Reunion is in stores tomorrow. Make sure and pick up a copy, or if you want to order it over the internet, you can do so here.

The first of the in-store signing is technically tonight at midnight. From what I’m finding out, most stores seem to be having a policy where you have to pre-purchase (or buy) the album from them in order to get a pass which will let you in to see the band. The pass that they are handing out is shown to the right. This image was sent to me by Neil Carmody. The picture here also would appear to be the album cover art too, as I saw it in a Best Buy ad in yesterday’s Sunday newspaper. I’m also starting to hear things like "no cameras", "They’ll only sign the Reunion CD", and things like that. For conditions of your local signing, call the store manager. I have no information about this. If people do take pictures there (even though I’m hearing no cameras), I’d be intersted in publishing them on this site. Email me and let me know how it goes.

I was also Emailed by someone telling me that the Dallas in store appearance has been cancelled, and was moved to Irving. This is what I was told.. First, the Dallas appearance is cancelled. It seems the owners of the shopping center where the Blockbuster is wouldn’t allow Black Sabbath onto the premesis, might scare the kiddies and blue-haired grannies. It has been moved instead to the store in Irving, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

I was sent a link by someone named "Greywolf" that he had some pictures taken of Black Sabbath when they showed up for an interview. If you’d like to see what the band looks like right now, take a look at this link (as well as this one and this one). On the radio show last week, they talked about Bill Ward having a "buzz cut" haircut. You can definitely see it in these pictures. :) I’m not sure who the other people are in the shot, but I assume that at least one of them is the person who emailed me about it. :)

This site has seen a marked increase in traffic since the radio show last week. They didn’t mention this site specifically, but they did mention the Ultimate Band List, which lists my site first – hence the increased traffic. I’m working on fixing the problem where the site stops working, but that’s a limit of the ISP I’m on.