New Bill Ward – Mon Dieu

Last night, Bill Ward quietly released a new track on Youtube called “Mon Dieu”.  I have no info about why this exists, whether it’s from a forthcoming album, or just a rogue individual track he wanted to release.  In the meantime, enjoy the new track!

Bill Ward’s Merch

Bill Ward is selling a lot of his old drum kit and merchandise going way way back.  Some of it pre-dating even Black Sabbath to his then band Mythology.   There’s not a lot of sell here to make – that’s the extent of the story. haha.  Anyway, check out the stuff at this link: […]

Bill Ward releases Accountable Beasts

I was QUITE surprised when I was in Sam’s Club, and my phone notified me of a new tweet directed at Bill Ward’s twitter account by Matt Sorum saying Bill had released a new album!  So I checked, and indeed Bill’s long awaited new solo album was released late Saturday night to iTunes.

Bill Ward Speaks on Sabbath & Solo Work

Bill Ward posted a statement today regarding his non participation in Black Sabbath.  He also spoke a bit about his upcoming solo album, Accountable Beasts.  Thinking we need to send out a search party for “Beyond Aston”, or at least put it on the side of a milk carton.  Anyway, I’ll just copy Bill’s statement […]

Bill Ward Interview – May 2014

Tonight I’m bringing you a site exclusive.  This past weekend, Bill Ward held his Absence of Corners art gallery show in Anapolis, MD.   To that, my friend Damian (who does a lot of the work on the forums here) interviewed Bill.  Last night I posted a sneak peek of the audio, and tonight I’m […]

Bill Ward Interview Preview

As you probably know, yesterday and today Bill Ward is in Annapolis, MD for a gallery exhibit of his Absence of Corners art.  To that, I had my man Damian interview Bill Ward earlier today right when the second show was getting started.  It was most kind of Bill and his folks to agree to […]

Bill Ward receives Legend Award

Last night was the “Bonzo Bash” Jam at the NAMM show in Santa Ana, California.    It’s a collection of drummers who get together for a theme – that being to celebrate the late John Bonham.  However, that’s not all that happened.   They also gave Bill Ward a “Legend Award” at the show, too.

The Mezmerist

Bill Ward was in and and out of Black Sabbath during the 80’s a few times before finally popping up in 1990 with his (severely underrated) first solo album, “Ward One: Along The Way“.   For the most part what he was up to over the years inbetween his appearances in Black Sabbath was mostly […]

The Mezmerist Surfaces

As anyone who actually follows the FULL history of Black Sabbath will know, the 80’s can best be described as unstable.  In that decade by my count, there were seven different lead vocalists, six bassists, and five drummers.  Heck Bill Ward himself came and left a couple of times.  It’s during one of those times […]

Bill Responds. Again.

The latest volley in the great Black Sabbath pissing match of 2012 has been lobbed out there.  Bill Ward has issued a new statement in response to Geezer’s “Heavy Heart” respone before the Birmingham gig yesterday.   Here’s the text in full: