Farewell on Nov 22nd, eh?

So I got a text message from a friend of mine this afternoon saying this..  “Crap!! Not going to Japan! :(”  After a few subsequent texts asking what the hell he’s talking about, it turns out a story broke this afternoon saying that “Black Sabbath will do a farewell concert on Nov 22nd as part of Ozzfest Japan”.



I told you so.  See the bottom of the page for an update.


If you remember, back in September of 2014, the “news” came out that Black Sabbath would record a new album this year and tour for it.  That’s not happened, nor am I aware of any plans to do so in March 2015.   Everyone remember how insane the general public was about that story when it broke last fall?  Back then I said “Wait, hold your horses“, and I’m basically doing the same thing now.

What bugs me is that this is going to be picked up by every news site around with some version of the text “Black Sabbath announces farewell concert”.  Wrong.  No.  That has NOT happened.

What we have is an Ozzfest video saying it will happen.   This has not been announced by Black Sabbath.  If it was, it would be on their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and it would be all over their website.   As of now, it’s not on any of them.  Similarly, if it was properly announced, it would also be on Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler’s website.  It is not.  So until it is on the OFFICIAL BLACK SABBATH website/social media outlets, I won’t believe it is happening.  It is no secret that I work for Geezer Butler, and I’ve not been given any news story to post there about this.  I’ve tried to get this story confirmed myself by my own sources, and I could not tonight.

Could this still happen?  Of course it could.  I’m not fool enough to think the band can plan things merely because I don’t know about them.  But what bugs me is that people will translate the Ozzfest video in my link above into “Black Sabbath have announced….”   Well, no, they haven’t.  Not as of now, anyway.

If you remember back in 1992, Ozzy announced he was retiring, and that there was to be no more from him.  Black Sabbath themselves were supposedly done in 1999, with “The Last Supper”.  Kiss ran a farewell tour over what, three years and then continued on afterwards?   How many times has David Bowie retired?   I scoff any any notion of “retiring”.   I never believe that for any reason.   So even if they do end up playing this gig, I’d never believe it that it would be the “farewell/goodbye/retiring” thing.

Having said ALL OF THIS, if it does turn out that they play this show, I would hope they could work it out with Bill so he could come up there and do something, if not the whole show.   If it TRULY is the last one (which I don’t believe anyway), then it needs to go out this way:

Black Sabbath File Photos

P.S.  Found this fan response somewhat comical.  :)


I hate to say I told you so, but..  I told you so..


  1. I think they are doing a farewell tour but that’s the last time they are playing in Japan as black sabbath. What i understand is that they plan on doing a world tour that’s going well into 2016.

  2. Mark Duford (H&H) says

    Nowhere in the video does Sharon say a Farewell how. She says its a Farewell. So what does that mean? To Japan? To having and playing Ozzfests? She is vague and I believe it is on purpose. Look at the legs this thing has grown. She is a master of promotion and she has done it again.

  3. I remember Ozzy’s “No More Tours Tour” in 1992. It was 23 years back yet. I was there.
    Witness of THAT last tour….

    If it is the same for Black Sabbath – they will still tour in 2038…. :)

    • John (Zonzo ) Zahn says

      I was there too! (@ Target Center in Minneapolis). Later, he announces “retirement sucks”, and he is back on tour, forever!

      Iommi will announce the end, not Sharon!

      It is an Ozzfest farewell, to Japan.

      and I am not going!

  4. I saw a video where is Sharon is announcing Ozzfest Japan, saying that this will be Sabbath’s farewell. I think what she really should be saying is “This will be Sabbath’s farewell… TO JAPAN.” Her statement is irresponsibly vague and inaccurate – and she should know better than that.

    • Jeff Downing says

      I was about to say that very same thing- the commercial for the Japan Ozzfest is not a big production obviously. I think she is saying Japan, come see them, you won’t get another chance.

      But reading between the lines with everything, it’s hard to tell. And like Joe says- it ain’t the first time!
      It’s not the band’s fault if the story spills out wrong anyway- the media is crazy irresponsible these days and if it generates a click, that is all they care about.
      I suspect they don’t really know for sure. In the same situation who could?

      As far as hopes from an absolute fanatical fan- It would be wonderful to do one last show with Bill.
      Aside from that- more power to them whatever they decide. But is another album produced by Rick Rubin something to keep on for? 13 overall was a great success, commercially and critically, and it achieved that very rare thing- a “reunion” (I know…..Bill….but I don’t blame them carrying on under the circuimstances) album that was generally a resounding success. The press is fickle and numbingly clueless and I assure you this time around will not give due credit and just focus on their health issues etc…. So in my opinion it would be a perfect time to stop, aside from a gig with Bill. Even a jam with Bill. It would be unspeakably cool and classy if they did just one more track with Bill, even a spirited take on a tune from back in the day, and stop.

