Geezer Butler Walk of Fame

Care to help / vote to get Geezer Butler on the Birmingham Walk of Fame?  Check out this petition set up online.

Walk of FamePetition : Geezer Butler to receive a star at Birmingham’s Broad street ‘Walk Of Stars’.

Born in Aston, Birmingham England on 17 July 1949, Terence Michael Joseph “Geezer” Butler is best known as a founding member , bass player , song writer and main lyricist of heavy metal pioneers band ‘Black Sabbath’ .Defining the main foundations of the genre with ground breaking classic releases such as Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid (1970), Master of Reality (1971), Vol.4 (1972) and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) , Black Sabbath inspired millions of fans and musicians around the globe paving the path for many artists and bands that came after them – Metallica , Iron maiden , Judas Priest , Guns ‘n’ Roses , Van Halen , Sound garden , Alice In Chains ,Nirvana , Opeth , Pantera – along with countless others cite Black Sabbath as one of their major musical influences.

With over 70 million record sales worldwide , Black Sabbath were responsible in spreading the sound and spirit of industrial Birmingham all around the globe , They were ranked by MTV as the “Greatest Metal Band” of all time.Rolling Stone magazine ranked them number 85 in their “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” recalling Paranoid “the birthplace of heavy metal”, also VH1’s placed them second “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” list.Black Sabbath also won numerous Grammy awards and were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

Regarded as one of the most influential bass players of all time and often cited as the ‘Godfather’ of hard rock /heavy metal bass players ,Geezer Butler’s thunderous aggressive finger style technique along with his gargantuan tone was a major key aspect in shaping Black Sabbath’s musical identity , his unorthodox approach to the instrument bringing new elements such as the wah-wah pedal and down tuning have inspired thousands of musicians and bass players for over four decades.


  1. Matt Dennett says

    GB is THE MAN. Just listen to his lead bass runs on the Live Evil album, twinned with that growl and rumble, matching TI in the riffing skills. Same on the Live at Hammersmith bonus disc of Mob Rules, no one touches him. The only other bassist to come close IMHO is John Entwistle of The Who-he had a similar lead style with distortion and high end growl. I wish I took more notice when I first saw GB live, but I was too wrapped up in seeing Ozzy – this was either 1988 or 89 at Hull City Hall UK on the No Rest For The Wicked tour, a “club” to break in Zak Wylde. I remember GB was using Spector basses and wore a cut off black t shirt with a pentagram on the chest! I was seated on the balcony directly opposite the stage and was amazed at the volume and the packed floor going wild! This was only my second true rock gig I think, the first being Status Quo so it was an eye opener for sure. It was only after the show that I started to play bass and really listened intently to GB amazing playing that I realised I had seen something very special. God bless GB.

  2. Chad Hallman says

    This petition is a joke ! They want your postal address also ? And they want you to donate money or give money to process your “signing” the petition ?? They can cram that in the rubbish bin !!!

    • fishtowner says

      Cost nothing

      • Ralf Engelmann says is notorious for collecting addresses for commercial purposes. Therefore, as as much as I would have loved to support this petition, I will not – at least not on

  3. fishtowner says

    25 more needed. Lets go!

  4. Best of luck to Geezer in his pursuit of this prestigious award,like many others have listened to Geezer since 1970 as a musician of Black Sabbath which we just saw in Montreal February 23rd 2016 blessedly enough my granddaughter Elly was born this night when we were at Black Sabbath (The End)really a true Beginning in our family Biack Sabbath 4ever and Geezer for the walk of fame

  5. Chad Hallman says

    I’d rather vote for Bill Ward to be back behind the kit where he rightfully belongs.

  6. Chad Hallman says

    Fishtowmner, you are incorrect ! As soon as you fill it out, a pop up window comes up asking for money in order to process your vote !
    Now I keep getting spam mail/ junk mail to sign other petitions / forms for other crap for tigers in Zimbabwe and other stuff I can care less about . The damned thing is a racket to get your info .

    • fishtowner says

      Nothing asked me for money and my vote has been counted. I searched through the list of signers and my name is there.

  7. So I just signed the petition
    Now take the next step to victory

    You’re one of 270 people to sign this petition. Now help find 230 more people to reach the goal.

    It did have a spot where it asked for money, but I declined to do that and I think it still registered me on the petition.

    I used a seldom used email so not worried about spam, but it did ask for my mailing address too so hopefully I don’t get junk in the mail. We’ll see!

  8. STEVEN D. CARTER says

    Geezer Butler IS #1

  9. Although I’m more into Deep Purple. Geezer is my favourite rock bassplayer, because he plays his own melody lines beside guitar and vocals. Together with Bill Ward they were the best rhythm section in rock music IMHO.
    But I wonder why he changes his SOUND the last years (not his playing). He now has a very high, thin sound, which is in my opinion too close to the guitar. I miss the low grumbling of older recordings (live and studio) very much. The thin, dry bass-SOUND was one of the few minus on “13” and “The End”. He playing is still unbelievable.
    Live he is sometimes inaudible.
    I’m the only one who missed the lower sound?

  10. Robert Stanford Cam says

    He loves cats and dogs….God bless him…

  11. Check out this new story about the studio where Geezer’s Black Science was recorded…

  12. cant sign the petition cause i dont use Facebook!
    stupid shit

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