In going through my Black Sabbath email today (the first time since before Christmas), I found this one. This was submitted for the mailing list – but I thought given the nature of the material, I’d just post it here. Has anyone heard any more about this issue? If so, please email me. Thanks.

From: Mark Cloer
Subject: Pray for Tony Martin!
Date sent: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 19:10:30 PST

I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this but Tony Martin recently had a cancer scare. His exact quote is as follows:

"I have had some spooky moments recently that have taken my time up. Which I guess I can tell you about it now, I had some screening tests for the big "C". Fortunately it’s all come up clear so far, but it kinda makes you think, and you really don’t feel like talking to people when you got stuff like that hangin over you’re head."

Jesus, I took that just as seriously as I would if a close friend had had that happen. After all, I am Tony’s #1 fan you know! Hopefully he was just being cautious but I urge each and every one of you to put in a good word for Tony with the man upstairs. My father is a Methodist minister and I told him I had a special prayer request for a fellow named Tony. If you’re a pagan, then pray to your totem pole or whatever the hell you believe in! We lost Ray & Cozy way too soon….. nope, we’re not even gonna think that way! In brighter news, Tony does have some other projects under way that should be interesting:

"Firstly I’m working on a film score for Geoff Nicholls of Black Sabbath, he wrote a couple of books and one of them has been picked up for a film idea, so he asked me to help him put the music together for it, which I’m really happy about. Secondly I’ve been asked to write something for a rock opera about Nostradamus, for the part of the inquisitor, who is the guy that wants Nostradamus dead, and tries everything to get rid of him. I’m supposed to sing along side Allanah Miles, also featuring is Glenn Hughes, the guys from a band called Europe, Joe Lynn Turner, and few others that can’t get record deals anymore. Actually I’m not too keen on the idea at present cause the rock opera kind of drama / avant gard type music thing , isn’t my favourite stuff, and the part that they want me to sing is quite a non event, also , it lists like a role call of has beens, which I’m not too happy about. However, if I can get my head around that bit, and get them to give me something worth singing, that or I write the stuff myself, then who knows."

"I’m actually concidering putting a band to-gether, a few people have mentioned it, but It’s quite a task to start from scratch, finding the right people to tour with. If I find the right people to put it to-gether then I think I could put quite a show to-gether!"

Let’s all keep Tony in our thoughts and wish him the best, career AND health-wish!