Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp

Don’t know if y’all are into this, but if you have the time, it sounds like it is going to be a blast. Bill Ward was at one of these recently. Tony Iommi will be appearing at The Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp which starts on Feb 11th in Los Angeles. Vinny Appice will be […]

Tony Iommi issues Cancer Update

My first news story of the year is one that talks about a not fun subject at all.  Tony Iommi’s cancer. While I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and requests (and even DEMANDS, if you can believe that) for Tony to record, tour, basically do the same thing as he’s always done..   This […]

Tony’s CSI Music

Sabbath fan Philipp B sent me a note on Twitter saying he happened upon the music that Tony Iommi created for the CSI episode that aired here in the US a week ago or so.  That was cool, as I hadn’t heard it yet.

Tony Iommi & CSI

If you remember, there was some promotion with the CBS TV show, CSI where Black Sabbath played (mimed) in the episode, and Ozzy had a short speaking role.  Anyway, they must have remembered this, as Tony Iommi recently announced that a short music composition of his will appear in the November 9th episode of the […]

Tony Iommi Awarded Honorary Degree

Today Tony Iommi was given an honorary doctorate from Coventry University.    The degree was, in the words of the university, “in recognition of his contribution to the world of popular music”.    Tony left from the school and went straight to the airport to head for Helsinki for the European Black Sabbath tour. Tony himself […]

Queen / Freddy Mercury Blu-Ray Release

21 years ago there was a really badass concert held in memory of then recently deceased Freddy Mercury of Queen.   The three surviving members played with a host of other guest stars for a medley of Queen hits over the years.   I remember watching this when it was new – and in fact, […]

Tony’s Book in Paperback

A year ago (give or take) Tony Iommi’s autobiography came out.  I wrote about it a bunch, even had a reporter on side for one of the US Book signings (seems funny to say I have a reporter – haha).  You can read all of that here.   As with most books, some time down […]

New Tony Iommi Interview

There’s a new video interview up with Tony Iommi from the Dio cancer benefit last night.  It’s a short video, but it’s packed with goodies.  From the video, we can gather this..

WhoCares Full Album Info & Review

A week ago or so, Tony Iommi & Ian Gillan released in the United States the full WhoCares album.   This follows the CD single released about a year ago or so , which was a charity release to benefit a music studio in Armenia.  Well, they’re back with a full album.  It’s not the […]

Tony Iommi is on Twitter

Finally.  After several imposters popping up on Twitter, Tony’s probably had enough and decided to get his own foot in the water.  I have confirmed this is legitimate with Tony’s management.   If you’re on Twitter, head over to Tony’s twitter feed and follow him!