Black Sabbath to appear on CSI

Geezer Butler posted this on Twitter & Facebook a short while ago..

I’ve seen almost every episode of CSI, so it’s cool to say I’m actually in the season finale! Black Sabbath will be playing a track from the new album; watch out for it!

That’s pretty cool, and envokes the kind of promotion that Sabbath has used in the past with movies (Mob Rules in Heavy Metal, and Time Machine in Wayne’s World).    The only thing I know beyond that is that they’re “in it”, it’s not just the song being played.   I have asked a few questions of management, if I get any answers, I’ll update with more info.  The questions I’ve inquired about are “Is the song live or is it mimed”, and “Brad or Tommy – or someone else”.

UPDATE: This episode will air May 15, 2013 in the USA.





  1. Derf Inoccuz says

    Lame, how could it be possible that Black Sabbath has sold out?
    This must be the after effect of Ozzy’s TV show and him becoming
    a self parody. I’ll bet Bill Ward is glad he dodged this one.

  2. Scotty of Como Park says

    Cool…a fan of both franchises, w/original frontmen of course!

  3. Fabio Guadagnuolo says

    I have nothing against CSI and nothing against promoting one’s own work. But really, Black Sabbath promoting themselves through a TV serial is yet another hit, after losing Bill Ward in circumstances which I still have not fully understood. I love this band, but hey, I have the impression that they are testing how much fans can take… :-(

  4. Maybe they just like the show? You know, like we watch shows and maybe would love a cameo in our favourites? (who wouldn’t want to be smugly shot by Mal Reynolds in Firefly?, Or get killed on the alien planet in Star Trek, wearing a red uniform, Shatner..kneeling beside you….discussing how we’re…only human..after..all)).

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