Black Sabbath Cake!

I’ve posted about cakes a few times in the past – I don’t know why I’m fascinated by them, but I got a pic of another Black Sabbath cake last week from a fan Maria Hernandez.  When I asked her what the story behind the cake was, this is what she said..

This cake was done for a good friend of mine that is a big fan of Black Sabbath. His name is Gabriel Cardiel and his bday was this past Monday. I do cakes on the weekend’s as a hobby. I’ve never taken a single class for baking nor cake decorating, yet I’ve been lucky to have done cakes for Greg Townsend from the Raiders, Mike Portnoy, and recently Michael Schenker. I’m a metal mom that just enjoys decorating cakes and making cakes not available in your regular bakery.

Check out what the cake looks like.  Also, there’s a picture of Gabriel holding the cake here as well.  The woman in the second picture is not the woman who made the cake, she’s just a friend.   If you want to check out more from the woman who made the cake, she’s available on Facebook here.

Sabbath Cake - Mar 2014

Gabriel Cardiel



  1. fishtowner says

    Looks yummy! Nice job Maria.

  2. i wonder if it’s chocolate cake

  3. Brian Metcalfe says

    A Technical Ectasy marble cake would be divine,this cake shown looks like a photograph,right up there with Cake Boss,is that Bill Ward portrayed on the icing of this masterpiece.Black Sabbath 4ever

  4. Bryan Abner says

    thats a sweet looking cake!

  5. That little girl giving the devil horns is priceless.

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