The end, eh? (aka Final Tour)

So, word has come down today about a “final tour” for Black Sabbath.   A thought about that…I’ve made a lot of noise on my site about “wait till it’s official”.  Well, this one is official.  The band has properly announced this.  There will be a tour next year.  There are no plans for an album that I’m aware of, and they haven’t announced that they’re making one.  If I were a betting man, I’d go with we’d get some sort of disc out around then with some live tracks and those four studio tracks from the 13 sessions on a disc.  But I have NO NEWS about that, nothing official in any way – that’s guesswork on my part.

While I don’t doubt they’ll tour next year at all, I don’t put a ton of weight behind “final tour”.   We’ve all been down that path before – especially Ozzy, in 1992.

Anyway, below are the video trailer and artwork released for the 2016 tour.



It’s the Beginning of THE END.

It started nearly five decades ago with a crack of thunder, a distant bell ringing and then that monstrous riff that shook the earth. The heaviest rock sound ever heard.

In that moment Heavy Metal was born, created by a young band from Birmingham, England barely out of their teens.

Now it ENDS, the final tour by the greatest Metal Band of all time, BLACK SABBATH. Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler close the final chapter in the final volume of the incredible BLACK SABBATH story.

BLACK SABBATH’s farewell tour, THE END, begins on January 20, 2016 and it promises to surpass all previous tours with their most mesmerizing production ever.

When this tour concludes, it will truly be THE END,

THE END of one of most legendary bands in Rock ’n Roll history…



Photo credit: Mark Weiss

North American Tour Dates

1/20       Omaha, NE                   CenturyLink Center
1/22       Chicago, IL                   United Center
1/25       Minneapolis, MN            Target Center
1/28       Saskatoon, SK              Sasktel Centre
1/30       Edmonton, AB               Rexall Centre
2/1         Calgary, AB                  Scotiabank Saddledome
2/3         Vancouver, BC              Rogers Arena
2/6         Tacoma, WA                 Tacoma Dome
2/9         San Jose, CA                 SAP Center
2/11       Los Angeles, CA            The Forum
2/13       Las Vegas, NV               Mandalay Bay Events Center
2/15       Denver, CO                   Pepsi Center
2/17       Kansas City, MO            Sprint Center
2/19       Detroit, MI                   The Palace of Auburn Hills
2/21       Hamilton, ON                FirstOntario Centre
2/23       Montreal, QC                Bell Centre
2/25       New York City, NY         Madison Square Garden

Australia/New Zealand Tour Dates

4/15       Perth                           Perth Arena
4/17       Adelaide                       Entertainment Centre
4/19       Melbourne                    Rod Laver Arena
4/23       Sydney                        Allphones Arena
4/25       Brisbane                       Entertainment Centre
4/28       Auckland                      Vector Arena
4/30       Dunedin                       Forsyth Barr Stadium

More dates to be announced in October 2015

Details on Tickets, VIP packages and more for the North American shows can be found at:


  1. Kristoffer Gottberg says

    And what about Bill Ward?!?

    • It’s Sad! On the ‘official’ Black Sabbath site, Bill Ward is completely removed.

    • Do you think bill would be able to tour for a yr? NOPE! it would be nice if he was involved, but faace this point him being the drummer he would be a big liability …what are they supposed to do hire a backup drummer to travel and play the shows bill is physically unable to play? if they relied on JUST bill with no backup drummer travelin with them…..there would most likely be alot of cancelations after a month of shows..if it took a month before he couldnt do it anymore

      • If Bill says he can do it , he can do it .
        He is a man of principles .
        I have bled Black Sabbath for 45 yrs
        Just laid down 600 for 2 MSG tix that I can’t afford
        Hoping they will kiss and make up
        This Ozzy and Bill thing seems to be media gossip
        Something I never thought Sabbath would be involved in
        If this is ‘ the end ” , I hope the boys really consider us disciples
        who paid their mortgages all these years
        We want all 4 of you

        I hope the band reads this
        God Bless Black Sabbath

        • They’re playing 30 miles away, closest in years although did see H&H in 2009 just before Ronnie was diagnosed. Really can’t afford the tickets, can’t even divert money from something less important (like bills). Hoping someone records a few gigs, don’t want to miss out completely!

