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Plastic Planet Information

Here’s some more information on Geezer Butler’s (G//Z/R) Plastic Planet album. I’ve spoken to the record dealer I deal with locally in regards to getting this in, and I should be getting a Japanese import of Plastic Planet possibly as early as late next week. In the meantime, here’s some info you need it: It […]

Ozzmosis Released

Well, Ozzy’s new album, Ozzmosis was released in the US today. It’s available pretty much everywhere now, and if you’re an Ozzy fan, you should pick it up. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s got mostly good reviews. I’ve seen one or two comments along the line of “After 4 years, you should have […]

Plastic Planet

G//Z/R’s (The Geezer Butler Band, if you didn’t know) “Plastic Planet” isn’t out in the states. Damn American Record Market! :) I have found Plastic Planet on CD Now and Music Boulevard, but neither of them have it listed as available. In fact, Music Boulevard says it was “released” on January 1, 1996!

Between Heaven & Hell

I picked up the “Between Heaven & Hell” import today. If you want to check out some commentary by me on it, go to the entry for this album on my discography page.