Bill Ward’s Merch

Bill Ward is selling a lot of his old drum kit and merchandise going way way back.  Some of it pre-dating even Black Sabbath to his then band Mythology.   There’s not a lot of sell here to make – that’s the extent of the story. haha.  Anyway, check out the stuff at this link:

There’s also a video below – which is quite good – showing Bill talking about various pieces available, and his hopes for the destinations of some of the equipment.


  1. Geoff Thompson says:

    Ugh. I was excited about this until I saw the prices.
    I dont have Accountable Beasts yet, and an autographed copy would be cool. However $65 US is more then I paid for the Sabbath EP with Ozzy, Tony and geezer signing. $65 US is like $80 or more canadian. THEN shipping. Hmm from Chicago area to Toronto.. should be ablout $5us postage. Nope. $52 US! Thats some handling fee! Geesh!!! so all in $117US for a CD.

    Keep your merch Bill.
    i can see high prices for one of a kind stuff.. but a signed copy of his current CD is not that..

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