Listen to all of “13” for Free!


Short and sweet.  The iTunes store is streaming the entire “13” album for free.  Go there, and look at the “Black Sabbath” page, and you can listen to a free streaming version of the entire Deluxe Edition of the “13” album now.

NOT the pages for the 13 album itself.

UPDATE:  It doesn’t work on a mobile/cell phone apparently – you have to be using the iTunes client software on your computer.  Or on an iPad.

UPDATE 2: I’m getting word this is working elsewhere in the world besides the US.  Go try!

UPDATE 3: The official site/Facebook/Twitter is now pushing this too.  However, the link they give ( will not directly take you to the streaming version.  Click this, then click “view in iTunes” if you’re not automatically sent there, and you’ll see it.

UPDATE 4: It’s apparently the 8 song standard version, not the 11 song Deluxe, or the 12 song Best Buy version.

UPDATE 5: I’ve seen some reports where if you have an older version of iTunes, this won’t work right.  Update your software.  You should be doing that all the time anyway.

A few music comments:

  • Zeitgeist sounds like Planet Caravan Part II – but in a good way
  • The promised “feel” of the early days is here, most definitely.
  • FUCKIN’ A!!

Why are you still reading this post?



  1. explosetoi says

    Funny, Black Sabbath ripping off themselves…
    This album is a gift from gods….They know their fans and just give them what they want!!!!
    I don’t want new crappy metal I want this!

    Endless journey in my Planet Caravan.

  2. JohnnySilent says

    Whole “Deluxe” album… It’s just the original album u can stream or I missing something..?

  3. Vinny Pavia says

    Oh My God this is good feel like im having a heart attack

  4. TomOzzy123 says

    I heard “God Is Dead” on the radio for the first time in my car. Geezer’s bass playing rattled stuff off my dashboard. I was used to streaming the album through the computer, but Geezer brings this album to life. Just wait till the record comes out and put it through a nice stereo, and everyone will see what I mean? This is a heavy recording. Not bad for a bunch of old farts. Made me want to want to listen to Sabotage when I got home.

  5. I love this CD!!! “God is Dead” and “End of the Beginning” are the “singles” and definitely kick ass, but they’re not close to the best tracks on the CD, IMO.

    I can’t stop listening to “Damaged Soul” (or the entire CD). It has an awesome bluesy vibe along with harmonica from Ozzy. Tony just rips on the entire track, some awesome bluesy riffs. “Methademic” grows on me the more I listen to it, same with “Live Forever”. “Zeitgeist” is the Planet Caravan of the 21st century.

    There’s not a clunker on the CD. Calling Tony “The Riff Master” just doesn’t seem adequate now. :-)

    Geezer’s just SLAMS on his bass throughout, love it!

    Gotta give some props to Brad Wilk. He came into a difficult situation and kicked it.

    And Ozzy is Ozzy, he still has it.

  6. I wish I could like this album, but I just don’t. After listening to The Devil You Know for a while now, this one isn’t that interesting. I hate the production (everything sounds flat), Ozzy’s voice isn’t holding up, and each song sounds the same. It sounds very unoriginal, and doesn’t capture the spirit of a band that’s really into the material (like TDYK). I see that I’m in the minority, and I’m glad that others are digging it. Wish I was one of them.

    • You are in the minority, because if you genuinely think they all sound the same, then you’re not listening to the same album. It’s simply not possible.

  7. Monster of an Album!!!!! Hands down Damaged Soul is the best song on the album!!! Great album from start to finish!! Let’s hope this album does good and they do another album before there gone!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This album is great. Event if most of the songs are ripped from their previous material that has been reworked. It is an interesting game to play to try to match the new riffs to old songs.

    The Deluxe material is definitely weaker than the main album.
    The lyrics are sometimes comical, hopefully on purpose. Some songs would be great as instrumentals.
    The guitar and bass work is very good
    The drums are not bad but generic
    Ozzy is trying his best and for the most part is pretty good.

    The jewel of the album is Damaged Soul. Loner and Zeigeist a close second.

  9. This album is actually one of the best Black Sabbath has ever produced! I love all eight tracks, and the bonus CD is also a killer! (The fast riff in “pariah” are good as hell. Sounds a bit like supernaut).
    I love all the tracks. Not a bad one on the whole production!
    Thumbs up for geezer, Tony and ozzy! Brad Wilk does a GREAT job and plays very similar to Ward 40 years ago. Also a big thanks to Rubin. You guys made one of My biggest Dreams Come true.

    My gods are NOT dead :-)

  10. henry mossberg says

    Just coming off of youtube, through my cheap computer speakers this album sounds better than I ever dreamed.

    If I were to have any complaint it would be – They should have name the album ” Damaged Soul”. It is an amazing piece of work. And I can’t get Loner out of my head.

    Back in the late 70s there were always the high schooler debates over whose favorite bands were better. The hardcore stoners had the Dead, Jorma, Hot Tuna, the Airplane, etc. And this was all at the height of the disco rage. Thankfully, disco died out long ago. along with all of the above.

    Tonight I get to hear my heroes release some of the most incredible music I have heard anyone put out for the last 20+ years. They sound like the early Sabbath and that is incredible. The NSD album was not well received because they did not stay true to their original sound. Tonight they have returned to their strength, and I get to wear a tear-filled, shit-eating, told-you-so grin.

    To those who panned this album, I laugh, and laugh at you again. It’s what you don’t say that tells me you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    And to those who suggest a Grammy in the Sabbath future, please, don’t insult the band. The Grammy became worthless years ago when they awarded Milli Vanilli theirs, and this barely beat out the Jethro Tull Grammy for Heavy Metal album disaster, and I’m a huge Tull fan.

    To the band – Thanks boys, you’ve created a hard rock masterpiece, and for this Fathers Day I’m giving my 3 sons each a Best Buy copy of 13, because being a dad means you never, ever, Never Say Die.

  11. Sabbath Fan Aaron says

    This is one of those albums that for the most part you can just get into the whole groove all the way through the album.”The End of the begging” HAS a dreadully long intro the song could do with out but once you get past it I love the hell out of it.Cant wait to hear more..After being apart for so long these guys still got it.

  12. well done lads u are back sabbath are brill sick of listing to crap out there.

  13. There are a lot of mixed reviews out there about this album. Even though I was a bit bummed that Bill Ward wasn’t a part of it, Brad Wilk (odd enough same initials) did a great job. I remember when Ozzy and Tony were on Rockline with Bob Coburn, I called in and asked Ozzy if they were ever going to do another Black Sabbath album. He said “Anything is possible” I’m glad that Tony survived his cancer. The album in my opinion is amazing. The one lyric caveat I have is on The End of the Beginning where it goes “Alright, Okay” but that has been done before like with Sweet Leaf where Ozzy goes “Alright now, wont you listen.”
    The album is great and Im glad Rick Rubin was on board.

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