I’ve been getting a bunch of complaints about not having updated the site in awhile. One thing to say to that.. "What the hell?" Keep in mind I’m not the band – I’m just a fan like you are. I’ve been real busy of late, and haven’t had the time. Also, the second reason has a lot to do with it.

Second.. This web site will be moving in a few weeks. The domain name will stay the same, but I’m switching servers. I’ve been on Best Internet with this site for a long time, and they’ve been very gracious to me, but the site has grown past the point where they can accommodate me. To this, I’ve been talking with a new host that will allow me to move the site there, and expand (the biggest problem I have is that I’m up against my limit of HD space that I can use).

I have tons of new pictures to add, and I want to add multimedia, and stuff along that line. However, I can’t. This too is another reason I haven’t updated recently. Since I know I’m going to be moving in a few weeks, I’m not bothering to add more things, since I’ll have to move the extra stuff, too.

More on this once I have some specific details.