“13” Details Released [UPDATED x5]

This post was originally made in mid March, 2013.  It’s been updated a few times since then, and is intended to be details on what all the different version of “13” are.   If you have concrete proof of something I do not, please email me about it, and include a link whenever possible. Also, if you happen to have decent artwork of the “exclusive” versions (like Best Buy, European retailers), let me know that, too.  Tkx.

[ UPDATE Mar 16 ] The album can now be pre-ordered through Amazon.com.  Check the ordering links below.

[ UPDATE Mar 23 ] Found out officially that the “Super Deluxe” box is only orderable through the band directly at blacksabbath.com.

[ UPDATE Apr 30 ] Found out there’s a Best Buy Exclusive with a track available nowhere else.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

[ UPDATE May 23 ] Updated various bits of text to be more in line with current info as I understand it.

[ UPDATE Jun 3 ] Amazon’s MP3 store finally has the thing listed!

[ UPDATE Jun 12 ] Spotify.

Release Date

  • The release date for “13” will be Friday June 7, 2013 in Australia/New Zealand.
  • The release date for “13” will be Tuesday, June 11, 2013 in the US & Canada.
  • The release date for “13” everywhere else will be Monday, June 10, 2013.

I do not have info on whether or not orders from specific retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, the band’s website) will arrive at your door on release date, or whether it will SHIP that date.   You need to check with the people you are ordering from regarding that issue.

Physical Media Formats

13 is going to be released on various physical media packages.    They are:

  • Standard CD – Your traditional single CD release.  Whether this will be a jewel case, a paper sleeve, or what is unknown, but this will be your regular CD release.  Contains 8 studio tracks – the same 8 that were played at the listening party.
  • Deluxe 2CD Set – Contains the Standard CD, plus a second CD with “exclusive bonus audio content”.  What exactly that content comprises is as of yet unknown – at least fully.  It is known that there will be three additional studio tracks on the disc.  If there’s anything else besides that – I have no idea.  It is supposed to come in a “deluxe soft pack”.  So no hard jewel case there.
  • Vinyl – That seems pretty straightforward.  In heavyweight (180g) vinyl.  The content is the same as the basic CD version, the eight track edition.
  • Super Deluxe Box Set – Well, I’ll just copy the text from the official site on this one..  “A Limited edition 12” clamshell box set which contains: Deluxe double CD album, 12” heavyweight (180g) vinyl album in a gatefold sleeve, Exclusive DVD containing “Black Sabbath–The Re-union” documentary, plus 5 behind-the-scenes videos, Download card containing exclusive track by track interview with Black Sabbath, 13 exclusive photographic prints and hand written album lyrics.”   Band management tells me that this version will ONLY be available via direct sale through the band’s website.  If you go there, you’ll get forwarded through to the relevant regional label website who will actually take and place your order.  I hope the documentary on the DVD here is a full length one, and not some 15-20 minute quick thing.
  • Best Buy Exclusive – This is the same as the Deluxe 2CD set listed above, but has an “exclusive” track.  That track is listed as “Naïveté in Black”.   Stupid exclusives.  That version is here.   I’ve also been told that some European retailers are selling this version, too as their “Deluxe 2CD Set”.  We’ll find out for sure shortly.

Other Physical Media

The physical media options I list above are all confirmed and are happening.  These two however, I can’t confirm what’s going on with, so I’m including them as background info – for now.  I will try and find out what’s going on here.

  • THREE DISC CD – What the fuck?  As I was prepping the May 23rd update to this page, I discovered a 3 disc version being sold by HMV.  What’s on that third disc, I have no idea.  If I had to *GUESS*, it’s the deluxe edition above, and maybe a third DVD disc, but what’s on that – who knows?  The DVD from the Super Deluxe Box, maybe?  No idea at this point.
  • Japanese CD – Now I’ve suspected that the Japanese deluxe CD will have an exclusive track or two on it.  That kind of thing has been done for many years by many bands (Ozzy & Tony Iommi too).  Now there is a Japanese domestic release of the CD, 2CD Deluxe, & Vinyl editions.  However, as of the last update of this page (May 23rd), I can’t get confirmation that this a version with extra tracks exclusive to the Japanese market is happening.  If anyone has concrete proof one way or the other.

