Black Sabbath Sale

Noticed this morning that several Black Sabbath CD’s are on sale at  Given it’s an internet sale, there’s been a rush on them, and some might not be in stock at the moment, but Amazon is still taking orders at the discounted price.  So if you need a new copy, or just want another one, check out these sale prices over at Amazon’s US site…

Please note these are the prices at the time of my writing this story (10:15AM on June 18th in US Central Daylight Savings Time, GMT -6).

There are other things available, like Dehumanizer, Heaven & Hell, Eternal Idol, etc, but they’re not really sale prices, so I didn’t list them.   Autorip is a feature by that is pretty cool.  You buy a CD from them, and if they have digital rights to that album, they’ll just place a copy of the thing you just bought in your Amazon mp3 media player library, hence “autorip”.  You can read more about the Autorip feature here.  It’s not just CD’s either, some vinyl will also have Autorip.   As a side note, if you buy the Deluxe 13 CD from, it too has autorip!

By the way, you can visit the pages of my discography here on the site.  Each album in there has links to for ordering these.   And a cheap request.  If you order these with the links I give you anywhere on this site, I get a small percentage of the sale as part of Amazon’s Associates program.   So buying things through Amazon with links from my site help support this site.  Tkx.


  1. Mr. FU sez . . .

    Awesome tip Joe. 13 is about to be #1 in the States – Black Sabbath’s 1st US #1 (or was Paranoid – I forget).

    Great CD. Really looking forward to your review. Age of Reason and the bluesy jam track (brain farting here) are so killer.

  2. Jan Ritchie says

    Thanks a million Joe. For sharing this, got 5 CDs thanks mate.

  3. Just noticed that these are the “1990” releases, so no remastered versions here, i hoped for the 1996 castle versions at least

    • The 1996 Castle remasters are a European release and not sold at unless it clearly is marked as “import”. Also, I’m fairly sure those are out of print now anyway. Besides, the 2009 Deluxe Edition series & remasters are a bit better anyway. But those are all European releases. Warner Bros controls the US market, which is generally what’s sold on (unless it’s marked as import).

      • thanks for clearing that uo, to me (i’m from Chile), all versions are “import”…. so…..

        • Joe Croce says

          I have the 1996 Castle Remasters and I am interested in selling them. Send me an email if you’re interested.

  4. Profusion says

    I may take advantage of this. Honestly, the original U.S. CD versions sound really good. They aren’t compressed to hell, like the awful Black Box versions that I have now. The 1996 Castle versions are decent, other than the drop-outs, but the U.S. versions are good and sound like they are supposed to sound.

  5. fishtowner says

    bestbuy and walmart were selling these standard editions also for $4.99.

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