13 is here!

After what seems like an eternity, the 13 album is now out worldwide.   If you’re reading this, you probably have it.  Let us know below what you think of the album.  Where did you buy your copy?

For more info on 13, including pictures, videos, and trivia, check out my “13 page” elsewhere on the site.


  1. great album…one and only black sabbath…

  2. Ok, I purchased the deluxe edition
    first off I think they could have fit
    all of it on one CD. After listening a
    few times the songs that stay in
    my head are, Dear Father, Methademic,
    Damaged Soul, End of the Beginning, God is Dead
    & Loner!

  3. Boris Sensson says

    I don’t have it … From Stockholm Sweden. It will be out the 13th juni :(

  4. I think the album is fantastic. I got mine st Best buy, i got the Deluxe edition with the tshirt and so far I’ve been able to go through the album without skipping a track. Really a great album

  5. Outstanding CD! I got the Best Buy Deluxe, it arrived yesterday. I wish their set list contained more of the new stuff. Last i heard they’d settled on God is Dead? and End of the Beginning to be in their set list. Two of the weaker (though still damm good) songs on the CD, IMO.

  6. Marcos Morales says

    The best record that Sabbath has done since Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. I have the Best Buy version with 4 extra tracks. I agree it should all have been recorded on one disc. Finally some good music for the summer.

  7. Joseph Smith says

    I bought the deluxe version and the premium deluxe from their web site.
    After listening to the early album previews I had to have the extra tune that best buy was selling I picked that up today and am glad I did!!
    Love’n all 12 tracks!!!

  8. Truly a mastepiece during a time when there are no musical masterpieces. The wait for a new Sabbath album has been long and lonely. When reunion came and went, it was like someone took the air out of the tire of a 1955 Chevy…I waited 10 hours in line to meet them and get their autograph back in 1998. This is truly a dream come true, and they didnt let me know. I disagree though about the album, that it should have been a 1 disc. To me, the first disc has a certain vibe to it, reminiscent of the 70’s stuff. Something that could have followed Sabotage…But the second Best Buy disc, with the four extra songs have a different feel to them. It’s almost like, this is what Sabbath might have sounded like in the 80’s had Ozzy stayed with the band. Both great discs, but I think Rick chose the best 8 songs for a complete musical masterpiece. And the other 4 songs are like musical gifts…little nuggets…very enjoyable.

  9. I like having the main album on one disc, and the bonus tracks on another. I don’t like bonus tracks at the end of an album.

    I consider an album a “statement”, and bonus tracks garble that. When the album is done, I want it to finish. If I want to hear bonus tracks, I’ll listen to them separately.

    So I’m very happy they did it with two discs.

    • Jeff Downing says

      I feel the exact same way about bonus tracks. When there was a flood of remasters that the record industry supported itself with some years back, it bothered me that after listening to a fantastic album that is a ride from first track to last, and reaches a conclusion- there would be an assortment of remixes, outtakes, alternate takes, etc….so that I usually would end up ending the experience hitting STOP instead of just enjoying the afterglow , as intended. That may sound like mincing, but it is hugely important for albums to end where they were intended to end .

      So I am glad they put the bonus tracks on a separate disc here. In fact the packaging all- around is a class job, as it deserves.

      I am honestly not so taken with bonus tracks, but I think the basic album is really strong. So I am doubly glad they separated the discs. Methademic rocks, but its a bit of a stock riff for Sabbath, and by the numbers lyrics- bad drug, don’t do it…. etc…. without much revealing insight and uninspired sounding vocal.

      But again, on the main album Geezer once more reveals himself to be a clever and thought-provoking lyricist. I am VERY pleased with it.

  10. Just think , Four extra tracks is like half another album!!! plus a T shirt ,, definitely worth it! Hey Mr. Joe Siegler , i hope you dont mind me saying this here, but i noticed that Geezer has got you in his ‘thanks’ on the album. Pretty sweet man!!! You definitely deserve to have your name on a Sabbath record, for all the work you do considering anything /everything Sabbath! Cheers man!

    • That’s not the first time. First time was on the Reunion album back in 1998. Has been there a few times since then. But yes, it’s cool – I can’t lie about that. :)

      • Hey Joe,

        When are you gonna officially review
        the album?

        • When I can find the time. I’ve been very busy with family stuff and work. What little leisure time I have has been spent elsewhere.

