July 25, 2013 – Houston, TX

The Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavillion
The Woodlands, TX

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Houston TX - July 25, 2013THE BAND

  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Tommy Clufetos – Drums
  • Adam Wakeman – Keyboards



  • First date on US Leg of “13” Tour.


  • War Pigs
  • Into the Void
  • Under the Sun
  • Snowblind
  • Age of Reason
  • Black Sabbath
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • NIB
  • End of the Beginning
  • Fairies Wear Boots
  • Methademic
  • Rat Salad / Drum Solo
  • Iron Man
  • God is Dead?
  • Dirty Women
  • Children of the Grave
  • Paranoid



More to come (I’m sure), I just picked these up in the first few minutes after the show.

Thanks to juanitoz87akajohnny_kiss, & Douglas Dariel


If any of these videos are not working, please let me know.


  1. Marc Guerette says

    Can someone please post pictures of the merch available at these shows?

  2. Edward Alex says

    Smoking hot in every way possible. The musicianship was perfection. It was a “spiritual” experience to witness Sabbath after all of these years – certainly after noticing that Brad Wilk was a dead-ringer for Jesus Christ. In fact, my friends and I suspected we were witnessing the Second Coming. After the drum solo (which was perfection of course and included a tasteful homage to Bill Ward’s own past work), it seemed deviously clever of God to use the Houston Woodland’s Pavillion Sabbath Concert to usher in the Millennium. Who would have predicted it? In all seriousness however, thank you gentleman for the album and the performance. I will never forget.

  3. WOW i hope ozzys is in better shape by the time they hit chicago—- im watching into the void and man is he off—- this whole reunion has been a disappointment—- no bill ward the new disc is ok at best and ozzy has had it ——- time to call it a day i think —- i honestly bought a ticket because i truly feel this is the last chance to see ozzy perform i really cant see him carrying on after this — im a huge fan but also realistic its over have a good day thanks for the memories

    before i posted this i watched more video —- this is pathetic very tempting to sell my tickets and not bother

    • robert stanford cam says

      At least it was so nice to see Tony playing a resonable long gig while still undergoing cancer treatment. God bless him….

      Peace and Love…!!!!

    • @ Ed,

      I’m so sick and tired of all the Ozzy haters! If you don’t like Ozzy don’t go to the show, I’m sure you will not be missed! He is doing the best that he can, remember he is 64 years old. Besides there are a lot of bands out there and the lead singer doesn’t sound great live either. I saw Led Zeppelin in 1975, Robert Plant did not sound great singing live, but I still experienced Led Zeppelin Live!

      Ozzy sounds pretty good on “13” doesn’t he!


      • Robert Stanford Cam says

        Remember Tony is 65 and has cancer…. Sabbath is Iommi and Iommi is Sabbath…

        Peace and Love….!!!!!

  4. INTO THE VOID says


  5. INTO THE VOID says


  6. Victor McCarthy says

    Killer Concert !! I couldn’t have asked for a better Retro-Experience.I almost thought It was still 197?-!Tommy Clufetos was Excellent on Drums. Iommi is still a Rock God and Geezer too. Crowd was mixed in generations but I was pleased to see alot of younger there to get a proper education. I always look forward to seeing Ozzy again – No matter what. We need another album Iommi ! Thank You for Jamming with us in Houston, TX. -Rock On forever – Please come again soon.

  7. robert stanford cam says

    I don’t know whether I am the only one, but I think that the set list is always very the same. It would be so nice to listen to songs such as wheels of confusion ( full version), Megalomania, Never say die, Am I going Insane?, Hard road, the writ…. Fairies wear boots and Behind the wall of sleep are pretty boring songs… why not playing Changes? What about Killing yourself to live, Sabbra Cadabra and many otners…?
    This is just my opiniion…

    Peace and Love….!!!

    • That is not happening. You obviously missed the interview Tony gave a few months ago where he talked quite honestly about what Ozzy cannot sing live anymore. He struggles with what they play now. Do you SERIOUSLY think he can pull of those tracks from SBS & Sabotage that are in a much higher range? Go watch the interview here. PLEASE – before you say this again.


      • robert stanford cam says

        Hello Joe,
        Indeed, I didn’t miss the interview. I just forgot having listened to that…. But if Ozzy can´t manage to sing anymore, I think he should retire…
        As a matter of fact, if we pay attention to the gigs during the seventies, he couldn’t sing those songs very well either… which made him only a studio musician…. I know that hundreds of people will not agree with me, therefore there’s no need for you to post it….

        God Bless you, Ozzzy, Tony, Geezer, Bill, Dio, Vinny, Bev, Ian, Martin, Geoff ( people have been very unfair with him)

    • Set list could have been better. I mean they tried to drop “Iron Man” years ago but said they “HAD TO” put it back in… Really? Who needs to hear this song live ? It was cool when I was younger but it’s a pretty boring song. Great riff but anytime I need to hear it I’ve got the CD. I wish they would have included “Never Say Die” especially since the artwork is on the Drum Kit. I’m glad to see they’re playing “Dirty Women”. I will say the new CD has grown on me the last couple of times I played it. I’m starting to really like “13” the band sounds great !

  8. robert stanford cam says

    Hello joe,
    I couldn’t listen to the whole videos…

    Robert Cam

  9. Ozzy sounded horrible on Age Of Reason. They might want to drop that one for another of the new songs. I couldnt hear him on Iron Man. He sounded surprisingly good on GID?. He sounded alright on Into The Void. Not as bad as i thought he was gonna sound.

