UPDATE: This episode is on TONIGHT – Wednesday the 15th on CBS.  Check your local listings!

Noticed today that CBS has put a behind the scenes video online for Black Sabbath’s appearance on CSI next Wednesday the 15th.   Check out the video, it’s 3:08 long, and is definitely worth watching.   However, in the clip they use “God is Dead?”, and I was under the impression that is NOT the song that is played on the episode.

NOTE:  There’s apparently a 30 second advert if you watch the version embedded here – if you watch it on the CBS site, I don’t think there is a commercial.


  1. Kareem Badr says

    Wow. Ozzy’s really sounding old when speaking.

    Oddly, this video makes me more excited about God Is Dead? They really should have cut that song by half for the album. The clips here are solid.

  2. Jahanzeb says

    God is Dead? might just be a placeholder for this preview.

  3. fishtowner says

    I’m looking forward to this. I have been a CSI fan since the beginning too like Geezer. I love these crime related shows.

  4. Chad Hallman says

    Joe, where is the link to watch it here?

  5. Johan Dojjander says

    You may be right about them NOT using “God is dead?”. In the end of this short movie, there´s a sign saying this:

    Don´t miss the world premiere of “End of the beginning”

    So it seems “End of the beginning” will be the one featured in CSI?

  6. rodney davis says

    going to miss you this summer? in beautyful pittsburg pensylvania, cant believe you guys aint coming to pittsburg, what is it the first time ever? the steel city sure will miss the iron man,oz, geez ! love you guys, your the best ! if you were coming id be there dammit. hail to the sabs, rodney.

  7. Fabio Guadagnuolo says

    Again that “first album since 1978” stuff… :-(

  8. That’s Brad Wilk on drums……I wonder if he will be doing the tour too.

  9. Technically, it is “their” first album since 1978. This collection of individuals has not recorded a full album together since 1978.

    • Perfect1 says

      Technically, its not “their” first album since 1978 since this lineup didn’t record a record in 1978, they had bill ward and Gerald Woodruffe, so it was 2/5 different.

      I don’t like people trying to say only the ozzy albums count or its their only album since 1978, because that discounts all the other work sabbath has done.

      Dont get me wrong – I love the ozzy sabbath stuff. I have already got my concert tickets bought for this tour, and I will definately get the new album. I just love all of sabbaths catalogue. Everything has its place for me.

    • Technically, it is their first album ever. This collection of individuals has never recorded a full album before.
      But that’s Sabbath. Sabbath with the hundreds of different members and variations in size and music genre. In my opinion whether you like the Dio, Gillian, Hughes or Martin era, it doesn’t change the fact that this was also Black Sabbath. I, for myself, am looking forward to the next album under the name of Black Sabbath since 1995.
      P.S.: In my opinion The Devil you know is also part of Sabbath and one of their best work (best Dio/Sabbath work)

      • No, that’s fair. I was kind of splitting hairs.
        I understand being annoyed that they’re basically dismissing the 18 years that followed Ozzy’s departure, but I *also* understand how powerful of a marketing ploy it is. Whether it’s totally truthful happens to be conveniently ambiguous, or its deception can at least be rationalized like I did above.

        More importantly, does anyone know if this has any truth to it? It doesn’t seem like Ozzy is, quite frankly, even capable of making up such elaborate details if this is a lie.


      • Why don’t we just call this the MKIb reunion??????

  10. RMGadelha says

    Just watched it through I live stream (Since I’m from South America). It was only a small bit, but it sounded really good. Any idea if they’ll make the song available in it’s entirety?

    • Yes, of course. It’s on the forthcoming album. Just read the earlier news on this website, then you’ll find the tracklist etc.

  11. Vinny Pavia says

    Honestly being a Sabbath fan for 40 yrs this CSI thing is too lame for me. I miss the days when I had to get my own t shirt made because they just werent available.I guess I will never accept Sabbath going mainstream.It was more fun when nobody liked them and I was viewed as an outcast for loving them so much. To me that is the true appeal to all of us real die hard fans.

  12. I’ve been reading all over the web that last night on CSI Black Sabbath would be debuting their new “single”, however, I haven’t seen word one anywhere about the actual release of a single through their “store” website, iTunes, or Amazon. What’s up with that?

    • I never heard it referred to as a single, just a new song. I’m not aware of plans to make it available as a single. Album’s due in less than a month now.

  13. jeff Downing says

    Times are very different today- if people don’t have things presented to them thru media than they new know it even exists. So it doesnt bothe me Sabbath appearing on CSI. And Geezer is a fan of the show.
    I miss the days more than anyone of when you had to find things yourself, music was not the huge industry based on standard business models that it is today.

    We all have to have reasonable expectations with all this. The new album can’t be another Sabotage. Because they arent in their 20s, and they surely don’t want to do all this only to please the Sabbath elite. They want to make a splash, get the name out there again, shift some units and fee like they made a good final hurrah for themselves. And I am glad. I think the new record will be good. Great in context of the environment today.

    I actually loved the Never Say Die album. It was too unconventional for most Sabbath people. These days the public won’t accept anything not adhering to a formula. So the new record is going to be what we expect it to be. But within that context I think its going to be really strong.

  14. Ralph Bocchino says

    Interesting that Ted Danson is on CSI and Sabbath performed. He was a guest on David Letterman when Sabbath performed. I was lucky enough to be at that taping!!!

  15. MacGregor says

    Re: jeff Downing ; Yes I really like the Never Say Die album also, always have.
    I personally think it may be too melodic for a lot of fans, so many slag it off, but it is a strong album song wise. It also has Don Airey on some of the tracks which really works well, I guess as it was released at the death of the ‘classic’ Sabbath era, & by then times had changed, it suffered from a lack of interest also perhaps!
    It is a much stronger album than Technical Ecstasy.

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