Digital Purchases


The album is available for pre-order on iTunes.  If you do that, you can order both the standard (why would you do that) and the Deluxe version.   Pre-ordering either will get you an immediate download of “God is Dead?” from iTunes.  Both versions will come with a digital booklet, basically a pdf version of the physical CD insert, more or less.  Obviously we won’t know until release EXACTLY what’s in there, but every other CD I’ve bought from iTunes has that.

Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk

Amazon (I’m just going to refer to both sites as Amazon) is oddly enough not making the album available for pre-order through their MP3 store.   This matches the “God is Dead?” single, which was available for pre-order through iTunes a few days ahead of time, but on Amazon’s store, you couldn’t buy it until day of.    They are however, selling the standard CD, the 2CD Deluxe, the vinyl – those are available for pre-order, and those links are below.  My guess is they won’t have it until the day of release.  But I have no facts on that.

A word about Amazon ordering.  When you pre-order with them, the price can fluctuate wildly before it ships.  This is based on their systems guessing what other stores are selling items for.  They do have what’s called a “pre-order price guarantee”.  If you pre-order now, when the price drops between now and when it ships (which it always does), you get charged the lower price.   So what price you see there now, will not be the price it is when ships.   I have personally been ordering from Amazon since the Spring of 1997, and am well versed in their pricing games like that.  The “sweet spot” for prices with Amazon doesn’t usually come until the last 5 days before release or so.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

blacksabbath.com Website Pricing

The official website has prices available for what “13” will cost if you pre-order it with them.   Other outlets tend to have slightly lesser prices once they become available, but for now, here is what the official site is selling the various packages for (and for what location).

NOTE: The Super Deluxe Box set will ONLY be available here.  You won’t get it anywhere else I’m told.


  • CD: $12.98
  • Deluxe 2CD: $14.98
  • Vinyl: $19.98
  • Box Set: $74.98


  • CD: $12.99
  • Deluxe 2CD: $17.99
  • Vinyl: $20.99
  • Box Set: $99.99

Everywhere Else:

  • CD: £9.99
  • Deluxe 2CD: £13.99
  • Vinyl: £15.99
  • Box Set: £49.99

Track Listings

Here’s a breakdown of what track names are on what versions..

Basic Version

First off, the base eight tracks that are out there have been known for a little bit.   Those tracks are:

  1. End of The Beginning (8:07)
  2. God is Dead? (8:54)
  3. Loner (5:06)
  4. Zeitgeist (4:28)
  5. Age of Reason (7:02)
  6. Live Forever (4:49)
  7. Damaged Soul (7:43)
  8. Dear Father (7:06)

That is what is on the basic (meaning single disc) CD version.   It is also the track listing for the vinyl edition, too.  Those two versions will have just eight tracks.   Now here’s where the fun begins..

Additional Tracks

The two CD “Deluxe” version will have three additional studio tracks on it.  They are:

  1. Methademic
  2. Peace of Mind
  3. Pariah

That two disc version of the CD will also be included in the larger “Super Deluxe” Box set.   So both of those will have the “11 track” version of the album.  If there’s anything else on the second disc of the Deluxe package, I’m not sure at this time.  I just know for sure the second disc will have three additional studio tracks not on the “basic/standard” CD.    So what was heard at the listening party the other night in Los Angeles was the standard CD version.

Best Buy

There will be a BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE 2CD version, which will match the 2CD, 11 track version.  However, there’s an “exclusive track” to the Best Buy version.  That track is:

  1. Naïveté in Black


The music streaming service Spotify also has the album available to listen to for free.  Their version has a live exclusive track that I believe is not on any other physical media format.  They have the first 11 listed above, and then have…

  1. Dirty Women (Live).

The live track was taken from one of the Australian gigs earlier in 2013.

Beyond Track 12

Now it gets even more interesting.  In various interviews, I’ve seen a couple of other track names mentioned, but they’re not any of the 12 listed above.  They are “Epic” & “Cry All Night”.  Now, in the same interviews, I’ve seen it referenced that the band has recorded 16 songs in total for this project.   11 of them are accounted for above.  Assuming Epic & Cry All Night aren’t just songs that were retitled into one of the 12 above, that makes for 13 known track names.  What about the other two?  Who knows.   As it was once told to me by someone on the inside, “that is all up to the record label, anyway”.

