friends” tour was ok but not the real deal, you know..
    Would love to see Brad on the drums when, and if, a tour really happens.
    Cheers // Sthlm

  27. JT Inferno says

    How could they not have Vinny Appice drum live or do this record with them? Seems like a slap in the face.

    • I’m so sorry…. because i think I am becoming repetitive. The point is that they just want musicians who have played with Ozzy before and therefore diminish all the efforts made by Iommi to keep the Sabbath name going on for such a long time. It’s a shame…
      Vinny and Geoff or even Rick Wakeman should be invited to do the tour. That would make it more Sabbath and glamorours….


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