          I guess “badass” is too short a review? :)

          • congratulation joe your name is on geezer list!
            thank you for evrything you do for us
            merci god bless you!

  11. Christian says

    I’m surprised (and thrilled about) how solid this album is. It’s great to hear Tony shred like this, and he tosses out the riffs like small change. I wish Geezer was up a bit more in the mix, though. BW instead of BW is more than fine, and Rick Rubin must have spent many, many hours “tweeking” Oz’s vocals. Overall, f’ing great.

  12. I bought the HMV Exclusive Fan Pack version of 13 that includes the deluxe version of the cd plus a black t-shirt that has the purple Black Sabbath banner on the front of it and the extra track Naivette In Black which is not on the cd, but you’re given a pin which you use to download it. The price for this version is $29.99 in Canadian dollars.

    • that would definitely be worth the $29.99,,, just think,, a T shirt alone would be 15 to 20 dollars , plus the full length album,, plus the 4 bonus tracks which in itself would be like half of an album. Pretty awesome.

  13. Definitely worth the wait and the hype. You feel the band is making a real statement; about them being misunderstood by the press and their own mortality. Love how the ending of Dear Father harkens back to the 1st album with the church bells tolling at the end. And God Is Dead is another Geezer attempt to call out the garden variety judgemental media hounds who will completely miss out on the real message (surprisingly Ben Ratliff of the NY Times did get it). The only criticism is the absence of Bill Ward. Brad Wilk’s work, while very capable, doesn’t have the unpredictability of Ward’s. Plus, to these ears it conjures up Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave way too much. Still, I have to give 13 the big thumbs up.

  14. Very strong album. Got the t-shirt / 2-disc combo at Best Buy (got the shirt with the album artwork) for $30. Pretty good deal I thought.

    My favorites so far are God is Dead?, Loner, Age of Reason, and Damaged Soul. The “doom” is very much back. I would venture to say this is the best Black Sabbath (including H&H) since Headless Cross (one of my favorite albums EVER).

  15. Chad Hallman says

    GREAT ALBUM ! I waited a long time for this new material ! Well since 1978 . Excluding the 3 new songs ( 2 studio & 1 Live ) we had back in 1999 . Favorite songs are : 1. LONER 2. PARIAH 3. PEACE OF MIND . LONER is like a second PARANOID but tons better . Both dealing with a Loner type person . Bought mine at my local F.Y.E. and with the purchase of the deluxe 2 disc CD came a Black Sabbath 13 sticker .
    CONGRATS TO JOE for getting a THANK YOU from Geezer Butler in the CD booklet !

  16. Chad Hallman says

    Also to add. I saw a couple of online articles that there is strong talk between Ozzy & Tony & Geezer about another new album in the future! That would be so great! They have tons of material left in them all & still have it after all these years.!

  17. I cannot buy the album yet because I’m in China where I teach high school but I will first thing when I go back to America in about one week because I will be back to visit my family. I can listen to it for free online and I will for the first time tomorrow because it is my thirteenth month in China, the album is called 13 and June 13 is by birthday and I will get to listen to a brand new Black Sabbath album in China.

  18. One of the first things I look for when I start reading the “thank you’s” in a new CD is did they give a “thanks” to their loyal fans. Well, I was surprised to see that Ozzy was the only one. You’re Welcome Ozzy and thanks for remembering us fans. You’re welcome too Tony and Geezer.

  19. Anthony Roof says

    When the pre-order options frst came out on the website, I went a little crazy and ordered everything. There were 4 options: the standard cd, the deluxe cd, the vinyl record, and the super deluxe box set. So, I ordered all of them, thinking that they would be a good edition to my collection, and since I’ve waited like, 16 years for this record to happen. Then a little while later, Joe had posted on here about the Bestbuy Exclusive, and while I agreed that it totally sucked that there would be an exclusive, I couldn’t resist and bought that too. Then shortly after that, BlackSabbath.com put on the site about if you buy a cd you get a t-shirt too, but you couldn’t just buy the shirt, you had to choose a version of the album. I just wanted the shirt, so I bought the cheapest option, which was the standard cd. Now, I have 7 copies of the album overall. So I’m going to share some of them with my friends and family. I know its a little crazy to spend money that way, but I’ve waited a while and overall, I really like the album and so I have no regrets. Everything is just fine. Very good album. I hope they make another. I don’t think they will, but one can only hope.