          • Chad Hallman says

            Yea , tickets are expensive ! & 2,500 dollars to do a meet and greet or vip package, whatever it’s called. And no Bill Ward ?? Sorry to say this will be one tour I will care less about or will not go see because 1. No Bill Ward , 2. Pricey tickets & VIP packages with no 100% guarantee you’ll meet the band or get what you pay for, 3. NO BILL WARD !!!

      • …and…the band would not be able to build any momentum, get tighter, with a different drummer every night!

  2. You may be right to question “The End” tour… but this is 23 years after 1992, that was a mid-forties Ozzy talking, I wouldn’t be putting much weight behind another tour after this one… maybe an extension to this one if they all hold up through the first leg but between Ozzy’s vocals and Tony’s continued cancer battle I just don’t see 3 guys in their 70s ever touring. I just hope they make it to MSG cause I’ll be waiting!! And if The Wizard can find it’s way back into rotation, I’m all for it!!

  3. You’re probably right about the left over tracks from 13 but we just got a full live album with GITM. The only live album should be a proper release of Asbury Park 1975 or some other old recording.

  4. Bryan Abner says

    This is going to be their last big tour. Like The Stones they might do a few mini tours from time to time. No new album but i;m fine with that. I will go see them when they come to town in feb.

  5. That trailer…. oh god, it’s _incredibly _ cheesy and doesn’t fit the announcement of this proportion at all.
    That’s just my humble opinion, of course.

  6. I don’t know… I was willing to buy into this 3 piece “B S” for 13 and kinda swallowed the whole bitter Bill Ward chaos … But now … just calling it Black Sabbath still without Stick Lord Ward … I can’t gulp it down again .. watching anybody else on the throne AINT Black Sabbath…
    No matter what the pretty produced announcement video says … It’s half the rhythm section,the guitar orchestra,and The mad vocalist … period. No Driving Inventive Pounding Ancient Drum Master.. William Ward … No Black Sabbath at this go round … my throat hurts ..

    • I have to say that if this is going to qualify as a true Black Sabbath tour, Bill Ward would have to agree to participate. Then he’d have to go back on his word and refuse to participate. Come on Bill, once more for old times’ sake, whaddya say?

  7. vinny Galarce says

    I cried today because of this. I though there was still hope for some chance for Bill but now this?…I wonder if Keith Moon were still alive today would we accept a Moon-less version of “The Who”? A Bonham-less Zepp? a Watt-less Stones?…The tour will be a success anyway! That’s all that matters at the end of the day. Thousand of kids and clueless fans (who still think Bev Bevan actually played on TEI) taking selfles on the shows and loving every second of it. For us, The old school fans who won’t buy the ticket for this desecration of Sabbath’s legacy there will be only sadness and sights. At the end of the day money conquers all. Specially if the recipient is the Digital Bitch.

    • Another Ancient Warrior says

      Hear, Hear; “Vinny”!! Now, could the DB be a woman with a name, that rhymes with “Aaron”(Laughs!!)????

    • All those kids and clueless fans “loving every minute of it”? Surely that’s the point of all this, isn’t it? There are lots of folks who’ve listened to the band for 30 or 40 years and know everything there is to know, and they (seemingly) stopped having fun quite some time ago…complaining about everything under the sun. Don’t like the drummer, don’t like the new album, Black Sabbath didn’t play in MY city last time around, don’t like the latest promo video for “The End” tour and on and on and on. Just enjoy yourselves, ’cause this is really IT. I’m kind of worried about Tony now after hearing the announcement of the final tour. Who’s the drummer then? The studio/album guy, the previous tour guy or even Vinny Appice? Tommy would be just fine with me.

      • You’ll be glad to know that fans of The Cure have exactly the same complaints as Black Sabbath fans! Maybe ‘glad’ isn’t the right word…

    • How about a Best-less Beatles??

  8. I find it quite anoing that’s all the same as last time… Where are the dates in EUROPE? I want to see them in Birmingham!
    Time is running, and hopefully I won’t miss to see them as they can’t do it anymore after thos 24 shows! That’s pretty much!

  9. Joe D'Agostino says

    They obviously haven’t reconciled with Bill. How lame is that!

    • Iommi said recently they had talked things around, to a degree although i am not sure who ‘they’ are! Possibly Butler also, following the Novello awards ceremony a few months ago maybe! Not sure about the O$bourne’s!

