I was sent this link by two folks in Sweden last night. It’s in Swedish, so I couldn’t immediately translate it, which is why I waited until now to post this. In short, it proports that Tony Iommi is engaged to one of the girls from Drain STH. I have no idea whether or not this is true, I’m just reporting this. After I got a translation of the web page (see below), I had gotten a phone call from Bill Ward’s production manager, so I asked him about it. He said that Bill doesn’t know anything about it. I’m still trying to verify this.

Here is a translation of the above web link which was given to me by Jan Nilsson. I don’t know Swedish at all, so I’m trusting that what Jan says here is true. :)

Tuesday 23 februari 1999

"We’re are *so* in love!" (or madly in love, or very much in love… precise translation difficult for poor ole me -translator)

Toni of Black Sabbath and Maria of Drain are engaged.

Toni Iommi plays guitarr in the legendary metal band Black Sabbath. Maria Sjoeholm sings in the swedish metal band Drain. Now they’re an item.
-We got engaged on the new years eve, Maria Sjoeholm confirms to the Aftonbladet.

She denies that there is a date set for the wedding.
-If you’re engaged you usually marry, but nothing is decided upon (yet), but it feels very good at the moment. We are *so* in love, says Maria Sjoeholm. Metal Band Black Sabbath have a place in the history of Rock as one of the heaviest (literally that is, the reporter probably means influential, good, inspirationall etc -translator) bands of all times. They started their career in 1969, but is a band that is very much alive and kickin’ even in the 90’s.

"I’d rather talk of the band"
-But honestly, I’d rather talk of my band than my lovelife, she says firmly. The object of Marias love, Tony Iommi himself, spoke well about Drain long before he and Maria became a couple. He heard the girls when they participated in the famous Ozzfest tour. (literally "package tour" -translator) of 1997. The crew that toured from coast to coast in the USA consisted of, besides Drain and Sabbath, Type O Negative, Pantera, Marilyn Manson and Machine Head. The very same autumn Tony Iommi expressed his admiration of Drain in the Aftonbladet.
-Often female Metal Bands doesn’t manage to sound as heavy as the guys do, but Drain are amazing, he said then.

Toured with Sabbath
-We got to know each other like people do, when we started touring with Black Sabbath we didn’t have a relationship. It has evolved with time. He is an amazing person. Drain consists of a quartett women that after 15 years in other bands put their bags together in 1994 (I assume as in forming a band -translator). Their debute album "Horror Wrestling" was released 1996 in Sweden and the year after in the USA. It became a world wide success. The band has toured since the album was released and today Drain is an established and respected name in rock circles. In May they will release the next album and they are planning on another world tour.

Can become a Stockholmer
-You can hear it’s Drain, but we have developed/matured and the sound is more modern, says Maria.

Now when you and Toni is a couple, is there a chance that Toni will become a Stockholmer?
-We’ll let the future decide, since we’re both doing what we’re doing, it doesn’t really matter where we live.
-But we will have a great understanding of each others work, none of us will be complaining when the other is going on a tour.

-Annika Sundbaum-Melin

And the little box-thingie

Name: Maria Sjoeholm
age: 34
Lives: In Stockholm
Spotlighted for:Releasing the new Drain album. Has gotten engaged with Metal legend Toni Iommi of Black Sabbath.

Name: Toni Iommi
age: 51
Lives: Outside Birmingham, England Spotlighted for: Has gotten engaged with Metal lead singer Maria Sjoeholm and is working both with his band Black Sabbath and on a solo album.

and below the heart:
ENGAGED Toni Iommi of legendary Black Sabbath and Maria Sjoeholm of swedish Drain got engaged upon new years eve. The picture is a montage (constructed… can’t find the correct word -translator)

Ending notes: "We are *so* in love" sounds a bit silly. But the corresponding swedish words *are* a bit kawai. They probably say it with tingling eyes and a dreamy voice with a (for everyone else) silly smile. =P