So that’s Epic, Cry all Night, and two under untitled songs that are unaccounted for.

So, which version are you getting?  :)


  1. Finallyyyyy! :D

  2. You’re back at last…awesome!!!…congrats and rock on!

  3. I hope it remains “13”… that is how old I was when the last Ozzy fronted Sabbath album came out… I’ve assumed it was done purposely for me! Can’t wait!!!!

  4. I love the old stuff. It ruled my life and it shapes me and made me to the guy I am. But it’s highest time to bring something new on the table. And hope is high that this is exactly what’s happening. Pay attention to what can be heard of the new stuff. It sounded quite interessting. Good Lord, I just can’t wait to crap it.
    We will sit together in a group of three fortysomething-guys, all old Sabbath followers, and listen to it. We are going to discuss every piece of music on “13” over and over again! This is something nobody would have excpected a year ago. I’m so glad…

  5. overmatik says

    I really want to burn my tongue on this one but Rick Rubin is a former producer in activity. He has no business telling Sabbath what to do in a studio. Why Bob Marlette isn’t producing this album is a mystery to me…

    • Aw, come on! It is just a way of saying that he is a great guy throwing ideas at because he’ll tell you exactly what he thinks – and I think every musician, no matter how experienced, will need that from time to time. Also Mr. Butler, Mr. Iommi, Mr. Osbourne and Mr. Wilk. It’s just a way of collaborating …

    • Sab Fan Aaron says

      Exactly why cant they write and play what they want.Make a sabbath sounding album like they want instead of somebody teling them do this play this I didnt like how this sounded do it over and do this instead.

  6. The only way the band is going to truly have that same primitive sound as the early 70’s is if Rick Rubin tells Iommi to play right handed and Butler to play left-handed. Send them immediately out for 6 45-min sets a night, and then give them a day or two (if generous) to record the album. No Pro Tools, a couple of effects, and thats it. Now that would be going back to basics and definitely get back the raw Sabbath theyre after.

    My tempered expectations are more towards if its as good as The Devil You Know, then I’m good. Heck, even Technical Ecstasy Part 2 is good by me. New Sabbath is exciting no matter the outcome. Being a fan(atic) means I get to deny if its bad and enjoy it for what it is, new Sabbath!

    Nobody can blame not having Bill as a reason for it not living up to the standards of Paranoid. All 4 guys were around (at least physically, ha) for Never Say Die and Technical Ecstasy, so its been proved that not everything they do will be as good as their best stuff. You can only reasonably listen to the last riffs Iommi & Butler did together (The Devil You Know) as a gauge for how the new stuff is going to sound. At least thats how I’m looking at it. Exciting stuff! Cant wait!

  7. fishtowner says

    Just pre-ordered the deluxe cd version. Can’t wait!

  8. Billzebub says

    FWIW, Amazon recently changed policies regarding digital content, and for the better! Now if you buy a CD from them, the same tracks on the CD you bought are automatically placed in an MP3 Cloud Account that belongs to you. So not only do you have backup (in case your dog plays frisbee with your CD), but you have downloadable digital content as a bonus freebie.

    Not sure whether going digital-only gets you some exclusive tracks, though. As Joe said, it’s all wait and see…

    • Uh, just to let you know, that policy (which they call “Autorip”) you refer to is NOT global. It’s not for every CD they offer. Only some of them. No idea whether this one will qualify or not. Too early to tell.

      • Good to know that. I just happened to buy a CD from them lately, and suddenly they threw this account at me, loaded up with the CD’s contents. I didn’t read the fine print…

  9. kevin o h says

    from the little bits of music i did hear i do like the sound of them one sounded very early sabbath and the other sound like heaven and hell stuff should this is going to be very interesting. There is talk of experimentation which is what sabbath is all about so this is looking good.

