Here’s some stuff that I’ve found out over the last week about the Ozzfest tour.

  • Yes, Black Sabbath (Ozzy/Tony/Geezer/Bill) are playing Ozzfest ’99.
  • Yes, Geoff Nicholls will be there to play keyboards/back up Ozzy again.
  • Yes, the dates appear to be official.
  • Yes, Judas Priest had to pull out due to recording issues (DAMMIT!)
  • Yes, Fear Factory are replacing Judas Priest on the second stage.
  • Yes, Nashville Pussy is no longer going out either (DAMMIT AGAIN!)
  • Yes, Slipknot are replacing Nashville Pussy.
  • No, I’m not aware of the lost shows from the Reunion tour being rescheduled.
  • No, Vinny Appice is not being brought along (although if you ask me, they should have a backup singer due to the throat problems Oz had recently).

That’s all I’ve heard so far. I’ve been really busy of late, and I know I need to finish posting the Reunion Tour reviews. I will. Hopefully this week, but no guarantees. I’ll also do up a better page for the Ozzfest ’99 Tour as well shortly.