This is a 2002 promotional picture of Bill


  • Real Name: William Thomas Ward
  • Birthdate: May 5, 1948
  • Birthplace: Aston, Birmingham England
  • Band Position: Drums
  • Started in Band: 1968 – Founding Member
  • Left Band: August 1980
  • Returned to Band: January 1983
  • Left Band: Summer 1983
  • Returned to Band: Spring 1984
  • Left Band: Summer 1984
  • Returned to Band: August 1994
  • Left Band: December 1994
  • Returned to Band: November 1997
  • Left Band: Sometime in 2006
  • Album Appearances: Black Sabbath through Heaven & Hell, plus Born Again, Sabbath Stones, Reunion, Past Lives, and several other compilation albums.
  • Other Bands: Bill Ward Band, The Mezmerist (as a session drummer in 1984 on the “The Innocent, The Forsaken, & The Guilty” album).



  1. leonard price says

    Hi Bill I dont know if you remember me Len from 11 witton lodge road I am still a great fan of sabbath It was great news about the reunion but very sorry to hear about Tony I hope everything turns out alright for him I hope the tour still goes ahead
    All the very best to you and the band Len

  2. Hey Bill been waiting forever for the new cd,can we expect it anytime soon?I have purchased a number of items from your site now just waiting for the disc.

  3. bill i think he is really a very nice person !
    bill je pense qu il est reellement quelqun de bien!
    et cela se sentira sur les compositions du nouvel album!!!

  4. Is Bill from Witton Lodge Road? That is in Erdington not really Aston or Witton for that matter. I know Ozzy lived at Lodge Road corner of Trinity and Witton Rd in Witton (Aston) It would be quite ironic if this is the case…or a Biographer has really screwed up

  5. John Hilmar Handberg says

    Hello Bill


    Now you can start singing: When I’m Sixty-Four :-)

    Best regards


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!!!!! you are by far the most original drummer ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    without you black sabbath would have never sounded the same all you have to do is listen to the sabbath albums without you and right away you will hear the inmence difference !!!!
    i hope you are included in the reunion but if not i would just have to burn a copyof the cd from someone i will not support them in any way without you !!!!!
    god bless you bill
    love you
    benny ransom

  7. sabbeth aint sabbeth without bill ward. What a joke paid £50 to see a tribute act . Should be called heaven n hell 2 .

  8. Mike Lewis says

    Would you go see the Beatles without Ringo? I would….

  9. Bill Ward is the best drummer of all in Sabbath.Though,I don’t mind Cozy,Eric Singer,Bobby Rodinelli,and who they have now(Tommy Cluefetos).I like Appice,as well.I like the solo work of Bill as well.I like the Sabbath songs he sings on(“It’s Alright” and “Swinging The Chain”).Bill is one of the best drummers and singers.I love Bill and I would love to see him return but things happen.

  10. OZZHOLLIDAY says

    is Bill Ward active on this board?
    would be great if he actually read this board and posted comments as well

    seems pointless to comment not knowing if he is reading

  11. Matthew Ryan says

    Black Sabbath is Ozzy Osbourn, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler & BILL WARD!!!!!
    As soon as I saw “once again” there is no “Bill Ward” I’m sorry guys “there is no Black Sabbath”
    I lost all interest in the album and the tour!!!
    I had to see what was called Black Sabbath in the early 80’s with Ronnie James Dio (RIP) and Vinnie Appice, “not Black Sabbath” sorry guys. It was cool to see Tony & Geezer play but “not Black Sabbath”
    This was probably the last chance to make this happen before someone (band members) leaves this earth & it got fucked up again!! Unbelieveable!!!!
    Led Zeppelin did it the right way, when John Bonham died so did Zep it was over there was no more Zep without him! If the original 4 members aren’t present it’s not Black Sabbath so give it up guys and change your name, you don’t exist without Bill!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Bill Ward May 5th 1948-May 5th 2013 your loyal disciple Brian Metcalfe

  13. Mark Ravitz says

    Without Bill Ward…there is no Black Sabbath. I am a drummer and growing up I wanted to play like him and I wanted my drums to sound like his. I was upset when he left the band in 1980….but could not care less when Ozzy left. I was thrilled about 13 until Bill announced he was not part of it.

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