Headless Cross Cover

It’s fitting that on the week of the 25th anniversary I discover a new cover.  The Italian band “Hollow Haze” has a cover of the title track from the “Headless Cross” album.  This came out a couple of years ago, but I’d never heard of it before today.   Check it out, the video is emebbeded below.  Thanks to my site visitor “Alberto” for turning me on to the cover.


  1. Fishtowner says

    It’s actually nice to see a band do a cover of a non Ozzy/Dio sabbath song. I like this.

  2. Great Version.
    The singer sounds very close to Tony Martin. Intersting bass and drums.


  3. Tommy Sedge says

    Pretty good, Sounds very much like Tony Martin!!

  4. It is good to see a band do a Sabbath song that is not from the -Ozzy,Ronnie,and Gillan eras.The only problem is, that a band that is on an indie label will not be able to bring a song like this to the mainstream.Just think how many people would embrace the original after a band like -Killswitch Engage,All That Remains,Asking Alexandria,or Avenged Sevenfold did this one.I do not prefer indie or mainstream over the other.I only go by what sounds good to my ears.I am just making a point is all.I wish that the more known about bands would introduce these songs to people is all.

    The cover was decent and average at best.

  5. Just wanted You to know that Headless Cross and TYR albums are practically imbosibbile to obtain here in Finland in case you purchase those from the net(ebay). So I suppose everybody´s waiting the right move from the corporations: release our treasures with all the goodies there are!

  6. Azz McMahon says

    There’s another cover of “Headless Cross” as well – by German-Romanian band Powerwolf.

    Vocally, the lead singer Attila Dorn reminds me a little of the singer from Tyr – so if there are any Tyr fans here, they might like this cover.

    I discovered it on youtube here…


  7. Great Work !!

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