  10. Angry_Heart says

    Thanks for the tip on Amazon. I was going to pre order until I got to the checkout and found out postage to Australia is an additional 48 pounds. I’ll hold off for now, although it means missing out on the pre order competition of a trip to London for a release party.

  11. Can”t wait

  12. Sab Fan Aaron says

    Finaly some news on this site about the new album.The snipet of new music is such a small tease.Why does it take so long to mix an album?From what i have read all the tracks have been laid down for the new album.Wait wait and wait some more I guess.

  13. Just pre-ordered mine!!!! can’t wait for it!!, pitty i will have to wait for the shipment from U.K to Chile :S

  14. Uh…Rick Rubin is a “former producer”…how exactly is that? And you are comparing him to Bob Marlette or suggesting he be the one to make this album…are you kidding? You must be joking? Rick Rubin is only the best producer out there for this type of situation. He’s out to make a real Sabbath album….I’m sorry, what masterpiece has Bob Marlette produced? Tracy Chapman…Wilson Philips…a couple of Alice Cooper’s most generic albums…oh and the last couple Iommi albums which nobody talks about, and the reunion CD which took some riffs from Toni and some lyrics from Ozzy, along with Bill, Geezer and a drum machine and made the two newest Sabbath songs…get real man…

    • Sab Fan Aaron says

      Iommi,Geezer,and Ozzy have been around long enough they should be producing this new album Heck with rick rubin

    • overmatik says

      Rick was once one of the best producers in town, but that was when he was hungry. And you are right, he has a lot of great albums on his resume, like the first two Danzig ones, Chili Peppers BSSM and Cash`s American Recordings. But that was all in the 80s and 90s…
      The thing with Bob is that he knows how to take the best from an artist, and if you think that albums like Brutal Planet and DLR Band are generic then I hope 13 is a very generic album :-) The only thing Sabbath needs in a studio is an engineer.

      • SabbathFanAaron says

        Exactly thats what i meant on my other post.If Motorhead and other groups can produce their own albums then why cant the members of Sabbath do the same.The only draw back I see by them not having a producer is it would take longer to make the new album.

  15. mikesline says

    trip how they brought out the old instruments they probably used on first album

  16. There are Euro prices as well, but they show only if you choose a Euro country for shipping:

    Standard CD Album: 13.99 Euro
    Deluxe 2CD Album: 15.99 Euro
    Vinyl: 19.99 Euro
    Super Deluxe Box Set: 54.99 Euro

    Just ordered the Super Deluxe Box Set, woooohoooooooo!!

    • Simon: How did you order Super Del Box Set, seems it is not available when I try and order… but I am shipping to states

      • Chad Hallman says

        I think you can pre order what you’re looking for through the band’s official site: http://www.blacksabbath.com . make sure you do not add the hypen between black & sabbath. leave it out or you will be taken here to Joe’s page. hope this helped.?

  17. Chad Hallman says

    Rage Against the Machine capm says they have no plans to do a tour or album, so I hope that Brad Wilk is able to do the tour with Black Sabbath! No disrespect to Mr. Bill Ward at all. But Brad seems to have the style & etc to foot the bill for the tour. I sure as hell hope it won’t be Tommy Clufetos because this guys sucks! He has the same drum beat practically for every song! Listen to Rob Zombie & Listen to Ozzy’s solo stuff and watch him on video. Same drum beat and everything for virtually every song. If not Brad, then Mike Bordin. Mike I know has what it takes. Style & Endurance and everything. Seen him do it numerous times. In all honesty though, BRING BACK BILL WARD WHERE HE BELONGS BEHIND THE KIT! Split the money equally 4 ways and be done with it.

    • agreed

    • robert stanford Cam says

      Vinny Appice and Bobby Rondinelli have already played with Sabbath and are much better drummers….
      But Bill should be the drummer…!!!


      • SabbathFanAaron says

        Bobby Rondinelli should have been the drummer,He mixes up the skins of the drums with ciymbals as well making a very unique drum sound to compliment the geezer and Iommi guitars.Vinny is busy working with other projects and has no time to be with Sabbath.Besides I dont believe him and Ozzy get along.

  18. Jay Ackerman says

    I presumed it would be released on the 13th June, 2013 given the title… Although it is a little odd seeing as 13 has no relevance other than being considered unlucky and Sabbath are associated with doom.

