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Got this sent to me in email this afternoon.  Thought it was cool, so I’d post it online.  Sabbath fan Anthony Roof got a Black Sabbath cake from his wife.  I’ve attached his story with the picture.  Check ’em out, and you’ve got a keeper there, Anthony!  :)

Hey Joe!

Check it out. I got a cake to celebrate the new album.  My wife was confused about the 1978-2013, she thought it was the timeline of the band. But I had to explain that 78 was the year of the last album and 2013 is for this new one. Anyway, UPS just showed up at my door and the new album is here, 1 day early. Happy days are here again!

Take care,
Anthony Roof

Black Sabbath Iommi Cake


  1. It should’ve been a BLACK forest cake…

    I’ll show myself out, thanks.

  2. henry mossberg says

    Very cool – I can feel a cavity forming just looking at all of that icing.

  3. Joe Croce says

    That’s cool. You have a great wife.

  4. Anthony Roof says

    Hey Joe, thanks for posting this, that was cool of you.

    A lot of people on Facebook are mistaking the 1978 – 2013 thing. I know the band really started 10 years before that. Its not that I am just a Dio fan or anything, or that I just don’t know the real timeline. I guess it should have read 1978 & 2013, but you take what you can get. 1978 was when they released Never Say Die and 2013 is when they released 13. Between those two dates Black Sabbath still existed of course, but without Ozzy. I think 1978 to 2013 is important because there was no original Black Sabbath then, still the members who comprised it and the spirit they had in terms of making music together was able to survive for those 35 years apart. Of course, to make it fully complete, we would have needed Bill Ward, but again, sometimes you just have to take what you can get and be grateful for it and happy about it. Also, the idea of the cake is mostly in tribute to Tony Iommi, and we know that his most legendary works were with the original band, even though he still rocked in other lineups as well. But the thing is, Tony faced many challenges and obstacles between those two years without the original lineup, and because he is awesome, he managed to survive and gave us so much amazing music in the process. His latest challenge was the cancer and he still managed to triumph and rise above it and even made what will be a legendary album during his fight with cancer. Chemo is something that wipes most people out and this guy wrote and recorded a great album during his treatments. He is the true Iron Man, no doubt about it. So for everybody who thinks this is just a Dio era cake, no, its just emphasizing the two years of 1978 and 2013. Its nothing against Ozzy – or Dio either for that matter. No disrespect to anybody, just having some fun and appreciating the band and celebrating the new album. Thanks to everybody who likes this cake idea, though, I appreciate it!

    Take care!

  5. Anthony, You’re a true fan- Just like me. All forms of Black Sabbath are special as long as we got Tony.

  6. Anthony Roof says

    Thanks, Mike!

  7. After reading all the info about the rest of the albums on this site I find it crazy that the only thing on this part of the site is cake!really man?

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