As you may or may not have known, Cozy was to play with Yngwie Malmsteen during some live dates in 1998. He’s had to pull out of these shows due to an accident he recently suffered. Here’s some more info that was given to me by Joe Geesin, who runs the Cozy Powell Official Newsletter.

I have been asked to inform you that following a minor motorcycle accident three weeks ago, Cozy Powell has had to pull out of the USA warm up dates and Japanese tour with Yngwie Malmsteen. Cozy sought therapy on ligament damage in his foot and was able to walk, so he flew out with Yngwie for rehearsals. Playing for 6 hours a day Yngwie’s style of music (the hard fast style Cozy is best known for) inflamed the injury and Cozy soon realised he would be unable to carry on. To do so would mean playing to a fraction of the capacity required and risk permanent damage. Cozy flew home after the 1st day to seek proper attention. Cozy was so devastated and dissappointed by this he has only now been able to speak about it, and is very sorry to dissappoint anyone hoping to see him on these dates.