New Tony Martin Solo Album Info

Ex BLACK SABBATH singer TONY MARTIN has confirmed that the making of his long awaited third solo album has begun. Teamed with drummer Danny Needham of Tony Martin’s Headless Cross and Venom, and American guitarist Scott McClellan, Tony says this collection of songs is currently under the working title of THORNZ. It was previously going […]

Movement with Tony Martin?

Those of you who have been following my site for awhile know I have an affinity for the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath.  I’ve long since been a proponent that there’s far more to Black Sabbath’s history than the time that Oz & Ronnie were behind the microphone.   However, since they got back together […]

Tony Martin Stuff

Those of you know who my website will know that I’ve never shied away from the full history of the band.  To that, I’ve always championed the Tony Martin era, which has largely been passed over by history, which is a shame.  However, there’s a lot more to Tony Martin than the handful of Black […]

Bloody Valentine

A few weeks ago I happened upon a song that was released in Feb 2013 that I completely missed.  It features an artist I had never heard of called Layla Milou, and our own Tony Martin.  The track is called “Bloody Valentine”.  I’ve never claimed I know everything, but my totally missing the track surprised […]

New Tony Martin in 2014?

Something I’ve been wanting for ages..  A new Tony Martin album.  Tony’s quite prolific, but appears on everyone else’s projects.  His actual solo output has been just two albums.  One in 1992, when Sabbath was doing the Dehumanizer album.  The other in 2005.   He’s approaching Tom Scholz/Boston level of delays for new material.  :) […]

Off the Road with Tony Martin

Off the Road with Tony Martin – A Concert Review by Christopher Alo On Friday November 29th, 2013, ex-Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin played a rare concert appearance in the United States in Middletown, NY, but nobody seems to have heard about it.  It started for me with a phone call from a good friend […]

Tony Martin IRS Era Deluxe Editions

Back on June 29, 2009, Universal started releasing Deluxe Editions/remasters of the Black Sabbath catalogue, starting with the original album in 1970.  They worked through the discography, and released all the studio albums up through “The Eternal Idol” (plus Dehumanizer).   The final release in the series was Born Again, which was released on May […]

New Tony Martin Interview

With all the stuff regarding the recent gigs and drama surrouding Mk I of Black Sabbath, it’s easy to forget the other members from the band’s history are up to things, too.  One of which is former singer Tony Martin.

Tony Martin 2012

Those who have followed me and this site for some time now know I’m a big fan of the band’s ENTIRE history.  Not just one part of it.  The band’s been around since 1968 in some version or another, and in all that time, there’s been about 31 people play (officially) under the banner of […]

The Cage 3 Details!

Back in 1999, Tony Martin hooked up with Italian guitarist Dario Mollo to produce a project called “The Cage”.  It proved popular, so a second Cage album came out a few years later in 2002.  But that was it.  Until now.  Announced today is a third Cage album from the Martin / Mollo combination, entited […]

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