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Hot on the heels of the July 4th Hyde Park show comes this little tidbit I found in my inbox tonight.  Cover art for something that should look awfully familiar to some people, who were excited about the new Black Sabbath studio release from last year.    We’ve been hearing rumours of another new Sabbath album from “maybe”, “it would be nice” to “I don’t know, it could be the last one”.

The image I was sent is shown to the right.  From what I was told, it is cover art for an EP to be released on July 4th to go with the Hyde Park show promotions.  The EP will be titled “14” – to go with the fact it was released in 2014.  Similar to why “13” is called that.  Anyway, it will comprise the four recorded studio tracks leftover from the “13” sessions that remain unreleased plus one additional newly recorded track.  Specifically these tracks are:

  1. Cry All Night
  2. Isolated Man
  3. Season of the Dead
  4. Hanging By a Thread
  5. Fool’s Gold (new track)

I always wondered how those four additional tracks would show up, and now we have some word.   No pre-order links yet, I’m told they’ll show up later in April.

Let me know what you think of this news!   I’m excited to see what people think of this story!

UPDATE Apr 1 @ 10PM: : Guys, this was an April Fools joke. Not real.


  1. Billy Underdog says

    April’s Fool?

  2. April Fool!!! :)

  3. Oh, you’re going to get hatemail when folk remember the date :)

  4. Chris Tatton says

    Wonderful news to hear on my 19th birthday! Honestly cant wait to hear these new tracks from Ozzy and the gang. Do you know if Brad Wilk is the drummer on Fool’s Gold, Joe. See as its a new track?

  5. The fourth track kind of gives this one away! Good try, though. :-)

  6. I meant 5th track, by the way!

  7. Ohh man!!! this just makes my day! Ive been waiting for word on these tracks. I knew they would show up sooner or later. Heading to see The Sabs play live two nights from now ,, a first for me. So incredibly excited.

  8. Useless to say, this is exciting news!

  9. Fabio Guadagnuolo says

    Poor me, I did not recognize the April fool…

  10. April Fool’s (Gold) Joke ?

  11. Chris Tatton says

    Yeah looking at it now. It most likely an April fool’s joke. If this is legit then that’ll be great

  12. That album cover is pretty convincing if this is a joke. Do major labels even release EPs anymore?

  13. Considering that the original cover was made by actually setting a giant wicker “13” on fire, and taking the picture from however far away…

  14. Well it was posted March 31s, not April 1st.. so hopefully theres a chance it’ll be real!

  15. renbergs says

    Good one, Joe! ;-)

  16. See our new EP the band Black Sabbath “14”.
    Click here and check out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Sabbath-14/192855564150342

  17. Yes, this was posted the day before april fools but fool’s gold…hmmmm….sure hope its legit or a gag in liue of some similar good news…

    • Billy Underdog says

      April 1st starts a bit earlier the longer east you og on the map, so the ate was correct when i read it…

  18. Hello ! I was thinking about THIS ep a few months ago: I thought that would be good to release an ep of Unreleased songs from “13” sessions. Even if this is a joke, it’s pretty cool to watch… but that would be great to make it REAL ! personally, I can’t believe “13” is their last album ever…

  19. Erick Bertin says

    Good one, Joe!!!! For a moment you really got me falling for it!!!

    I must say, you really nailed the “Sharon Osbourne money-making ways” feel for this one: I actually thought this fit perfectly with her usual “strategy”.

    Having said that, I’m STILL convinced that these tracks will show up eventually, probably to haunt everybody who rushed to get the “13” record, its “deluxe edition”, and/or the maniacs who got both!!!! Digital AND PHYSICAL!!!!

    Mark my words: once the tour is over, we’ll get the “Super-Duper-Extra-Mega-Deluxe-Tour Edition” version of this thing with the missing tracks….

    “Fool me once….” or more accurately yet, “burn me once….”

    Peace to all


  20. did everyone hear about the big tour going on this summer??? what a bill its going to be

    iron maiden, metallica, black sabbath , and a reunited led zeppelin with jason bonham on drums

    tickets go onsale in 5 minutes for $50.00 each

    oh wait


    nice try joe—lolol

    you did this before with ian gillan remember

  21. Yeah,right…and the following day, the Tony Martin era remastered box set will be on sale for $59.99 worlwide…Inwas almost fooled…

  22. Brian Metcalfe says

    Good one Joe, Happy belated April Fools Day, Black Sabbath 4ever

  23. MyDarkSide says

    Too bad this is an April Fool, because it’s acutally a great idea.

  24. You should get a medal for this one Joe. Best damn April Fools gag I’ve EVER witnessed. Dammit anyhow LOL!!!!!!! It is a TREMENDOUS idea though – most assuredly!

  25. Jeff Downing says

    I suppose the “Fools Gold ” track was a hint. Hahaha…….

    I’m not really interested in leftovers anyway.
    I hope they do let things end on a high note. Yes, it’s because they are simply older now, different people, but actually more because trying to continue something that was started so long ago forces artists to basically recycle their earlier material ( 13 was definitely this, though I think it was good.) or else fans simply won’t accept it. Personally I go against the grain of most fans, and certainly the press in being an even greater fan of their later material SBS-NSD that their earlier material. So for me, if they can’t grow the sound, or direction, then what is the point? More songs that sound like NIB, Planet Caravan, the song Black Sabbath, Etc…?

    I do think it would be awesome if they did a handful of shows with Ward though. Just to end on an even higher note. That said, I can totally understand not using him on the tour. In the age of Youtube etc… every single little flub or performance not up to par is amplified a million times. And Ward I firmly believe was not up to the task . In fact he was in the hospital while Sabbath were still on the road. It would have been a disaster- Ozzy is liability enough. There is no shame in getting old, but it’s a good thing to know when to let it be and not harm a legacy.

  26. Shaun Ferguson says

    I’m excited for sure, even if they NEVER release another album, I’m still getting this for sure.

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