    • These are mostly recorded by different people with their CEL PHONES. They’re not going to be the best fidelity around.

      • INTO THE VOID says

        Joe, I ve been a Sabbath fan diehard since 74 and Cell phone or not. Ozzy is off key. They need to put an Autotune on him!

  10. robert stanford cam says

    Forgive me everybody, but the opener should be Supertzar…. and Tony should be allowed to play that fantastic intro to Black Sabbath song. The reasons why he can’t play I don’t need to mention…

    Peace and Love…!!!!

  11. INTO THE VOID says

    The last time Sabbath played with the original lineup was in West Palm Beach (OZZFEST) and Ozzy sounded great! I am going to the show either way! Long Live Sabbath!

  12. Ben Gonzales says

    After a couple of months of 13 in heavy rotation during my daily commute. I was waiting for word on the first US gig (thanks Joe and everyone). Age of reason is by far my favorite new track and I am so glad to see it and other 13 songs on the set. I knew first and foremost Ozzy would be struggling on vocals BUT I DONT CARE. The rest of the band jams behind it and I think the set list varies to a sufficient level. I know a lot of us are tired of war pigs (especially as the opener ) and iron man, however, a lot of other fans would feel cheated if they weren’t played. So to me, there is a bit for everyone. People know I love Sabbath and ask me if I am going (PHX 08/30)?!. I say yes, I need to be there, it is almost a religious thing for me. I cant wait. I have been to many sab gigs (first was born again 1983). I will take my opportunity in August to celebrate my band and the history one more time, because you never know.

  13. Pandemonium says

    Someone please tell Clueless to put his fucking arms down. Fuck!!! Dig the new album, but Ozzy’s voice is just gone, don’t care if I ever hear Paranoid or Iron Man EVER again, and the fact there is no opening band just sucks. Fee….I wonder who’s bright idea that was? Could have gotten a cool legacy band like UFO or Uriah Heep for relatively cheap I’ll bet, that many of the lifelong fans would have dug, or a cool newer band like Rival Sons, Orange Goblin, Ghost, Mos Generator, Winery Dogs etc…. The sad fact is the best thing Tony has been involved with in the last few years, other than “The Devil You Know” was his awesome solo album “Fused”. Listen to the last cut, “I Go Insane”….now THAT was the shit!

  14. TomOzzy123 says

    If you watch these videos, Ozzy keeps pointing at his monitors, mouth, and left ear. No wonder he was off key? He sounded fine in Australia and Japan.

    • Barefoot KW says

      Hey Tom,
      I was there with my wife who is a vocalist and has performed at Carnegie Hall as well as venues in Europe. The mic check was bad. We noticed the change as the show went on. She said Ozzy was struggling to hear and she was surprised that he did not “blow his chords” during the show. His volume level was definitely fluctuating during the show. So, you are correct sir, the problem was not Ozzy’s it was the sound system.

      • TomOzzy123 says

        I played in a band professionally for 15 years, and I can say if the monitors are off, so is the singer. I noticed that they put in ear monitors in Ozzy’s ears during the Austin gig, and he pulled them out. I used in ear monitors at church, after I put my band to rest, and it took me a year to get used to them. Ozzy is an old wedge-monitor guy with major hearing loss. I am sure they figure it out for him. He sounded pretty good at the Tampa show. He also needs to find the pocket on the new songs, as well as the old ones. They tuned down a step for him on Into the Void, etc. Those were already in C#, and they went to C. It might be too low for him?

  15. Serenity says

    I love Sabbath, have done for years. But Ozzy is truly horrible live now. It’s almost sad to watch. Thing is, it’s not even as if the original songs were particularly challenging for a singer in the first place.

  16. I couldn’t get to the end of any of those videos.

    I hope Ozzy’s just got a cold.

  17. BLACK SABBATH RULE! A live show is about the music and ‘ the feel’ , not about everything being perfect. You are commenting on cell phone recordings and the first night of the tour. 13 is a great album and can hold its own with the 70s albums. Can not wait for DC!!!

  18. jthetyger says

    Traveled from Louisiana on my birthday (57th) to see BS perform for me and as expected they open with the War Pigs and the powerful great performances from TI, Geezer, and the drummer for entire set made me smile. TI is most wicked guitarist live maybe not the tech wizard of R Fripp or classics of S Howe but great in his own rite. Yes, OO was singing in a lower (off) key for several the songs was very strange indeed, although I thought was in tune the 1st album set. How anyone can say those are boring just into into this music and they play the same songs because those are their signature tunes and why we go to hear! I realize this not the youthful band I saw N.O. M.A. in 72 and I mssed B Ward still but was glad I made the venture in spite the hassle going over there with the Houston traffic and hey how many can say BS performed for them on their birthday! LOL


  20. L.C. was right I’ve been a new age frreak for over 23 years. and just being there reliving old memories with a very much younger crowd, Sabbath Rocked. The special effects were the best I’ve ever seen.everyones getting old.I love Zeppelin, and they’re the worst in Concert. but just being there sharing the electricity with everyone is what it’s all about.everyone was on their feet all night long at the houston show.and it was an uncomfoortable 88 degrees too.Yeah Ozzy lost his voice a long time ago. but try telling all the young ladies sitting on their boy friends shoulders, everyone sang along. and really enjoyed seeing ozzy jumping and just rocking out.thats what musics about is remembering old times.this show was alot of fun.just appreciate it “for what it’s worth” Joe T.

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