  5. I was figuring a farewell to the Ozzfest, as in No More/The Final Ozzfests…

  6. I would be VERY surprised if Birmingham was not their choice for their as it would make the most sense.

  7. Another Ancient Warrior says

    I know that I’m going to step in a BIG PILE o’ shit, with quite a number of you, saying this, but among other factors–who could blame him(?)–Tony is now forced, by his NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), to pace himself–permanently–as never before. I’d much rather that he take the best care of himself as possible, than to exacerbate the NHL, by the STRESSES of touring, however this specious “news” shakes out; that’s how much I love this man–a “brother” from another mother. His priceless Legacy to us all, is ALWAYS to be treasured. Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor ?; heal thyself, first.

    • Craig Eyler says

      Pile of shit? Hell, you’re spot on. Tony doesn’t owe anyone anything, least of all the fans. Enjoy the rest of your life, and may it be as long as you want it to be.

  8. John Mucera says

    Saw a short video clip post for Youtube announcing Ozzfest Japan (Nov 21st and 22nd) Black Sabbath and mention of Korn to partipate as well! Sharon says this will be the final Black Sabbath performances, but no other details yet/just saying! It’s not fully over until the band officially announces something!

  9. Rachel Morris says

    I’d give anything to take my 12-year old son to see Black Sabbath with all four original members. November 22nd is my birthday…I’ll be 52. I know this will be my last chance EVER to do this for my son. If there are any contests or tickets being given away by the band for this show (including airfare), please include me. We live in York, PA, USA and this would be the best ever!!!! If there’s someone I should call who could make this happen for me, please SOMEONE give me their name. I’ve loved Black Sabbath for as long as I can remember and had the luxury of seeing their Reunion Tour in 1999 at Meriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. I’d love to give my son the chance to hear his favorite song of all time, SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE, played live the way it was intended. Anyone, feel free to email me if there’s a chance of this happening. Thank you so much. SABBATH RULES!!!!!!!!

  10. no offence to any other country but Sabbath would say ‘bye bye’ in the UK

  11. Why does Sharon always have to ruin everything?
    It would be great to see Sabbath again – though keeping Tony healthy is way more important
    I’m listening to Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath right now – it is very good – anybody else heard it?

  12. Joe is right that most bands and most artists claim to be going into retirement but then a short time later they return. Rarely does an artist actually fully retire 100% without ever doing another project or making another appearance while they are still living. They usually only retire when they die. I mean, Ozzy retired in 1992, and so far he has spent his retirement touring and making albums, the same things he did before retirement. How is that a retirement? Now Dio on the other hand, he retired, what, five years ago now? How many albums and tours and appearances has he done since then? So I agree with Joe – Sabbath is not done. Far from it. However, that is not to say that nobody in the music industry ever does actually retire, I mean, take Bill Ward for example. So retirement does happen, it’s just rare, and I don’t think we have anything to worry about as far as Tony, Ozzy and Geezer are concerned.

  13. headlining soundwave australia jan 2016 i hope

  14. Matt Dennett says

    If this is really going to be “the end” then it should be back in the UK in Birmingham where it all began. On the Bill issue – if he doesn’t take part then I know the perfect replacement…I recently saw the UK tribute band Sack Sabbath in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. The drummer “Brill Ward” was amazing. Tight and powerful, he didn’t miss a beat the whole set. Every drum roll and fill was spot on. I shook his hand afterward showing him the respect he deserved. Plus he very much resembled a young Bill, mass of dark wild hair and long beard! Anyway, this guy would really compliment Tony and Geezer, young, wild, precise, very heavy player, Tony please check him out! Sabbath lives on inside of us all, retired or not.

  15. rod davis says

    dont go!!! ilove you sabs, make another album at your lieser.health comes first now! [fans] tour when you want to! and at your pace! you have proven that black truly is number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love always rod. pittsburgh pa.

  16. Anthony, it’s quite possible that RJD hasn’t appeared on any albums or tours in the last few years due to the fact that he passed away. Tragically, I might add.

    Personally, I’d like to see Sabbath retire. For a start, they deserve it. What are we, 45/46 years since they started. Really deserve some chill time, especially Tony who could damage himself with too much exertion.

    Secondly, Ozzy is worse than ever now. Nostalgia aside, if I saw Patrick Stewart in Hamlet and he was crap, I’d say, “you’re crap”, not witlessly bleat on about the privelige of standing in the same room as a deity, and how it doesn’t matter if he’s crap. Yes, it does.

    Thirdly, although unlikely, I’d like to see Tony do some studio work with Tony Martin. Not as Sabbath, just Tony and Tony or something.

    I saw Sabbath on the Dehumaniser tour, and that was the last Black Sabbath tour, for me, that was any good.

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