Black Sabbath WINS Grammy!

Congrats to Black Sabbath for winning the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for “God is Dead?”..

Black Sabbath at Grammys


That bit above was a quick post right after they won.  There was a lot of other stuff happening.   Sabbath was nominated for three Grammy Awards in all.    They won one.  They lost the other two.  One to Led Zeppelin, and the other to a Beatle.  That’s not too shabby, actually.

I was pretty darned active on Twitter during the ceremonies.  I stopped watching after Black Sabbath introduced Ringo Starr, as they were done at that point.   I’m going to include a few of the things I posted – pictures, video, etc below.   Enjoy!

You can click on any of these pics for a larger version:

Ozzy & Sharon, plus Geezer, and half of Gloria Butler's head. :)

Ozzy & Sharon, plus Geezer, and half of Gloria Butler’s head. :)

Grammy Nominating Screen

Grammy Nominating Screen

Down the row is Ozzy & Sharon (hidden), Geezer & Gloria Butler, & Tony and I presume his wife, but the pic gets too small. :)

Down the row is Ozzy & Sharon (hidden), Geezer & Gloria Butler, & Tony and I presume his wife, but the pic gets too small. :)

Sabbath onstage to Present

Sabbath onstage to Present

Kelly & Jack move into Ozzy & Geezer's seats while Sabbath is onstage

Kelly & Jack move into Ozzy & Geezer’s seats while Sabbath is onstage

Sabbath Presenting

Sabbath Presenting

Geeze Loses It onstage

Geeze Loses It onstage

Geezer Loses it Onstage

Geezer Loses it Onstage

… and the best shot of the night, IMO.

The Best shot of the night!

The Best shot of the night!


  1. I know the whole Grammy thing’s bullshit really, but for the band to be publicly hailed as winners is a very good thing indeed.
    The Black Sabbath name really has been restored to where it should be.

    I’d also like to admit to being wrong, when God is Dead? was first released I was dismayed, now I love it.

    I just wish the four of them could enjoy the moment together.

    • I’m very happy that Black Sabbath won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. They strongly deserve it. God Is Dead is a great song. and Congratulations to the Godfathers Of Heavy Metal Black Sabbath!!!!!!

  2. I’m so happy for the guys. They deserve it ! It’s a shame Bill couldn’t have been a part of this.

  3. Congrats BLACK SABBATH!

  4. Congratulations. Well over due.

  5. It is ironic in a way, as Bill Ward is over there at the Namm Bonham bash drum thing & Geezer was there also a few days ago with his new set up. And now the Grammy thing, we would hope they all caught up with each other for a chat at some stage, surely!

  6. Congratulation Great B L A C K S A B B A T H !!! and THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC !!!

  7. Robert Cam says

    Congratulations Black Sabbath… a pity Bill was not there…

    Peace and love…!!!

  8. They should have received Album Of The Year
    Zeppelin got it for reluctantly getting back together and playing old songs being prima donnas
    Black Sabbath came back and created a Masterpiece and toured for the fans
    God Bless Black sabbath

  9. i´m so proud for them. but i always miss bill ward. only with him the sabbath thing is a real thing.

  10. henry mossberg says

    Random thoughts –

    Timeless. Their works are timeless.

    Have been waiting for this type of recognition for them ever since that first “holy shit” i blurted during my initial listening to the eponymous album, some 40 years ago.

    And still, NOTHING makes the floorboards rumble like the opening roar of live War Pigs.

    Thanks guys. Congratulations, please keep the momentum going, and enjoy the ecstasy of gold.

  11. the grammys this year sucked. Im glad they won, but after they introduced paul and ringo I lost my interest. I said to my wife, “watch this bullshit if you want, Sabbath did something, im goning to bed.”

  12. I’m as big a Sab fan as anyone but c’mon who gives a shit about a stupid Grammy?…if they hadn’t one you everyone would be talking about how stupid Grammy’s are and how meaningless the award is…Sabbath and their fans are the antithesis to all this out of touch,man in the suit vapid Hollywood horseshit…don’t buy in to the false accolades…this award was given by the same people who accused Sab of devil worship in the last few decades…

  13. Matt Dennett says

    Great to see such photo’s as this – Geezer howling with laughter, Tony looking fit and well. Ozzy….well being Ozzy! A superlative history between these people, still going strong, friendship through music creates lifelong bonds that can not be broken. If only Bill was stood there with them….that’s the only thing missing….Sabbath Forever.

  14. That Zep concert film was incredible, saw it in theater, wow! But like someone else noted, it was a freaking live album of old songs! 13 deserved that (stupid) Grammy. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good 13 is. I truly don’t think we could have expected any better an album from them at this point. I think it’s better than Ecstasy, and maybe as good as Never Say Die! And trust me, I don’t say that lightly. And to be honest, the missing Ward factor doesn’t bother me like I first thought it would. Yeah I’d rather he be there, of course, but the album and tour sounded great. At this point, with these guys pushing 70, let’s take whatever Sabbath we can get. They’re far from their embryonic cels.

  15. February 19th 2014 ,Happy Birthday Tony Iommi.My Mother also turned 75 today Feb.19th 1939- Feb 19th 2014. Always thought that it was cool that Mom and Tony were both born on February 19th, but different years.Black Sabbath 4ever

  16. Count me in as well. Sabbath SHOULD have won album of the year. No disrespect to Zeppelin, but that album was a “live” concert that happened 7 years ago! Sabbath’s album was of “new” studio songs. So, maybe Sabbath should release a “live” album this year of a concert from 1975 & MAYBE they’ll win album of the year at next year’s Grammy awards show.

  17. Forgot to mention. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!!!

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