Black Sabbath “Convention”

Global Black Sabbath Convention returns to NYC for Black Sabbath’s “The End” Tour at Slake Concert Hall 2/24/2016 Featuring best selling author Martin Popoff!

With Black Sabbath starting their worldwide “The End” tour Global Black Sabbath Convention returns to New York City at the Slake Concert hall February 24th,the night before Black Sabbath plays at Madison Square Garden.
GBSC is a Facebook fan convention of Sabbath fans spanning across the globe. The convention occurs the night before to allow fans to meet and greet each other and share the music of Black Sabbath through various acts that charge the attendees up getting them ready for the show.

Sabbath ConventionThis event will premier the top Sabbath tribute band INTO the Void, Dio years band Bible Black NYC, and Sabbath acoustic act Phil Jakes. A pre-show discussion will also be held featuring “Who Invented Heavy Metal?” Author Martin Popoff.

Started in 2013 by founders Dave Davis and Ben Fahl, GBSC has now grown to over 9,000 members. Their unique approach of celebrating all eras of Black Sabbath has developed a great synergy of fans that daily interact with all things “Sabbath” on their page. For GBSC an online experience is not enough. In 2014 GBSC held their first ever convention in NYC to a sold out venue. National Rock Review was on hand to cover this landmark event and gave a rave review for the event.

GBSC produced a CD with Tanzan Music “Great Lefty: Live Forever”, the project was even praised by Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi. The CD features various members of the group performing a wide variety of Sabbath music and the proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Center, where Iommi is being treated.

GBSC’s next big event will prove to be another smashing success and a great way to say farewell to one of Heavy Metal’s most influential groups Black Sabbath. Make sure to book your tickets in advance for this landmark event.

Slake Concert Hall is located at 251 West 30th St between 7th and 8th Avenues. Doors open at 6:00 PM admission 20$, eighteen and over.

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  1. Matt Dennett says

    TI and GB should hire the singer from the Into The Void band! Great voice, total deadringer to Ozzy soundwise…but in tune and on time! Reminds me a lot of Tim Ripper Owens. I really enjoy watching those live clips! Great drummer too, very BW, I would love to see this band over here in the UK. Very authentic, the clip of The Warning is excellent, absolutely spot on. Talented guys!

  2. Chad Hallman says

    I wonder if the tribute band(s) have a NO BILL WARD version for the people , just like the real but UNREAL sabbath that’s playing now with a No Bill Ward version ?

  3. Danny Lighthiser says

    If Bill wanted to play w/ Black Sabbath then he should’ve been there and looked forward to every night of jamming right alongside of Tony, Geezer, and Ozzy. What the hell? Leave it alone. It’s not like he stuck w/ Tony all through the years. Is it?

    • Chad Hallman says

      They screwed bill! They cant talk for themselves and have to get their shitty management team to do it. And then feed the fans a bunch of lies about all of it !

      • Jeff Downing says

        I love Bill Ward. But with current capabilities and health would you want to attempt being on the road half the time for a few years doing huge arena shows with him? I don’t claim to know the truth, and i am not sure the band even really know, or Bill. Both sides could have circumvented management IF they wanted it to happen. Neither did. I think Bill could have acknowledged at least a little of the actual concerns instead of making it look like they are just trying to cash him out. That is ridiculous.
        One thing everyone knows: Bill (god bless him) is not really reliable. Then you have Tony’s health issues to think about. Surely they wish the situation was different. But you know- being mid 60s or older and not being able to pound drums like he could for Sabbath is no shame at all. Nothing but respect here. But just believing what you want to believe is childish. And if you choose to think Sabbath are money grubbing bastards, then that’s your business. But then why are you on a Black Sabbath fan site?

  4. When are people gonna let the Bill Ward thing go??

  5. vinny Galarce says

    We will NEVER let the Bill Ward thing go! The real fans cannot accept how they treated a founding member of the band!

    • “real fans” is highly subjective. Don’t assume one’s opinion is the opinion of EVERYONE.

      Having said that, Bill should be there.

  6. The 13 tour without Ward was one thing, but doing a farewell tour playing nothing from 13 and only 70’s material (except for a handful of early tour shows) EVERY effort should have been made to get this dude behind the kit, which I’m not convinced was done. Nobody cares that his ability isn’t at a 70’s level. Neither is the other three!

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