    It’s the thirteenth studio album if you include the four albums Dio sang on – I’m sure this isn’t the reason why its called 13 but it would be a nice nod to the Dio-era… but of course ignores the other singers.

    • Black Sabbath through Never Say Die: 8 albums
      Past Lives (includes Live at Last): one double album
      Reunion: one double album

      equals 12 albums

      I think “13” is meant to subtly ignore all non-Ozzy Sabbath, while also echoing the year 2013, and the doominess of the unlucky number (as Jay notes).

    • I think they’re calling it “13”, not only for what the number symbolizes, but also that it’s being released in the year ’13.

      I myself hope that it’s only a working title and they come out with something more creative. “Vol. 4” remains my least favorite album title, but I realize the band went with that more or less out of spite since the labels wouldn’t let them call it “Snowblind”.

  19. Craig Keeton says

    I want to be excited – I really do. In the past (a die-hard fan since 1973), I’d be hanging on every word for new music, no matter what version of Sabbath put it out. But this whole contract business with Bill Ward has really soured me on the whole thing. I’m glad Tony is well enough to put out new music. I could care less if Ozzy and company are a part of it. I’ll buy the record. But its not really a reunion. And its all just a bit sad.

  20. Can’t wait…. I’M FUCKING CRAZY!! Black sabbath i hope see you son!

    I can’t believe it, i’ll waiting…

    Rock On!

  21. Going with full box-set is the way to go here ,especially if it is in good shape a decade from now and my wife’s birthday is June 11th 1962 to June 11th 2013 ,so from 1970 to 2013 looking forward to the new Black Sabbath album should be as exciting as any other release

  22. Scotty of Como Park says

    Hope they come to Minnesota…been way too long. We are so pumped for the new music, hope it continues After Forever-God Bless.

  23. Chad Hallman says


    • How about the Black Sabbath website? I pre-ordered from EU on their site, worked fine :-)


      • What about it? The Official site is the same thing as the Universal Store. Look where the links go.

        • Sorry, maybe I misunderstood.
          I was just trying to say that the Deluxe Boxset could be pre-ordered from the official Sab site, which worked fine through the ‘the rest of the world’-link.
          But since I don’t live in the U.S, I don’t know if the ‘U.S’-link works or leads to Amazon or where that link goes.
          All I’m saying is, apparently the Deluxe Boxset is only available through the official Sab site( /Universal?) and the pre-order link works fine for EU.

          Thanks for a great site, Joe

  24. I’m excited to hear comments like, Raw Sabbath. Rick is correct, need something new wearing out old albums.. thank God have them on digital, still giving Original Sabbath Albums a lot of wear.
    I have not been as excited about any new Album since 1978 and what a big disappointment, Never Say Die should be called Never Should Been Done.. my opinion.

    Joe or anyone, what are the chances them touring States, specifically NY are, last time they toured saw them in NJ, NY and PA…. any information at all will be appreciated.
    Saw them many times in High School also.. not a great live band, but being die hard Original Sabbath fan, do not want to miss this possible last opportunity…. Speaking about them live, I wish they would do more stuff like Wicked World on Past Lives CD… if a fan, you should get this, quality / sound not great, but brings back memories, worth getting just to hear Tony play during Wicked World

  25. Paul Zachensky says

    The upcoming album 13 represents Black Sabbath in the present
    ( 1 missing – 3 remain )

  26. Thanks for all the info Joe – I’ve orederd direct from Universal – now only the months of waiting (listening to Sabbath of course, maybe watching that new Dio DVD!)

  27. I meant “ordered”

  28. michael perosi says

    Cant wait for the new one. Was Soooooo disappointed in “The Devil You Know”. A very un-even, uninspiring outing for sabbath. Personally, I think Dehumanizer was the heaviest post-Ozzy Sabbath ever. Hopefully this new one has the energy and bite of that one. but still, having been a sabbath fan my whole life (im 53) I am just happy to have ANY new sabbath.

    • I’m sorry,
      But any album with Dio as a vocalist is much better than any with Ozzy. Dio ismucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh better than Ozzy….!!!!