  10. What do you think the setlist will be?

  11. Care To Take A Pop Guess As To Where The Old Lady & I Will Be 25th February?

    The Bill Ward Part:
    Hopefully He Comes Around, If Not, I’m O.K. With That.
    A Little Saddened, But O.K., None-The-Less…

    Someone On The Original Blabbermouth Article Commented This After Someone Went Off About Ozzy’s Wife/Manager Vs. Bill:
    Fernando Padron · Caracas, Venezuela
    Really? And when Mr. Ward had “contract problems” with Heaven & Hell, was it Sharon’s fault too?

    Yeah, That’s Kind Of What I Felt/Thought, Too…

    Like I Said Earlier, Hopefully He Comes Around, If Not, I’m O.K. With That.

  12. Matt Dennett says

    I shall be there simply to see the best guitarist and bassist in metal EVER perform live one last time. Iommi and Butler mean everything to me. I only hope Ozzy and “the drummer” (whoever that may turn out to be) do these two walking gods justice.

  13. I don’t know who produced this video, but image and words are a bit ridiculous. Do they have such a tiny budget to anounce their grand final tour? That said, I wonder if the tracklist during the tour wil be different from the one of the 13 tour. As the probability is rather low, I guess we won’t get any live CD/DVD at the end… Or maybe do they tour to support the re-release of Forbidden? With guest apparitions of Dave Walker and David Donato? I’m just trying to imagine something which would attract the crowd else than the opportunity to see a band for the last time. Yet, I’m persuaded that they will reform sporadically for a few festival appearances. What a gigantic waste of talent has been this post-1995 Sabbath era. What did we get? Two bonus studio tracks on a live album, an unreleased song that can be heard on a couple of live bootlegs, and a decent full length album. The tour starting in January, the probability is very low that we get some newly released music before.

    • I don’t really know what to say about that. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get my chin off the floor. You seem to think the band were your/our employees all these years… Don’t forget we got another 2+ years with Ronnie too. I think that as a live band, they were always better with Dio. Far more intricate songwriting, a singer with vocal ability on a different plane when compared to Ozzy and the songs written with Dio always seemed to bring out the best in Tony. He could do a lot more when not limited by the singer. There will probably get another live DVD, by the time this tour is over the last one will be almost three years old!

  14. I think they should call it “The Last Supper”! Wait… that sound familiar…

    As you said Joe, this isn’t the first time they’ve done a farewell tour. The thing that makes this one look more real than the ones previous is the age of the guys. They are all pushing 70! I am however a bit skeptical. I think they will make this tour, lay low for a while, Ozzy will realese a new solo album, then the’ll do something (Album? Tour? EP? Mini-tour? Who knows?).
    I mean – do any one of them really want to retire? I can’t see someone like Iommi not making music. I really think these guys will go on until they bite the dust (which hopefully is a long time from now).

  15. Another Ancient Warrior says

    “Kris” mentions Bill Ward; I don’t suppose that Vinnie [Appice] was queried, was he????

    If . . . this truly is THE END . . . if I want to see Tony again . . . then, I’ll have to move to England, enroll in Coventry U., and sign up for one of Dr. Iommi’s classes or seminars.

  16. What about Ottawa we sold out for 13 tour Black Sabbath 4ever

  17. So it seems that its Iommi making the call that this is the end. He stated that his body isn’t what it used to be and he is right. Additionally he did state that he met with Bill recently and it was a good meeting and that it was up to Bill as to whether he was going to jump in or not. We shall see what happens but I will be at the Vegas show to observe the SABBATH one last time!

  18. I’ll hopefully be there 17/4.Last time was a blast.Party time from beginning to end.Great music,great light show very entertaining and they’re promising bigger and better!? Be nice to slip in an unepected track like “After Forever” or “Tomorrow’s Dream” still,even if the set’s pretty much the same it should still be a great night! A little surprised at the lack of comments on this.Thought lots of fans would be running around like their hair’s on fire!

  19. I bet they will announce summer 2016 dates in european festivals. They could lift up the whole metal movement for 2016, that was expected to be a bit poor in terms of great acts touring

  20. Paolo Molinari says

    The END? Never the ned, not in my view… THE SABBATH CONTINUES!!!!!!

