I’m back again. I had shaken the flu, but I’ve been ungodly busy at work with a project. My "real job" will always take precedence folks. Please don’t forget – this is a fan site, I’m not paid by the band to update this site or anything like that. My paycheck will always get my attention first. :)

That said, there also has not been much going on – the guys were off for awhile, and then in November they had a few rehearsals for the European tour, which is now underway.

Speaking of tours – Dean Webb was kind enough to sort out all the concert reviews I received for the Ozzfest and Summer tours. I have them all sorted out, and will get ’em posted and online in a week or so. I’d do it now, but I’m behind in the big project at work, and probably shouldn’t even be spending the time I’m doing to write this. :)

I suspect that come February or something (after a short New Year’s layoff), we’ll hear some more news.