Looking back on Cozy Powell

20 years ago today I was sitting at my desk at work, and got a phone call with a really strange looking caller ID number. Given it was work, I was compelled to pick it up. So I did, and it was Neil Murray on the other side of the line. Now I had never […]

Cozy Powell Memorial Plaque

A memorial plaque dedicated to Cozy Powell will be unveiled in his home town of Cirencester on January 7, reports local newspaper. The town council decided to create the plaque to commemorate the town’s most famous musician. The plaque will be installed at the Corn Hall, which now serves as a community center. The event […]

Cozy Powell Documentary Under Production

Apparently, there’s an all new Cozy Powell documentary under production.   It’s just started, so it won’t be out for awhile yet, but, there is a teaser trailer available.  It’s embedded below.   Once we get closer to release, there will be more to say here. A documentary feature uncovering and celebrating the life and work of […]

RIP Cozy Powell

This would have been Cozy’s 63rd birthday today. Knowing him, he’d probably still pull this off quite nicely. Additionally, the Cozy Powell site is undergoing a facelift, it should be launched by the time you see this message. Rest in peace Cozy, it was nice working with you for the short time I did. Temporary […]

Bill Ward remembers Cozy Powell

Below is the text of an email I received from Bill Ward regarding the recent anniversary of the death of Cozy Powell.. H! Everyone. Thanks, Joe, for reminding us it’s been ten years since Cozy died. I think about him from time to time. I’ve always been grateful that our last phone conversation ended on […]

Cozy Powell

Tomorrow (Saturday the 5th) is the 10th Anniversary of the death of Cozy Powell. There’s no good words to discuss that, so I’ll just put a short remark up here.. Cozy sought me out in 1997 to do a website for him. The shock of sitting at work and getting a phone call from England […]

Happy 60th, Cozy Powell! [UPDATED]

Happy Birthday to Colin Flooks, better known as Cozy Powell.. If Cozy were still with us, today would have been his 60th birthday. Seems weird that he’s been gone now for nine years. If you’re reading this site, then you know of Cozy’s influence. If you don’t, well, shame on you. Go read about Cozy. […]

Buy Cozy Powell’s Drums

Ran across this item tonight over on ebay. Apparently, someone is selling what they claim to be Cozy Powell’s drum kit when he was in Black Sabbath and Brian May’s band. You can view the auction here. I have no information as to the legitimicy of this auction, I’ll try and look into it, but […]


As you may or may not have known, Cozy was to play with Yngwie Malmsteen during some live dates in 1998. He’s had to pull out of these shows due to an accident he recently suffered. Here’s some more info that was given to me by Joe Geesin, who runs the Cozy Powell Official Newsletter. […]


Just a quick note to let y’all know that I have put a site online for Cozy Powell. It’s available now at http://www.cozypowell.com. The site is extremely new, so it’s possible that if you try going there, you might get a "not found". Don’t worry about it, it usually takes new sites a day or […]