    • I have 7 copies of all their other albums, (vinyl, cassette, original CD, multiple remasters, etc.), so that all sounds par for the course to me!

      Great record by the way, I bought it on iTunes and the BestBuy exclusive. Gets better every listen.

  20. Vinícius says

    I Liked . My favorites songs are End of the Beginning, Loner, Age of Reason, Live Forever, Methademic and Pariah. Good work.

  21. Timothy E Wills says

    I purchased my copy of “13” at Best Buy – the deluxe edition with the t-shirt. Gosh, I don’t know where to start. Not a bad track on either disc!!! I really liked “Loner” – sounds a little like NIB and Age of Reason (all of the time changes). Of course “End of the Beginning” and “God is Dead?” were somewhat familiar. The one track that really caught me was Naivete in Black!!! I was glad to hear an uptempo, fast track!!! The guys sound great and I will have to listen more. I will then probably have other real favorites. 35 years and the three originals can still do it!!!!!

    • What t-shirt? I got deluxe, but no T! Anyway, I am enjoying the album and I am quite relieved at the fact that I like it this much, and that I can feel the doom and hear the sound as well as songs that take me back to the early albums. I believe that a few of the songs from this album could fit in those albums. To name a few tunes, Zeitgeist has the feel of Planet Caravan (some call it a copy, I personally didn’t care for “13” to take Sabbath to a new direction in the year 2013 anyway). Damaged Soul is Sabbath gloom and doom at its best!!! Loner has a good more uptempo feel despite the downer lyrics. Dear Father is a wicked tune and at the same time sad but true, while the bells in the end make for a great finish. I liked the sound and the feel as well as most of the songs (Live Forever doesn’t really do it for me for some reason but who cares?). Bill Ward’s absence is still disappointing though Brad Wilk is excellent. Rick Rubin deserves a lot of credit for helping bring back that original sound yet keeping fresh without making, in my opinion, a copy of an older album. Noticed that all three originals thanked Bill Ward in the credits; I guess that’s positive?

  22. I got the “Super Deluxe” box on my doorstep yesterday, 11-June, right on schedule.

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a “download card ” to access extra content included with this? I didn’t see one.

  23. Haven’t bought it yet. I’ve only heard downloads. When I get the money, I will pick it up. Promise. ;-)

    Three out of five stars, or 7/10

    “Psycho Man” as a single was better and stronger as a reunion than this whole entire new album.

    The record is decent, but wasn’t worth this long of a wait – that’s for damn sure.

    Maybe I’ll add more later. I’ve discussed this record too much over the last week, when I should be doing other things.

    Tommy Clufetos, stop copying Bill Ward’s 1978 look on stage. Not fucking cool.

    • To each his/her own, but I found “Psycho Man” to be mediocre at best. It’s more plodding than doomy/sludgy.

  24. Jeffrey Bell says

    Solid album! I love every song. As a lifelong Sabbath fan (40years) I’m not only pleased with this album, I am euphoric!!! Best album of the century!

  25. As soon as it was possible I preordered the super deluxe box. I was sure the album would have been good, but honestly I wasn’t expecting such a great record. The songs are heavy, well structured, interesting to listen to. The guys have done a great job. Now I just want to know when and where can I get the other songs (to have all the 16 songs they recorded).

  26. fishtowner says

    So how is the best buy bonus track? Whoever bought this version let us know. How is it?

  27. Great Album… Simply excellent!!!

  28. The sound is too much digital, why Rubin use that!… The drum s sound is too dry, and the production is poor, don t use keybords… If he want back to 1972 use analogic sistema, not this ugly digital cheap sound…

  29. Tero Turtiainen says

    I seem to be in the minority, but to me 13 has so far been a big disappointment. I think 13 has too much Dehumanizer and too little Vol. 4. Yeah, I didn’t like Dehumanizer :) Too much slow songs, not very much fast stuff, one almost carbon copy of Planet Caravan. I love almost all the Sabbath albums (well, ok, I don’t love Technical Ecstasy, Dehumanizer and Forbidden), but 13 has not really worked for me yet.

    But I’ll give it more time and more listens.

  30. Frank DeHaven says

    The album is fantastic. I haven’t been this blown away by a record since I first heard “Sabotage”.

    And congrats Joe for having your name in the credits.


