New Server

If you can see this, you’re on the new server.

Forums Closed

I have an update about the forums I’ve been running here for ages.  In short, I’m closing them.

Sabbath Survivor Rises

If you’ve been around my site for awhile, you’ll remember a poll I did called “Black Sabbath Survivor”.  It basically was the kind of poll you normally see of “what song is your favorite”… EXCEPT… this is modeled after the show Survivor, and you vote people “off the island”.  So basically, instead of voting for […]

Update on Tour Date Updates

Those of you who have been around online Black Sabbath fandom for some time will know the name Rob Dwyer. Rob ran for a long time, and was the repository of tour date info for ages. His site was the place to go for that. I had my own info, but it wasn’t nearly […]

An Interview with Me

Recently I conducted an interview with Michael Anthony (no, not that one) of the site “Words and Music”, a website that does interviews with people like Michael Schenker, Scott Ian, Berie Torme, etc..  Well, he decided I was a worthy subject, and this morning published an interview with me.   His interview series has some […]

My Twitter Feed

Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now I’ve gone ahead and done.  I’ve changed my twitter account name.  For the longest time I’ve operated under “blacksabbathweb”.   When I first grabbed the name it was a quick and dirty request, something I didn’t put a lot of thought into.  As the majority of what […]

About Me

In the last couple of weeks I’ve come down with a pulled muscle in my neck that is made more painful if I do things that involve my hands.  Such as typing for any length of time, and playing videogames.   That’s why I’ve disappeared (somewhat).  When this clears up, I’ll be back, but I […]


Had a few questions about recent events.  Have been very tied up lately, trying to get a job harder than usual (anyone hiring?). I haven’t always had time to do big news stories lately, but I’ve been more active on Twitter.  If you’re not following me on Twitter, then you should be.  I tend to […]

The Old Mailing List

If any of you were on the old mailing list – going way back to 1997..  I was wondering if perhaps you might remember this.. Back then we were bemoaning the fact that every tribute or compilation album was full of just tracks from the Ozzy era, and we were looking to push some of […]

I’ve launched!

The new site is live – finally! I started working on this in some capacity in the morning on Tuesday the 17th.  Due to some family issues, I didn’t get started in earnest until about 4PM or so.  During this time there were some server issues, including an attempt to spam bomb the site, so […]