Listen to “The End of the Beginning”

Short and sweet.  A full track version of the studio recording is now streaming online!   We’re getting close – less than two weeks until full worldwide release!

Click here to go to the stream.


  1. Ozzy sounds sinister, havent heard his voice sound this good in a very long time. He shines here!!!! Ripping Iommi solo. Again, Geezers bass is so up front!! 2 studio tracks, 4 new songs out there altogether! We are down to 11 days

    There is nothing like that voice over that guitar with that bass, period!!

    Sabbath 13!!!

  2. Fucking Killer!!!!

  3. Great song! Looking foreword for the new album, the guys have done an amazing job.

  4. Vasily Zaytsev says

    Doom doom doom!!! Wow great song!

  5. Great song, great band. Sabbath at it’s best.

    Unfortunatly the sound of the mp3 is so bad, because of high compression. This is NOT a good advertising for the album. It can put some listener off. I hope the sound of the album is MUCH better than here.

  6. Ralph Bocchino says

    Oh dear god is that good. Wasn’t sure that Rick Rubin was the best choice for this album. However, the live, raw production captures Sabbath at their absolute best. This song does not sound like a band who decided to record a new album simply for the sake of a reunion.

    I know it’s way to early to say this, but I think Sabbath has another album or two to go before they say farewell.

  7. Jahanzeb says

    Oh thank ****

    Waiting for the album was making me all anxious, irritable, and frustrated.

    Thank you for sharing this, it will make the next 6 days SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!

  8. AMAZING SONG!!! Tony Iommi proves again why he is the greatest guitarist of all time. I cant wait for the new album im so excited its going to be awesome.

  9. Thanks for the link!!!!!!!

    Great Song……

  10. fishtowner says

    Until Tony started doing some riffing I wasn’t liking it at all. I don’t like those drawn out power chord beginnings like at the start of this song..

    • Sabbath Fan Aaron says

      I hear ya the intro was dreadfully long,once you got past it the song turn out to be great.

  11. Jeffrey Bell says

    awesome song! can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. i’m a lifelong sabbath fan and have been waiting for this for many years!

  12. Vinícius says

    This song is fucking great.

  13. henry mossberg says

    Absolutely incredible.
    What we’re hearing in 13 is the closing of a defining age in music history,
    by the very band that brought it about.

    As the saying goes: Often imitated, never duplicated.
    Enjoy this ride, it’ will have been worth the 35 year wait.

    A huge THANK-YOU to Tony, Geezer, Ozzy, Bill, and Brad. Only 9 more days to 13.

  14. Awesome song!!! bad compression (wtf is that? 28kbps?????

  15. I love this, you can hear the rawness of the solo, not all figured out and thought through,, very off the cuff,, just like in the beginning. Reminds me of a solo that could of been on the first album,, sounds great!!

    • Just finished listening to ’13’ much better then I expected! Damage d Soul stands out reminded me of their first album, Dear Father is also pretty good!

  16. Chad Hallman says

    JOE, that link for the stream you posted isn’t working . But you click it and you get a bunch of Spanish stuff . No link for music from Sabbath anywhere. Just a pic od Ozzy & Tony & Geezer.

    • No, it works. I just confirmed it AFTER you left that comment. Make sure you don’t have ad blocking turned on – and it is a Flash based media player there. BUT IT MOST DEFINITELY WORKS.

  17. Vinny Pavia says

    This is just what I need for my mid-life crisis
    The hair is standing up on my arms

  18. what a power, what a sound. i`m looking forward november 30th in dortmund!!!! sabbath, i´m coming!!!!!!

  19. Serginho says

    “Regeneration of your Cyber-Sonic Soul”…. Thank you Black Sabbath … That line alone is a reason to buy the album !!! Can’t wait… Just 2 more days (Germany)…. I listened to this song more than 200 times today. My collegues got fed up with me playing it over and over again ! Masterpiece !!!!

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