  31. This is the album that we’ve been waiting for since Sabbotage. It makes me wonder why it was so hard, or why the members resisted making Sabbath sounding music.

    The main album sounds like vintage Sabbath.

    The extra tracks sounds more like post Ozzy Sabbath or Ozzy solo influenced music. They are still very good. Perhaps these were songs that were hatched when they reunited in the early 2000’s and tried to make some new music.

    Overall very impressed and happy with the album and extras.

  32. Periah of society ,addicted to sobriety ,very good album ,but every Black Sabbath album was always a special occasion and very good album, thanx for keeping the name alive, Black Sabbath 4ever

  33. I’ve heard the entire album by now here in China and now China is the only nation where I have heard almost every Black Sabbath song including live albums. I started listening to Black Sabbath 20 years ago so I was looking forward to this album and this album is phenomenal. It is such an awesome album that takes me back to the days when I was a kid meanwhile keeping my responsibilities as an adult. I don’t know which song is my favorite yet but they are all awesome. I have a question for Joe, who plays keyboards on Age of Reason?

  34. Mickey Garcia says

    I got the Best Buy version, the one without the t-shirt, then drove over to Cactus Records and got the vinyl copy. I was third in line at the register and the 2 guys in front of me – buying 13 in vinyl too! Pretty cool.

  35. Freimaurer says

    This album is great! Thank you. It feels like a shower to wash off pale mainstream music dust.

  36. George Val says

    It is an amazing album!!!I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wander why they have left out of the original lp those bonus tracks.they are fantastic too.

  37. I think the bonus tracks are better than the Original album with the exeption of Zeitgeist and Damaged
    soul which are the highlights for me

  38. TomOzzy123 says

    I have been streaming this album for two weeks and also purchased the Best Buy version on the 11th. I really like Age of Reason, Zeitgiest, Damaged Soul, and Dear Father. The whole record is solid. I am grooving to the extra tracks, as well. I have been a die-hard Sabbath fan since the 1970s, and this ranks with their best. I am going to pick up the vinyl this weekend at the local ma-and-pa record store, which sells rarities and imports, as well. I hope Sabbath opens up more tour dates in the U.S. to support this album. Maybe 2014 will be a good year for them to do a big U.S. tour?

  39. Hey, Joe,congratulations! You’re on Geezer’s thankyou’s! That’s the gold medal for fans! Well, I bought the deluxe version from iTunes Mexico a couple of hours ago, so I just got 11 songs. I ‘ve just fiinished my first listening of “13”, here’s MY HUMBLE OPINION about it.
    This IS classic Sabbath! You can feel the 70’s records there, it has it all: the tempo changes, the doom, the killer riffs, harmonica, acoustic tunes and even the bells tolling and rain! It reminds the first album a lot. Ok, down to the music: GUITAR: Tony’s guitar is exquisite as usual, I like how he sounds here: gritty, organic but yet with digital FX, check out the diffrent guitar techniques! BASS: At least with my audio settings, Geezer’s sound is huge! It rumbles my headphones! The unmistakable Sabbath sound come from these two men. A wall of sound. DRUMS:Someone said here that Brad Wilk sounds a lot like Bill Ward in the seventies and I agree with that (and both initials are BW…) solid and steady. VOCALS: We have Ozzy witrh Sabbath again! And for me, he sounds great! So far my favorites are ‘Loner’, ‘live Forever’ and ‘Peace of Mind’. But the whole album rocks! I didn’t skip any track. Great music. Hope I can make it to the show they’re playing in Mexico in October. And let’s hope for a follow up album!
    Greetings from Mexico!

  40. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! that`s true sabbath stuff. loner, live forever and navieté in black would destroy every arena on the forthcoming tour. i love the jam session during damaged soul too, great finish – a competition between guitars, bass and harmonica. it`s so bluesy. i hope so much, they will play the new stuff. black sabbath – god bless you!

  41. Profusion says

    I’m astounded and delighted by how good 13 is–all 12 songs are great (I got the Best Buy version). Since I pretty much view Iommi as the essential piece in Sabbath, I listened to Fused, The Devil You Know, and 13 back to back, as they represent Tony’s three most recent studio efforts. I found that I was enjoying 13 the most of all of the them, which surprised me, as I’m more of a Dio-Sabbath fan these days. They’re all good, though.

