Ozzy Osbourne 1974 Interview

From The Tapes Archive podcast comes a rarity I’d certainly never heard  before.  It’s a restored interview with Ozzy Osbourne from 1974.  You can visit the landing page on their own site here.  About the interview: This 1974 Ozzy Osbourne interview has never been heard until now. It’s the earliest known long-form audio interview with […]

Ozzy is Done Touring

Well, the time has come.  Looks like Ozzy’s health issues are too much for him, and he’s announced he’s done with concerts.  Given his health issues the last few years, and covid, Parkinsons and all that…   He’s canceled all pending concert dates, issuing the following statement.  I’ve seen Ozzy a ton of times both […]

Ozzy Announces Parkinsons

In a bit of news that doesn’t seem terribly surprising, Ozzy Osbourne this morning announced on US television that he has Parkinson’s Disease.   I think most long time fans suspected this, but it was never announced until this morning. There’s a video clip of this available here from the Good Morning America show: Ozzy […]

Ozzy’s Memoirs of a Madman

A week ago or so, I got word that there was to be a new Ozzy compilation called “Memoirs of a Madman”.  This will be a  single CD audio greatest hits album and a 2 DVD package.  Both containing separate material.   This post will detail what’s going on with them.

Ozzy to release Speak of the Devil DVD

In the early 80’s, Ozzy released a live album titled “Speak of the Devil”.  This was done in the aftermath of the death of Randy Rhoads.  It was supposed to be a live album with him, but as legend goes, Oz didn’t want Randy’s name on an album called “Speak of the Devil” (Talk of […]

Ozzy Interview on XM

Today, the XM Satellite radio re-branded their “Boneyard” metal channel to be called “Ozzy’s Boneyard“.   As part of the initial launch, there was an interview with Ozzy where he talks about the Black Sabbath reunion now, as well as Tony Iommi’s cancer.  While I was unable to listen due to a personal comittment, a friend was […]

Ozzy 30th Anniversary Winners

Hey gang.. Just to let you know I’ve picked the winners of the Ozzy 30th anniversary album giveaway. The copies for the prizes are en route to me from Sony Records at the moment. Once I get them in, I’ll ship them out, but I’m waiting to announce the winners until I find out exactly […]

Ozzy’s Blizzard & Diary “30th Anniversary” Re-Releases

Want to win some free copies of these new releases? Read this whole page, and find out how. :) I’ve been running this site since 1995, and I’ve been listening to the “Black Sabbath Family” of tunes earlier than that. The first release I bought in this family was Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” album, and then […]

Winners of Ozzy’s Scream Contest!

Hey, Ozzy’s new album “Scream” is out today. I’ve also closed the contest where you could win a copy of it. Your copies are being sent from Sony records today if you were one of the winners, who were notified via email earlier this morning. The winners were: Marc Guerette – Quebec Canada Daniel Drago […]

Win a free copy of Ozzy’s Scream!

It’s giveaway time again! Next week is the release of Ozzy Osbourne’s 10th studio album, “Scream”. And you can win one – free! I’m here with another in my long series of giveaways by trivia contest. Sony records has been kind enough to send me over five copies of the album to give away to […]