Pictures of “The End”

Last night was the second show of the 2016  tour, in Chicago.  A friend of mine went to the show, and texted me a couple of pictures.  Below are the pics.

First are two pics from the show itself.  The first one shows Bill Ward (in what looks like footage from the Never Say Die tour/Concert DVD).  This specific shot comes from the song Rat Salad.  While I haven’t witnessed it myself, I’m told they’ve “scattered footage” of Bill throughout the show.  If anyone who has seen this tour can confirm that, please let me know in the comments.  The second picture is of the final bow at the end of the show.   Also, the set list was slightly different than the first show.

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Fairies Wear Boots
  3. After Forever
  4. Into the Void
  5. Snowblind
  6. War Pigs
  7. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  8. NIB
  9. Hand of Doom
  10. Rat Salad / Drum Solo
  11. Iron Man
  12. God is Dead?
  13. Under the Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes
  14. Dirty Women
  15. Paranoid
  16. Children of the Grave

Bill Ward in "The End"



Also, here’s a video of Sabbath doing “Hand of Doom” from Chicago.

“The End” CD

The second group of photos are of the “The End” CD, which is being sold at the shows.   It was apparently NOT at the first show (I’m told due to manufacturing delays).  The CD costs $30 (which seems awfully pricey to me).  I heard a rumour last night that there were only 50 copies for sale at the entire show, which sounds like bullshit to me.  But it was sold, and is of course all over the Internet – I won’t be posting that, and I ask you nicely not to post links to it in the comments.  I don’t want to piss off the band by providing that.  Thanks.

As for those who aren’t going to a show…  What I think will happen is once the tour is over, they’ll make it for purchase digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and whatnot.  I have no facts or news about that, but it seems like a logical move.   Or, there will be a “Super Deluxe” version of 13 with all 16 songs on it.  Again, guesswork, but I seriously doubt $haron will miss a chance to make more money off it by NOT making it available digitally.


IMG_6039  IMG_6040







  1. Randy Bateman says

    Can’t wait until the Tacoma Dome show!

  2. Hey Joe,

    Can you confirm if there will actually be autographed versions at future shows? I’d probably burn my merch fund on that (likely pricey item) when they come to Hamilton next month.


  3. Michel Mousseau says

    30$ FREAKING bucks???? For 8 songs???? I guess they really need a nice retirement fund. :)

  4. Chad Hallman says

    Show is nothing really spectacular at all. A bigger TV behind the drum kit & a few more lights than the “13” show and some confetti and that’s it. Sorta comparible to the 1998 Ozzfest reunion .Ozzy sounds alot better than he did on the “13” tour though. Glad I’m not wasting my money on going this tour. Bill isn’t there behind the kit and the show is not what Tony & Ozzy & Geezer said it would be. What a big let down.

  5. Lucius Morthem says


    The digipack didn’t come with the lyrics for the song?

    Not being a native speaker of such beautiful language (This is serious, believe it or not) I cannot fully comprehend easily at first, what it says everytime….

  6. thanks for sharing. I have a reissue question I bought the 3 double disc reissues this weekend , it says on the front that ti is 2012 remastering do you know how it is different then the 2009 import remastering. thanks for you hard work on the site as always

  7. I would like to see another DVD maybe with these unreleased songs. Something better then the one they put out a whiles back. Not that it was terrible but it was recorded early on and i would have like to see a little something more rehearsed and refined.

  8. there wee probably more than 50 copies total available at the chicago show, but not by much. arrived at 7, went straight to buy it, merchandise table on the main floor said they sold out “five minutes after the gates opened”. i was sitting in the upper level–they had another merchandise section near our seats, far less busy than the one on the main floor. i asked if they had CDs–they told me no, they sold out too, but the “promoter was double-checking, and they might have more in about 20 minutes”. i waited along side the booth with a couple other dudes, and someone did in fact show up after about a half-hour, halfway into rival sons’ set, with a couple handfuls of discs–maybe 20? 30 at most? again, that was just upstairs. no idea what was happening at the merch table on the main floor, or any other merch tables that might’ve been at the UC. long story short, the band certainly didn’t provide many. i had to work pretty hard to get my grossly overpriced copy. take note if really want one at a future show.