  21. Setlist: War Pigs, Iron Man ,Paranoid… ;)

  22. Please….
    Rehearse a little bit more and play another set list . The fans deserve…. play the three most famous songs alongside others…. Moreover, if not Bill, Appice on drums and Nicolls on keyboards and second guitar… no more Ozzy musicians…

    Robert Cam

  23. Jeff Downing says

    That announcement video is cheesy like a cheap Halloween promo. Just goes to show the business suits and even the general public still don’t understand Black Sabbath. I’m glad they are going to go out with a big production though. And also glad they aren’t going to do another album. 13 was fine, but it was a rehash, albeit a pretty good rehash , and there is not much to add. It got great reviews and a Grammy- end on top. It’s what most bands dream of and never get. Sabbath are Sabbath and I don’t like the constantly referred to as METAL because that is so one dimensional, like this promo video. They never go away – not as long as I have my albums. Its 1972 the moment I hear the beginning of Wheels Of Confusion.

    Speaking of 70s Sabbath albums , Joe I wonder why you don’t have Happy Birthday news features on such incredible albums as Sabotage? I understand not wanting the other era albums to go without recognition, but every one of those 80s albums are always worth mention and inspire analysis even today.

  24. All this fuss about Bill Ward. Let’s be honest, the Bill Ward from the original recordings is long gone. Age, and health etc. It seems that it’s almost an attempt at gaining ‘creditt’ amongst some people, the whole ‘It’s not Sabbath without BW” whinging. Tell you what, go to see Sabbath (yes, it is) without BW, and if you can swear that you had an awful time, neither shook a foot nor banged your head once, and left disgusted to the point of nausea having hated every second of Iommi, Butler, and Ozzy playing – THEN your “it’s not Sabbath’ posing will be believable.

    If you don’t think it’s Sabbath without BW, I dread to think what you make of Tyr or Headless Cross – both excellent, and both Sabbath.

  25. Got my tickets today for the Kansas City show. Row 27 on the floor! I can’t wait for February 17th!

  26. This is not ‘Black Sabbath’ without bill Ward. Just like Tony Iommi was not ‘Black Sabbath’ when he was by himself touring with other people!
    I saw them in 2013 without Bill Ward and it was a good show, but. I have tix to see them here in Michigan, USA in February. They are going for the money grab with reserved seating on main floor and outrageously expensive VIP meet and greet packages of $,500 and more. I say this because in 2000 the Reunion Tour with Bill Ward they had General Admission on the main floor and it was a BLAST! to mosh and see the energy in people during the show. Now with reserved tickets they are getting $150 for main floor, but that is nothing compared to Paul McCartney here main floor at $250. Is This The End? Not for Bill Ward, I hope.

    • Was it not Black Sabbath when -Insert Name Here- was drumming, singing, playing bass, on keyboards?

      I mean, obviously there was no other singer in Black Sabbath, except for Ozzy, so…
      Well, maybe Bill on 2 tracks, but that’d be about it…

      • “Obviously there was no other singer….”? Aside from Dio, Tony Martin, Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, Ray Gillen, David Donato…to name a few. Not exactly obvious, then, wot? Ozzy has always been a mediocre vocalist,camoflaged by superior musicians. Dio brought class to Sabbath. Ozzy barely brought one key. Replace Ozzy with any karaoke singer on the first few albums….impact would be the same. Ozzy was ‘just there’.

    • They could put a disclaimer in the title like with Seventh Star…Black Sabbath NOT featuring Bill Ward.

  27. As Joe said, how many times have we heard “the last”… meh.

    At my age, Sabbath is the four gifted artists I’ve loved since I was 12, and my uncle played “Sweet Leaf” and I had my first hit.


    I find this sad… the fact they could do this while they're all still with us… and they won't.

    Anyway, the memories are eternal.

    • Not THEY won’t…BILL won’t.

      • Perhaps.. but I’ve read Iommi’s book, and Bill’s interviews, and all the FB wars and I’m not inclined to believe Bill is the villain.

        It’s not the 70s anymore. While it sucks, business is business. A pie split three ways is much easier to enjoy than one cut for four. Drummers do not get any credit these day (likely because most “talent” prefers not paying musicians and relying on technology)..

        Again, it didn’t have to end like this. Even Cream was able to put it to one side and have a final farewell…

  28. It’ll never be the end, Sabbath will live on forever and eternity as long as there are diehards like us!

    I live, breath, eat and sleep Black Sabbath, legends never die!!!!!

  29. really , you dont put much stock in this bein the end?
    this tour will prob take up the better part(maybe more)of a yr…..add a break to that and you are lookin at 2 yrs befor another tour…. ya…this is it! its called TOO FUKIN OLD!!!!!