    • to bad to hear that ,my wife simply adores the devil you know ,especially the guitar in eating the cannibals ,the disc has been played 2 weeks strong in our car while driving, the only draw back we found was the absence of the black sabbath name for heaven and hell ,she simply adores the singing of Dio [R.I.P] don’t mean to get off topic looking forward to 13 by Black Sabbath

  29. Deep Purple and Black Sabbath new albums……The Goods are coming, young “rock” bands starting learning from DP and BS….

  30. Looking forward to hearing New Black Sabbath!

  31. I just pre ordered the deluxe CD and the vinyl versions on amazon.

  32. If I were Iommi, I would have asked for nobody else than Roger Bain as a producer. He disapeared from the scene in the seventies. More than one time I heart that he hadn’t had a decent share of the cash the three first records made. Tom Allom should acompany his former colleque as an engineer. That would have been a real step back to the roots. Nevertheless, Rubin is a great guy; the variety of recordings, from Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” to Adelle’s “21” speaks for itself.

  33. Sister Christian says

    Momma Im coming home

    • i think Black sabbath (with ozzy, back ) should remember their roots, remember who liked them first,
      i think they should play the “Sol Fest “cumbria (near Aspatria) aug long w/e 2013

  34. Uh, I already pre-ordered the super deluxe set from universal music and payed for it.
    What’s going on here?

  35. Paul Zachensky says:
    March 20, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    The upcoming album 13 represents Black Sabbath in the present
    ( 1 missing – 3 remain )

    this is very good!

  36. Im always amassed how the band got a descending chord pattern on all the every early album. I think think they went over the Creams White room Tales of Brave Ulysses on end Sabbath should throw in some blues mix up with the rock tunes.
    if your worth millions have fun with your release who care if some fans dont like it
    wish they would play one my songs
    joevacation myspace



  38. If it’s as good as The Devil You Know. It’ll be worth the wait…


  40. Not loving how everyone on here is ripping on Rick Ruben for producing this album. He is a legendary producer, and for all of you bitching about The Sabs having a producer come in and “Tell them how to do everything” let me pointt you towards Metallica’s last album, “Death Magnetic”. It was the best album they’ve put out since 1988, and it was produced by Rubin. Do you know what his big production strategy was? He told the members of Metallica to try and recapture their feelings and mindsets from back in the day, and then left them to their own devices, only showing up every coupla weeks to check on their progress. All of the sucky Metallica albums sucked so much, because their previous producer (Bob Rock), basically held their hands through the whole process and eventually even started writing songs for them. Rick Rubin realized that that was the whole problem with their previous albums, and basically left them alone. So why don’t you wait to hear the music before you start sayin, “Oh man, why’d they get Rick Rubin to produce the album? he’s gonna ruin it….Waaah!!” They got Rick Rubin to produce the album because Rick Rubin is a kick-ass record producer, and probably higher caliber than anybody who has produced for Sabbath in the past. Thank you

  41. That Guy says

    No Bill Ward? No Black Sabbath! (that is a period at the end of that sentence)

  42. God what a funky guitar on that preview release on you tube Whitch kiler your worth millions come up that rhythm guitar sound O god listen to humble pie 30 days in the hole Really or Robin Trower or Free, fire and Water I think Want you want is a Orange Amp turned loud and no box that would be the sound

  43. StarWanderer says

    So the Super Deluxe Edition is in sale only via their official site? Because a Finnish retailer’s (Recordshop X) answer to my inquiery about the set was that they should have it up for sale at some point.

    It was right after the they announced the releases though, so they might have had some wrong information at that point.

  44. I like the bits and pieces I’ve heard so far from this!I can’t wait to grab this cd when it comes out!long live Black Sabbath!!



  46. BRAD WILK —> BILL WARD. Same letters, same initials. Is it just coincidence or they have made it up??

  47. hope Ottawa Ontario Canada Scotiabank Centre is on the Tour 2013

  48. I hope the superdeluxe version will have Naïveté in Black, or it will be on a single…

  49. Huh… How’s the Japan Exclusive Edition???

    • Yutaka, the Japanese release has the best buy bonus track on both the single and double disc editions.

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