    I had figured for awhile that Ozzy was finished as a singer, but he really stepped up to the plate with 13.

    Literally the only bad thing I can say about the album is that the mastering is terrible. It’s another one of those “brickwalled” albums that are compressed to death, giving a harsh sound with no dynamics. Apparently, that’s a Rick Rubin thing. I wish there could be a special “audiophile” version of the album for those of us who listen on real stereos, and not iPods with ear buds. The music sounds well-recorded, but the mastering job ruins a lot of that.

  42. The best song is Damaged Soul. Next best is Loner. These two songs are good enough to compare to songs on the first 5 albums. They take the Sabbath sound and move it forward with power and originality. Love the production. The way the guitar solos are recorded on Damaged Soul is as good as it gets. Ozzy’s vocals have power and intensity.

    God is Dead and End of the Beginning are the next best tunes, however, they are both a bit contrived; you can tell that the guys are trying really hard to go back to the old sound, (they even have a new tri-tone in End of the Beginning) but they are built on Sabbath cliches. Don’t ge me wrong. I love em. I blast them at high output. They just lack originality.

    The other songs are good, just not great. I think this album is better than Never Say Die. I can’t wait to see them when they come to town.

  43. Just listened to the album.I only have the 8 track version (it’s all they had) Have to say that overall I am very happy.Loved “End of the Beginning” apart from the first coupla minutes the song sounds like what you’d get if you put Sabotage and Techie Ecce in a blender.Which is just fine with me.A little disappointed with Zeitgeist,to my ears the bongo sounded almost out of place.I kept thinking they should have ditched the bongos for a synth,strings or even a mellotron.It’s only a small gripe anyway and after waiting 35 yrs for this lot to record again I’m rapt with the effort.Plenty of good stuff in there.Sure there’s lots of formula but being a fan that is exactly what I wanted.If you are a Sabbath fan from way back you will not be disappointed with “13”….it’s meat and potatoes Sabbath.Ozzys singing…great! Iommis guitaring…great! Geezers Bass playing…off the scale freight train oh yeah!….drumming…..fine. “13” sounds like it would fit right between Sabotage and Technical Ecstasy with a smattering of older stuff spinkled over it.I’d happily give it 8/10.Welcome back guys!!

  44. very good!

  45. Grandes….Black Sabbath, son los maestros.


    Cool factoid regarding the Making 13 DVD. At the 2nd chapter at around the 13:16 mark, where Rick Rubin is listening to Oz sing the end verse part for Dear Father, you see the lyric sheet for Cry All Night

    Havent seen this posted anywhere and thought it was pretty dam cool. Another Sabb song we are waiting for

    Added The Rebel to my playlist tonight to 13, that gives me 13 tracks with Naivete in Black. Think about it, one of the first EARTH/SABBATH tracks along side 13

  47. The CD is Great. Happy that they are still able to record such a more than correct whole. Brad merits a particular mention here – not easy an easy task to replace his own idol while playing with his heros, and the drumming couldn’t fit better. Tony is the real iron man, Geezer the king of the bass and Ozzy still the same if not better, fitting perfectly into their jazz influenced metal, crowning it on the top. Thanks to this guys. Look forward to see them here in Paris in December 2.

  48. Thats Black Sabbath, there is no other way to duscribe Ozzys awesome voice!!!

    Great job you guys, we are waiting for the next album.

  49. After listening several times to 13, and reading many of the reviews online, I think in some ways it is one of Sabbath’s best albums. It struck me that the critics don’t agree on which songs are essential tracks, which indicates that it has real depth. Though it has the appearance of their first album, the tracks are much more layered, accomplished and interesting. I think you have to listen carefully to see how good they are. If Sabbath’s early work was beautiful in its naiveté, this album is a masterclass.
    And I really love that cadence of doom in several of the tracks – those descending chords like a staircase to hell.
    Bought the Deluxe version from iTunes. If you do listen in iTunes or on an mp3 player, I really recommend keeping the tracks in album order. The sequencing is amazing. By “Live Forever” I was ready to have the band’s lovechild :)
    Favourite tracks: God is Dead?, Zeitgeist, Live Forever, Damaged Soul, Methademic.

    On a personal note, I would like to sincerely thank Black Sabbath. Their music has stood with me in all the darkest times in my life. I am so very glad that they have one more day together under the sun.

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