  30. Chad Hallman says

    Tony Iommi says tracks already written for an another album. But that new album is up in the air. I understand Tony’ s health and that , but this crap with Bill Ward has got to come to an end! Just get all 4 original members on in one room , no other managers, and get this rubbish straightened out once and for all, do the album, do the small tour, and split the money 4 equal eays, and retire happy!! I mean really, how hard is that to do? And I think as fans, the life long supportive ones, deserve to have one last album, and great tour!!

    • Tony always has songs. But there’s no work on a new Black Sabbath album. There’s also the four unreleased songs from the 13 album. I suspect you have a better chance of seeing those released with a couple of live tracks as opposed to a totally new album. I honestly think after this tour, that’s it. No mas.

      • Then there’s that 7-8 songs ALLEGEDLY recorded back in 2000/2001, Scary Dreams, etc…

        • Can do without, but thanks for mentioning it…

        • The two studio songs on the ‘Reunion’ album have always sounded like Ozzy solo stuff than a concerted ‘Black Sabbath’ effort. The stuff on ’13’ is far far superior to the 1997 attempts at writing songs. Not sure what else might be waiting for us from the 1997 sessions, but if the two we already have were the best of the bunch then there probably isn’t much of interest there. Just a guess.

          • Judging by the above caption it looks like the end, i guess with Tony’s off and on going cancer regular
            check ups let’s hope either way he pulls through 100% and after 50 years, have they had enough?
            There is always a lot of speculation will they or won’t they? No doubt there are perhaps a number of
            other reasons too, to pull the plug on the legendary Sabbath brilliant career, well there are three questions,
            will this be their final tour, have they got one more album in them, is there a chance of Bill Ward joining
            them for one last time, and the Bill Ward nonsense over the last year or so, it’s definitely been a public
            spat between Ozzy & Bill and i guess to me there is no winner, if it is their last tour it will be great,
            and no doubt Ozzy will continue as a “solo” act. With Ozzy recording over the next few months,
            that cancels a new Sabbath album? This will be the 4th time for me in Australia, it would be
            amazing if they could do a slightly different set by adding Megalomania,Wheels Of Confusion,
            and the full Sabbath Bloody Sabbath track, but you would have to leave out other gems, at least
            we have some amazing music over the past 50 odd years. The Ozzy years, The Dio era, Tony The Cat Martin & Glenn Hughes , Ian Gillan, Ray Gillen short lived Sabbath times, David’s comment below is perfect “All Things Must Pass” thanks for some killer music it will live on!

  31. This tour announcement kind of blindsided me. Even with Tony’s health issues, I was expecting a new”final” album and big tour late next year. Which I would be more than ready for. This “the end” tour seems fearfully real. No gimmicks to me. Tony wants to this while he still can, so my best friend and i will be there in full excitement and support. We had just seen AC/DC here in Detroit and feel the same way. As these classic bands age, you never know what will happen, and you may have seen them for the last time. I myself would like to hear the deep cuts on this tour. A National Acrobat, Psycho Man, Johnny Blade, Shock Wave. Maybe a cool Laguna Sunrise from Tony?I know Ozzy can’t sing alot of these songs at the original range anymore, but he doesn’t have to. Fans will still love it!

  32. As George Harrison one said: “All Things Must Pass”

  33. Second Night added at MSG in NYC – Saturday, February 27th

  34. I think everyone should be under no illusion this is really the last gigs Sabbath will ever play, with or without Bill. Tony and Geezer have been hinting at it for a while and they simply can’t go on for ever. my guess is the tour will end in the UK in just before xmas final gigs at Birmingham where i will definately see them come hell or high water..
    Even though everyone wants to see Bill on drums one last time i just cannot see him doing it physically, how long since he played a gig never mind a tour, no one wants to see gigs cancelled cos Bill has broken down so my guess it will be Cluftos again, he got a lot better as he got used to playing with the band.
    it would be ripe for a mammoth 2 -3 hour set somehow getting Ozzy to sing the great Sabotage and Bloody Sabbath favourites as well as Gypsy from Ecstasy, the Ecstasy tracks sound brilliant live. I also would love to hear Wheels of Confusion again ( did id at O2 Brum warm up gig). just about my favourite all time track.
    Here’s hoping