  9. I MISS BILL…. yeow… watching Tommy utterly KILL every stroke , every beat , every fill , every drum , every time… is just NOT Sabbath… fuking anyone with any knowledge with BS music and has seen the band with Bill knows exactly what I’m saying … How could the band not take a personal interest in dealing with Bill’s contract issues is beyond my understanding. The music suffers with the fans when Fuking Lawyers and Pers Managers make band decisions…. It’s the greatest Rock Soap Opera of all the ages. THEEEE most influential band in the history of heavy rock music , and all childhood friends to boot , cannot come to terms with their drummer …. the backbone on which ALL the other members hang their hat on.

    I cry watching those arms flail away on that stool… but I hear no power , no music , no Sabbath

    • Vinny Pavia says

      Tony B….. Couldn’t have said it any better myself…I am so surprised and disappointed with these guys

    • Chad Hallman says

      I AGREE WITH TONY B. !!!! You hit the nail on the head with what you said Tony !!!

    • I agree with you Tony B. ! The stuff you said about Clufetos and the stuff about Bill Ward ! Clufetos has the same style and beat for every song ! Listen to him playing for Rob Zombie ! Horrible ! Definitely not a replacement for Bill Ward ! No fills, no stops, no swing aound, etc. Sad that Sabbath is going out like this . Not going to any so called last shows or buying any over priced merchandise . NO BILL WARD = NO REAL BLACK SABBATH !!

  10. ozzy osbourne karaoke – skipping planed playlist songs – louder you get, the longer we’ll play BS – Little over 10 songs if we are lucky – same BS

    • Agreed Devin W. ! I haven’t gone to any shows but have heard a few on some sites . Will not go to any shows or buy any over priced merchandise either ! And not going because Bill Ward is not behind the kit where he rightfully belongs . NO BILL WARD = NO REAL BLACK SABBATH !

  11. Great set list with some surprises – can’t wait for the UK tour dates. Nice to see Bill Ward included if only on screen. The End CD is typical of limited releases and I hope it gets a proper release soon. They are of course appearing on ebay already at ridiculous prices – put their by people (not fans) making a quick buck. I don’t want to wait til the UK tour arrives so I bought a cheap copy. It actually sounds like going to the gig is no guarantee of picking up a CD anyway. Love the four new tracks and they should be put out on a special edition of 13 or included with the DVD of The End tour.

  12. The E.P most expensive of all times? It seems that if. Never four songs has to pay the fortune that is this paying on EBay. Yesterday sold a copy of The end for 150 dollars! And it seems that fans are ready to pay wathever it takes to get it. So anyone wait get it for less than 100€… If what you wanted was entering the Guinness Récord, going way succed Sharon. Congratulations

  13. It seems to me this tour should be called the “End of Greed” tour. $1,500 to $25,000 packages to meet them backstage! Really! Where is the promised out of this world production? It looks pretty much the same as the “13” tour to me and the setlist is the same. OK, Hand of Doom & Tomorrow’s Dream, big deal! Most of the people who are going to see them are the same the past 20 years. We’ve heard these same songs to death. Half of their playlist should be new songs, anything from NSD or TE (except Dirty Women) which they’ve worn out. In fact anything would be fine besides the same 14 or 15. If Ozzy is the reluctant one to play different songs, why, he’s only reading them off a monitor anyway. As far as anyone who would pay even $30 for this concert ep, I have one word, SUCKER. You know full well this material will be released and re-released many times; be patient for Christ sakes.

  14. In the case of Sharon I fear anything. They can get any of these four songs in an upcoming compilation, or in a double CD live tour of The end. But I also think that these songs do not appear together at the moment, to make more money. And but look the Deluxe 13 CD, three songs on the one hand, another plus on the Walmart edition. I see not to easy reissue all songs on the same CD. Knowing the Osbournes is possible, just possible, that to get the CD from the End of a few years is worth a fortune. And but at the time…

  15. Mike Lampert says

    I just saw then in MSG. I’m 53 yrs. old and brought my 25 yr. old daughter. It was a Great show. Ozzy actually sounded good. I’ve seen them twice in the 70’s, twice with Dio, once with Gillian, and on multiply Ozzfest tours. If you like Sabbath your nuts not to see one of these shows. Bill Ward was on the screen during Rat Salad. They also were selling a shirt with Bill on it. They did not play anything from 13 or Under the Sun. After Forever, Hand of Doom were awesome. My daughter loved Fairies Wear Boots amoung all the others. Iommi’s guitar tone was awesome. One last time for my favorite band was worth every penny. Geezer ripped it up as usual. A live,loud performance is the way to go. Don’t wait for the DVD, it won’t match the majic of 18000 people singing War Pigs and yelling out the verse~because smoking and tripping is all that you do! YYYAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa!

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