I was sent a piece of email by Scott Johnson of Gibson. It’s in regards to a recent Tony Iommi appearance in Los Angeles to promote his new pickups. Here’s Scott’s email, along with the two pictures he sent me of Iommi appearing at this event!

As Tony Iommi has been in the U.S. working on his upcoming solo album, he stopped in a local L.A. music store (West L.A. Music), Wednesday Oct. 15 for a brief in-store appearance to promote his new Gibson Tony Iommi Signature Pickup!

Tony signed autographs (he even signed the boxes that the Gibson Pickups come in for those lucky people who purchased one!), and took delivery of a brand new custom-made Gibson SG, loaded with the new pickups!

If you have not yet heard about these new pickups, watch for the upcoming review in Maximum Guitar, and in Tony’s December column in Guitar World! And if your local dealer doesn’t have them in stock yet, tell him to get moving!

They are Killers, and worthy of the Tony Iommi name! Only by Gibson Strings & Accessories in Elgin, IL. Our E-mail address is