  35. Bill is about the same age that Ginger Baker was when he did the Cream reunion – a band he hadn’t played with for 36 years (!) so it isn’t at all impossible. Ozzy has banged on ad nauseum about how physically unfit Ward is – which is part of cause the personal spat between them, obviously, but very early in this war of words he also tried to imply Bill wasn’t up to it mentally.. Some of his criticisms included “He needed post it notes all over his kit” and “He didn’t know what the fuck we were doing”. Bill has been interviewed a lot recently and he seems very lucid and sharp – in marked contrast to the guy slagging him off. It seems pretty obvious that Ozyy was talking bullshit about Bill’s mental wellbeing, so I am hoping he was talking shite about his physical health as well. Bill has just recorded an album with a rock trio (I wish he’d hurry up and release it!) and is talking about doing live gigs with both the Bill Ward Band and this rock trio – so there is hope he can still handle it. Bottom line, why did Tony Iommi say whether Ward is on board with the tour or album is “up to Bill”. If Ozzy’s accusations were true, how could it be up to Bill?

    • I can see your point in all but the beginning of your comment! Ginger Baker had to only play half a dozen gigs for the Cream reunion! Then a few more later that year at MSG. Jack Bruce had not fully recovered from his liver transplant the year before, that could have also had something to do with the limited number of concerts!

  36. I for once hope this is really the end. There’s nothing that can be done with Ozzy anymore. My dream scenario would be Tony getting together with Glenn and recording a new album and perhaps doing a couple of gigs playing the songs from the DEP Sessions and Fused.

  37. Any news on the EU tour dates? The band have posted some of them on their website. And when i’saying some of them i mean they can’t be missing the UK right?
    Keep us posted Joe. Thank you in advance!
    Rock on!

  38. vinny Galarce says

    As a drummer myself there’s a huge detail most of the “Whoever the drummer is , still Sabbath” people seem to ignore. Bill Ward has the unique Sabbath’s “orchestral” beat nobody can replicate. Maybe Brad Will coulda/shoulda have done it but I guess he was obviously way too starstruck too even dare to suggest what to play. I think he got there and play as simple as he could in order to not to rise any eyebrows or being shown the door. Bill Ward is as important to the original Sabbath sound as Ozzy’s voice. Yeah, You can try filling in the holes with a way better singer as Hughes or a beast of a drummer like Cufletos but…Thats not Sabbath. Thats a substitute. A non-alcoholic beer. A cold piece of pizza. Bill’s technique can hold him trough a 2 hours gig. You don’t need to be basher to be loud. You need to hit the right (sweet) spot on the drums. Look at Bonham. He didn’t rise his elbows or cracked any crashes. He was still the loudest drummer ever. You guys can go there and have fun. Move your feet and rise your hands in the hand. And might not even feel ripped off. But that won’t change the fact that you’re only getting 75% of the thing not the real thing.

  39. Ofcourse it would be awesome to have Ward there, but its too late in the game to miss these guys over a protest. Why not have Vinny in tow like the 99 tour as a backup? Just as importantly to me is the setlist. Hoping they go out with all guns blazing, namely a few tunes from even the lesser known lps. Don’t care if Ozzy has to sing an octave lower (like he did on parts of Sabbath Bloody and Spiral on Reunion), just do it! Namely, stuff from Never Say Die and Ecstasy – and not just Dirty Women!

  40. Joe, your tour dates list includes Saskatoon on 01/28 which has been canceled, but does not include Winnipeg on 01/27 which is still active.

  41. Check out Bill’s Facebook page, he’s at it again. He’ll never sit on the drum stool for Sabbath again. At least we know now. I’ve lost all respect for him now, not that he cares. He claims to care so deeply for us Sabbath fans. Bullshit. See ya, Bill.

  42. Robert Powell says

    What’s with all this Bill Ward hate stuff. He’s had enough, so what. If Sabbath tour again without him it’s still great news. What do you all know about this anyway? If Tony & Geezer have had talks with Bill & he’ unwilling then the show goes on without him. Do any of you lot jump about of bed in the morning after doing the same job for 46 years with the same enthusiasm! I will still support this band to the end even if it’s just Tony.

    • I agree with you (about the band, not Bill.) I like the band just the way it is. Bill is just being a total dick about the whole thing…and in public too. I’m criticizing his ridiculous attitude and demands, not the man himself…although it’s pretty hard to separate them. He’s had enough?? Of what? We the fans have had enough.

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