Creating the “13” Album Cover

Spotted this video tonight that shows the making of the “13” album cover.  Check it out:



  1. Jeff Downing says

    Nice! I am glad they actually constructed a wicker “13” and photographed it as opposed to just modeling the entire thing digitally and rendering it. Gives it some aesthetic value.

    I am still really excited for this thing to come out.

    Surely someone will gripe about the kind of wicker they used, the version of Photoshop, etc…. Hahaha.
    It’s just how some folks are, especially ’round here! ;)

  2. Chad Hallman says

    I AGREE WITH JEFF! So much better the way they did things in the video!

  3. Vinícius says
  4. I can”t watch the video

  5. fishtowner says

    Okay I have mentioned before I’m not a fan of the artwork but at least they went to some real effort to do it and not simply just photoshoped it.

  6. splitshifter says

    Why can’t you just say ” hey, I think that’s cool!” simple, to the point and most of all….positive!

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