Cool 13 posters

I got an email with some really cool looking photos of a slick 13 promotion.   This is more a thing around Europe than here in the States where I am.  In Europe I always see pictures of band posters on the walls in public.  Don’t nearly see that as much here, but I’m familiar with the practice.  These pictures I got for 13 are really cool.

Sabbath fan (and more) Andreas Rasmussen emailed me.  He is from McCann Copenhagen for Universal Music Denmark.  Along with his co-worker Janus Hansen, the two of them went out and did this poster project in Copenhagen for the release of Black Sabbath’s “13”.  Check out what he had to say..

We dug our way through the many layers of music posters that cover our urban spaces to let people know that the group is back from the past. Have a look at these pictures and let me know what you think?

I think it looks really slick, when you see the ripped out other posters, and then the subtlety of all that other crap being piled on top of Sabbath, and then the original lads breaking through again.  Really like these pics.


  1. Great idea…. Nice job!

  2. well done my friends. after more than 30 years sabbath starts another crusade to conquer the world. and you support them, thanks so much.

  3. This is unbelievably cool and original work!

  4. Never seen that before, looks damn good!

  5. Jon Lacey says

    That is so cool!

  6. Damned Cool…..really a pretty good idea!
    Where do I get this nice “The Tegends return”-Poster?……
    I would put it in my holiest place at home……..

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